Providence (+Book 2: Pestilence)

Providence (+Book 2: Pestilence)

by MrNobodyisHome (E. Anderson)

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Traumatising content

If you thought hospitals were scary…

Nerdy Latino, Ezequias 'Zeke' Rosario, blighted by the infamy of his criminal family, strives to be the exception, and rise above the stereotypes.

After stepping up to defend one of their own, Zeke, his lecherous stepbrother Ugo and sturdy childhood friend AJ, stumble upon something otherworldly that leads to them being forced into a continuous battle between angels and a nefarious group known as 'Healers'. Zeke discovers he is the newest successor in this long-line of occult practitioners, and that he must give up what he and his friends found or else he'll be damned by the angels, and they are willing to do anything to get him to give it up.

Armed with medical and fantastical knowledge, Zeke combines both skill sets to navigate through a strange new world. Magic and medicine come together in this ethereal tale!

Book 2: Pestilence

A vacation you might not return from...

Tragedy strikes when the Tainted Generation is invited to a winter retreat as it quickly becomes the epicenter for an insidious plot involving the spread of a new plague—one that causes horrific mutations in humans.

But the elusive magical pathogen changing its genetic proprieties regularly and protected with automatic barrier spells won’t let itself be defeated so easily. Its eradication requires them to travel to a Realm that has remained unvisited by Healers for centuries and attempt experimental procedures that may either doom humanity or save it.




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The Cat and The Dog baked a cake...

Reviewed at: Book 2: Chapter 18 - Incubation

Oh, this doesn’t probably make sense in English. If you are wondering about the title with the Dog and the Cat, it's a reference to the fable for the kids in which the dog and cat try to make a cake together as a symbol of their friendship. They all put things they liked into the cake, even if they didn’t match, but they thought it was a good idea because individually they were great. They both meant well too, but when mixed and baked into the cake, the result was quite disgusting. 

I am certain this will come up wrong in translation, but this story is such a cake. 

While I wouldn’t say it is disgusting, it does personify mistakes the Cat and the Dog made in the aforementioned fable. 

Providence novel is, at least on the surface level, almost a typical urban fantasy revolving around the boy discovering a hidden magical legacy passed on to him from his ancestor, and with it, the hidden magical world filled with the ancient struggle between good and evil.

This time, the hidden magical world is loosely inspired by the Christian mythology, involving the never ending conflict between angels and demons, along with the hidden caste of essentially cursed magicians called the Healers. Eventually, however, the setting is turned into the fantasy kitchen sink, with creatures from other mythologies appearing.

Of course, this novel is not even remotely true to the myths it was inspired by, but I wouldn’t consider this a genuine issue - this is simply something every urban fantasy does, and if they can do it, so can Providence.

However, there is still one thing that Providence does differently.

It isn't pure escapism; it tries to deal with the deep themes like inheritances, legacies, responsibilities, how people perceive others, and many others. 

It isn’t serious, though; it tries to be comedic, with constant friendly banter between the characters.

It isn’t a Young Adult novel, despite Zeke, the protagonist, should fit the category, as it doesn’t follow the usual pattern on YA literature. (the fact that YA is often predominantly aimed at women helps only a little, though YA novels with male protagonist exist) 

As a result, it leaves the impression of the novel that doesn’t know what it wants to be. 

It certainly isn’t escapism, and it either alienates most urban fantasy readers by doing so, as it wants to explore deep themes. Sometimes.

Then it throws in some silly conversion almost in the vein of modern movies to not alienate its audience with the serious stuff, while doing just that. Taika Waititi movies are not good movies, at least they aren’t for me. Which alienates the people who were in for the deep themes. 

Then it tries to be serious, even horror later on. And utterly fails as it simply doesn’t have the audience of the pure horror movies because of its infantile humour coming from the bunch of teenagers which either doesn’t take their situation seriously. Or they do take it seriously, and talk like they don’t, anyway.

In the end, there is quite an emotional whiplash coming back at you again and again. 

Constant use of medical terminology is also strange and possibly alienated a few more readers down the line too. Even if this part is entirely thematically appropriate, considering the overarching plot, in combination with the above lack of identity, it just makes things worse.

At least some of those four things shouldn’t be there.

I wouldn’t say the story, or the plot is bad, but it certainly took far too many inspirations, influences, themes, creating the mix which is quite difficult to chew. Just like the cake. 

Style 5-stars - Style of this novel actually isn’t as bad. Whiplash of emotions isn’t a problem with style, technically.

Grammar 5-star despite the author not being native English speaker. 

Story 5star: There isn’t technically anything wrong with the plot itself. 

Characters 5-stars: The teenagers, Zeke & Co. aren’t unrealistic either. 

Overall, I don’t know how to rate it, but since the Cat and the Dog in my fable did genuinely want to be friends, I would judge this story by the intent, and give it 5-stars in good faith. 

A V Dalcourt

A rising star - share this with your friends!

Reviewed at: Chapter 7 - Infirmary

Well worth the read and added to my favourites list so I can keep up with this fabulous story.

Story: Zeke has just inherited his nan’s medical books that just so happens to involve a whole lot of occult details. Nan was always a little loopy, and while the family gave her space, Zeke took it upon himself to visit nan in the old care home. Aspiring to become a doctor, despite his disadvantaged resemblance to a famous violent mobster, he takes every opportunity to impromptu treat just about any in need of help. This is the situation we start in, with Zeke having administered an expired EpiPen into a guest at the restaurant that he’s a server at.

In the middle of all this, there’s a war brewing between the angels and the 13, whom I think are demons. Regardless, either side assumes human containers to handle their interactions.

I’ve reached the point where a container has just fallen from the sky, and Zeke has pronounced the victim as being possessed.

Style: Written in 3rd person, this novel type story won’t be for everyone. It’s not my usual preference of heavy world building and deep introspective characters, but that’s okay, because this story balances all of those things in such a way that I don’t feel like I’m missing pertinent information, and I get a clear near movie-like visual the whole way through.

Characters: All of the characters are well thought out, even the mythos around the angels and demons as it suits the story. The revelation of the characters wants and personality is gradual, but the story telling is constantly moving so by the time the next nugget gets dropped, you have enough to chew on for a while. The way this writer handles his characters is one of the few times I actually feel for the character and anticipate the character developmental arcs. Great job!

I highly recommend this story. It’s not heavy of meaty, but a nice balance of fast moving plot and details done well.

Space Pickle

It's rare these days to come across stories with such an intriguing blurb that you don't even finish it and dive straight into it so as not to be spoiled further. This is the case of Providence which was certainly one of my best surprises of the month.

The prose is simply fantastic. The grammar errors or typos are almost non-existent, the tone is right, the balance between the effective dialogues and the descriptions perfectly gauged. As a neophyte, some of the medical terms may be off-putting but that's not a problem. They are well introduced and blend into the context. 
The pace of the story is slow, which allows for a real atmosphere to develop. The paranormal and the occult add to the adventure, enveloping it in a creepy and bizarre atmosphere with a breathtaking rhythm.

The characters have the merit of being original. I liked their relationships, and hope to see them evolve more in the second volume. Mostly it's about Zeke, a gut-checker and poisoner-in-training dealing with medical cases that go beyond the horizon of understanding. His desire to help others drives him for now, but I hope that another quest will soon emerge to accelerate the story.

Providence is an excellent Urban Fantasy story.

Sinfully Kitten

Not just good, but exceptional amazing

Reviewed at: Chapter 3 - Complications

I have read a few chapters and so far I am intrigued of what lays ahead. This is my kind of reading...but I don't just like this story because of the supernatural and its unusual plot-I am into wonderfully word chosing-and the way the author writes is not just written with style but has a humourous side that takes this book to another level. I do admit, I do get a little confused how the paragraphs give out the scene and some grammarical errors, but I'm no person to judge. If anyone comes by this book, definitely a worth to take a look. 

IsaacKDahl (Peregrinate)

This is a story that draws you straight into the action. With (a few) alternating 3rd POV perspectives, we quickly get the introduction to the story premise. As others have noted, it is fresh and original!

Story & Style

The story flows well - mostly. There are parts where I find my brain having to concentrate a bit more to follow the narrative. The story relies heavily on dialogue, and overall the author does a very good job in creating believable exchanges between the characters.

The information density is high, and I feel the story does suffer from this - in some chapters especially. But this is only a personal preference!

I find the story technically far above the average here. The author has a good mastery of weaving together dialogue, exposition and other parts of the story

Grammar & Spelling

Some minor errors, but not glaring and not enough to take you out of the story. I suspect most of the errors are a result of one edit pass too few :) The author is quick to fix errors that are pointed out in comments.

Character Gallery

It's difficult to point to exactly why, but I quickly took a liking to Zeke, the MC. There is a solid foundation there for developing both the story and his arc.


Very interesting premise, this story has potential!


A unique and well written story.

Reviewed at: Chapter 5 - Diagnosis

I'm only five chapters in, but it's been an interesting and entertaining read so far and is well worth checking out. The story starts well and gives a taste of what's to come while leaving the reader looking for more. I do like the premise of a teenager getting swept up in a grand war between angels and look forward to reading more.

Style and Story

Normal teens getting swept up into a conflict between angels is a unique premise and is executed well here.

There are mysteries which are set up well, making it a real page turner. The pacing is good so far. The writing style flows well and has me hooked five chapters in.


A few typos here and there and some questionable choices of words but otherwise no real complaints. 


Zeke is believable as the black sheep of a small town who is unfairly prejudged by others thanks to his family's reputation. I think he's a believable main character and one I have no problem rooting for. I also enjoyed the relationship between Zeke, AJ and Ugo and found it realistically portrayed. The main character has a mysterious family background that I am also looking forward to discovering.


Interesting premise, but hard to get into

Reviewed at: Chapter 5 - Diagnosis

Overall - This might turn into a solid investment of your time and enjoyment with some polish!

Style and story 

Story starts with an aspiring doctor Zeke shoved right into action and what I as a reader found hard to swallow was the sheer amount of information.
New characters, concepts and systems from left and right.
Sometimes less is more, but this is just one opinion on the matter regarding the introduction of a grand plot.


Some of the sentences were built in too complex manner, and non-native english speakers such as myself might have to re-read and focus 100% to see what is going on.


As for the characters themselves, it is obvious that once you get into the story there is a reason for pretty much everything.
As of the early chapters, it is somewhat hard to answer the questions Where? Why? How? everything happens. 
The MC is likeable and I can see some good developement that has been laid out for him but it is too early to tell at this point.

In conclusion: If you are a fan of horror themed novels filled with grand plot, strange creatures and MC who is smart, but still bold enough to slap an expired epiPen to a man whose greatest weakness is pesto with nuts;
This fic might be just for you. When the story is further and I find time to immerse in reading, I can update the review.


Interesting Premise, Shows Promise

Reviewed at: Chapter 9 - Angelology

This story has a very interesting premise, supernatural medical cases tackled by Zeke, an aspiring doctor. It's really super cool. We have many stories about this or that guy with a secret family background connected to the occult, and I've seen some shows/stories where the paranormal and medical situations are combined, but I think this is my first time seeing them combined. 

Getting grammar out of the way first, the story is pretty easy to read even if it includes some medical terms. I don't understand those medical terms, but they're written so that I can sort of pick up on context clues about what is going on. There are some errors and typos, and also some weird spacings, although nothing major that took me out of reading. 

Zeke is a refreshing character in that he's a normal guy trying his best to help people. He's not a hidden assassin, a forgotten master, someone with expert training, none of those usual backstories we see. Zeke is just a normal guy trying his best to make sense of his world getting turned upside down. The side characters too are fleshed out well given their appearance each scene. 

Not really a problem, but perhaps a disadvantage when it comes to web novels is that the story is slow-paced. I say disadvantage because people usually judge a story within a couple of chapters and then move on, and this story does take some time to show its interesting premise. A part that slows it down is that angel side pov chapters; personally, I think they can just be shown later on through flashbacks or whatnot to hasten the start. 

I really hope the author works on this more because it shows the foundations of something that could be great. 


Only three chapters in, but its too early to judge anything with certainty. So some quick notes instead. Placeholder 5 star overall score.

Interesting premise, minor to moderate style/grammar issues, protagonist(s) are dynamic and fun to read about. Side characters feel flat at the moment, but they only had one chapter, so I won't be docking points for that.

Graphic and evocative descriptions of scenes, but suffers from usage of redundant prose. 

"mangled and mutilated as if Cerberus chewed on it"

Either mangled or mutilated are sufficient to describe the state of the object.

As noted in grammar, this results in sentences often becoming long and winded.

There are issues, but they aren't glaring. Just needs proof-reading to check for tense and unnecessary capitalizations.

Sentences could benefit from being broken up occasionally, as some go on for too long with flowery descriptions.

"The Container’s face was frozen in a horrific twisted expression and a single smooth purple steel pick-like object jutted out from the eye, it was jammed into the back of the socket, the top part of its long metal body protruding behind the eyelid."

"The Container's face was frozen in twisted horror, with a purple pick-like object jutting out of its eye. It was clearly jammed into the back of the socket, judging by the length of the protruding metal."

Interesting premise thus far, from the sypnosis and chapter 1 alone.

Chapter 2 seems to drop some heavy lore bombs regarding the backstory, but there isn't enough information right now to understand any of it.

There is mystery in the air and something menancing lurks, but the story will have to progress further before I can actually give a proper review on this part.

Too early to say for certain. The main protagonist, Zeke, has the markings of a wily, elusive persona, true to his heritage, but also has conviction to march towards his goals thus far. He is still learning.

AJ and Ugo have fun banter with Zeke, and their dynamic is entertaining, although Ugo has been noted to be fairly sociopathic to some extent by Zeke. Either that, or incredibly lacking in wisdom.

On the other hand, the characters of chapter two were duller, but that's to be expected from a celestial being. No comment on them yet.

Story is off to a strong start, but would benefit from a beta reader and further editing.

Review will be updated further down the road once more chapters are released.

Man, this was supposed to be short.


When it comes to it Providence is your typical Urban Fantasy novel where protagonist discovers his hidden mystical-magical heritage, and it thrown into the world of danger or adventure he didn't thought would be possible before. Sometimes its vampires, sometimes its werewolf, or witches, and wizards (even though initial Halloween party scene can confuse people), and in this particular case it is angels, demons and ... let's call them cursed magicians as a whole mechanic behind the world is very confusing. You need to read it yourself. 

Style - Story style is actually very clean, typical 3rd person narration which doesn't bother with being too descriptive. Which could be a little flaw here. Discovering secret magical world can be wondrous, or terrifying. And it doesn't feel like it, author went after the plot and not the feeling. Also, story have occasional changes of point of view which doesn't make sense thematically as they doesn't quite run with a whole discovery thing, and doesn't add drama of hidden dangers as narration isn't normally dramatic either. And I believe later chapter actually do focus on protagonist and co. Strange but it isn't confusing. So 4.5 out of 5.

Grammar - Any and all stories I review shall receive 5-stars for Grammar by default.

Story - Story is a very decent Urban Fantasy, no real complaint here, it's thought through, so complaint about it. Just as many other counterparts, it ends with cliffhanger, which I give a pass since many of all these books aim to be trilogies for whatever reason. Still story is there, 5 out of 5.

Characters - Characters are ... well, they either are, or behave like, quirky teenagers, even though it is Zeke's friends and tagalongs which fill this category, protagonist himself is a little bit more measured, if only marginally. Sometimes I don't understand his motivation - but I suppose desire to help people is actually a good trait in future doctors. Otherwise, I give characters 5 out of 5 even if it makes me wonder how old they are. 

Overal, 5 out of 5 story.

GIve it a try.