The Space Spoon

The Space Spoon

by HelenBold

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Humans, robots, aliens, and energy life forms, all tend to like Tejeda for his easy-going personality, not knowing what lies beneath his ever-changing face. He is a Nubilae, a shapeshifting race known for their insanity. But Tejeda appears carefree and often amused even in the most perilous situations. His one-of-a-kind weapon of choice is a spoon, an old utensil that no one remembers anymore ever since eating has become obsolete.

You will laugh at him. You will be scared by him. You will enjoy every step of his journey if you are a bit as crazy as he is.

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Table of Contents
52 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
1. Prologue ago
2. Hidden Traits ago
3. Tejeda Hajar ago
4. The Purple Alien ago
5. A New Body ago
6. Yet Another Body ago
7. E00 ago
8. Oculus Grandi ago
9. Universal Consensus ago
10. Welcome to Uthion ago
11. Precious Commodity ago
12. Confusion ago
13. Dancing with an Admiral ago
14. Decisions ago
15. L-403 ago
16. Idiosyncratic Beings ago
17. Evolution ago
18. A Messed Up Team ago
19. Chauffeur C1313 ago
20. Up for Promotion ago
21. The Second in Command ago
22. Jackeye ago
23. A Ship with Personality ago
24. The Ferali ago
25. The Space Spoon ago
26. A Day with the Girls ago
27. The Market Hub ago
28. A Past Mission ago
29. Runaway Valerian ago
30. Mysterious Benefactor ago
31. Yacleemb ago
32. The Spreahs ago
33. Swimming Octopus ago
34. Hear the Screams ago
35. Forbidden Modifications ago
36. Jackeye’s World ago
37. The World’s Algorithm ago
38. Blooming Friendship ago
39. Testing Trouble ago
40. The Deity's Follower ago
41. Rylus’ Story ago
42. Reenactment ago
43. Sleeping Beauty ago
44. The Transcendents ago
45. Blocked Memories ago
46. Little Shayla ago
47. A Jerk Knows Best ago
48. Matters of the Heart ago
49. Dragonkin ago
50. A Spark in the Universe ago
51. OMG ago
52. Shoe Science ago

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The cover is scary, but the story is humour. Funny! Ok, it might be dark humour, but still. Humour. A very unusual story, one that reminds me about classic stuff like “The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy”. It has the similar setting, well, somewhat; similar brand of humour. Recommend to read.


Frenzied Fun-Filled Fiction

Reviewed at: 6. Yet Another Body

If you're looking for a fast-paced chaos of humor and science, then you've found it!

A fair amount of slapstick comedy, but there are plenty of dark moments as well, just as there's a blend of exaggerated silly psuedo-science, and yet carefully considered accuracies as well.

When the MC is a shape-shifting alien that changes himself by altering his very DNA, he can get into all sorts of trouble. But, of course, he makes all sorts of misfit friends along the way!


I like sci-fi comedies and of all the sci-fi comedies I've read so far, this one is the coolest. Tejeda is crazy and his logic is hard to understand at first glance, although in the end it turns out to be good. Writing is smooth and descriptions very vivid, a nice relatively fast paced flow. Surely a fun read!