Reluctant Visitor

Reluctant Visitor

by spuelschrank

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

It was a normal day for Daniel, until his vision blurred and he found himself as a volunteer for clearing a forgotten dungeon in a strange new world.

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I rate on how fun it is for me to read. 

I've favorited this story.

The main character is a decent person (makes it more fun to read), they are a bit over their head but he isn't screwed over at every turn (which is a big turn off for me). 

The other two characters are also decent people.  One is a bit over the top but falls within the realm of believable (if not "normal") human behavior.

There are a couple of typoes but the grammer is good (except in some diolog but people don't speak with proper written grammer).

I look forward to new chapters.


The story was pretty good up until a point, but then the first person he meets is a supermodel woman who immediately betrays him for no discernible reason. She then immediately leaves and goes off accusing him of rape easily fooling two others despite no evidence whatsoever. Basically the story started with a good premise and then ruined itself as soon as a woman was introduced.


I think the story has a good foundation. I hope the dialogue will improve as time goes on. The confrontation of different ideas are dealt with fairly bluntly and with amateurish writing which I also hope improves in time. All in all it's okay, but gives me hope the story will grow with the author.


pretty good premise but not perfect yet

Reviewed at: Chapter 20 - Rabbits

good story with mostly good characters. It seems as though every character has some very real issues that they attempt to work out while also surviving in this new world. I say mostly good because the main boyo is kinda a generic mary sue type with a forced romance. Other than that, great story and I hope you contine your excellent work tho.


Strong start with a levelheaded, rational MC that doesn't hesitate to game the system and isn't a goody-two-shoes either.

Even went into the direction of selfharm to train stats, which the minmaxer in me really appreciates.

That said, the dialogue is a little ...wooden? At least most of his partymembers are as levelheaded and rational as him, which makes the dialogue seem a lot more...streamlined? They start talking about something and you can alreay think of the endresult. 


The systemstuff is there, numbers go up, skills etc. Would love maybe paths unlocking at some point, as the path of progression right now seems a little basic. That said, it really is good for what it is.

All in all one of the better novels i started reading recently, very much looking forward to more of it!


Starts of as a standard litrpg dungeon crawler, however a well executed one with a few interesting changes.

The main character plans ahead without being too powerful to ruin the tension, however he didn't fail so far.

Side Characters are fleshed out and  believable,  without any POV changes.

Grammar seems fine.

You might be wondering about the relatively low rating. Well I assume the reason for that is that people are offended by some of the content. It's a such a shame.


A realistic summoned to a different worlds' dungeon story. System isn't op, and everyone seems to have and utilize it. MC tries to get the most out of the system, like thinking of alt ways to train. 

The other characters don't seem 1 dimensional so far. 

5/5 would recommend to anyone looking for a new take on a RR staple.