the hackmeister

the hackmeister

by wise dragon

when Sam fell down the stairs and he survived he thought he went mad, he had slowed down in mid air, then broken his neck and had still stood up as if nothing happened. To find out what was going on with him he did what he was good at, search for answers or steal the answers.

After hacking a government datavault he discovers a horrible truth, a truth that forces the young masterhacker and top criminal to disappear from his old life. After abandoning everyone and everything he takes on a mask he has used many times but never like this, before he was just a rich and powerful hacker, now he is the hackmeister.

Will he be able to protect himself and others from those that wish to use them for their own goals?

my second fiction set in a completely other genre than i usually use for my stories, will update slowly and english is not my main language hence writing erors might occur

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wise dragon

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I am by no means a technically-minded individual, but I enjoyed this story.  Government secrets, supergenius hackers and dangerous superpowers?  I don't need to know how hacking works to know that this is certainly setting up an exciting plot.

One critique I have is that sometimes the paragraphs can be a little difficult to read, and I had some trouble seperating what was spoken dialogue and what was description or internal monologuing.  However, I understand myself what writing can be like, and I'm sure this can be rectified; you clearly have a talent for writing.

All in all, I liked this story, and I look forward to it's future instalments.