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This story is about El. A Level 1 player character made with the Pathfinder ttrpg. For those wondering he is a commoner, I did use 10 point, point buy. I do use the elephant-in-the-room rules as well as a tiny bit of homebrew. 

I really just wanted to see the journey of a commoner and the friends he makes among the way. This story was also written with a friend. I greatly thank Taibot for the motivation and help writing this. 

If you want to see more or talk to me about the story the easiest place to do so is my discord. Feel free to let me know if you like the story or want to play some tabletop games sometime.


I just got an advanced review. Have this bonus chapter today, 8/31/2021. Expect your regular daily upload tomorrow. 

El wakes up early in the morning and sets to work at the mill. A rat watches him work from the corner of the room. He considers killing it like he slaughtered others weeks ago, but something caught his eye. A small white flower petal wrapped around a torn ear.

The farmhand sighs. A friend of the fey is a friend to him. El grabs a small bit of rye grain and bends over to set it on the ground. The rat runs forward, propping itself up, and holding its hands out.

“Okay, okay, fine.” El places the grains in the rat’s hands.

The little guy scurries off and El shakes his head. He returns to his work now uninterrupted.

Earn Capital

Result = Silver Earned

30% chance random event

Profession: Farming

7(D20)+11(Skill) + 5(Prosperity)=23

98%= No event


Kib wakes up in his hovel covered in a blanket of small white flowers. He slowly pulls the blanket off of him, concerned as to its appearance, and looks around the room. More moss is growing in the room than there was last night and a few buds grow as if something ready to bloom. Had Kib been visited by the fey?

He’d kill them for trespassing. This is his warren!

He bundles himself in the flower blanket and proceeds to the back of the warren to continue mining.

Earn Capital

Result = Silver Earned

35% chance random event

Profession: Mining


14%= Event


Downtime Event

Result = Event Occurs

Random Event % Reset

Generic Building Event




Using Hero Points

Bonus before roll is +8

Current Hero Points: One

Event Outcome

DC = 20

1d4 Influence on Success



Failed by 8

Influence the Outcome

12(Result)+8(Hero Point)=20

2 Influence Gained


The halflings start to say good things about the Kobold that lives outside the city bounds and the rumors spread like wildfire. Many members of the town see the value of his mine and welcome his cooperation with the settlement.

El discovers the rumors after work and is none too happy with Top. But he and a few halflings are excited to go see the orphaned kobold. With a sigh and a slightly heavy heart El guides the villagers out to the mine. They bring food and paper and charcoal for the young kobold.

Kib is happy with the attention and asks El if they can recruit some villagers to help out in the mine. El reluctantly agrees.

The halflings come with Kib and El to the town’s tavern. Kib, with El’s money, is able to gather the labor to run the mine at a more efficient rate. The team costs a deposit of seventy gold but will generate a profit of 12 silver a day. It’ll take nearly two months to pay for itself, but Kib is determined the profits will help.

When they reach the tavern Kib runs off with the halflings leaving El as he takes a seat at the bar. A familiar red-headed bar maid stops to chat with El.

“So Ban left you?” Erin leans over the bar with a hand on her chin. Right to a sore point. She never messes around.

“Yeah, we finished the first part of my training though.” El shrugs. He had acquired quite a bit more skill and stamina in the short time Bandlor was trianing him. Although that might be entirely because of the heroic aura El apparently had.

“So what, are you an adventurer now? Top says you were out killing Goblins. I didn’t even know those creatures were in the region.” She smiles, but here eyes have the feintest hint of concern. She grabs a mug and fills it with a waterskin.

“The kobolds were keeping the goblins out of the hills. With the kobolds wiped out me and Kib are taking care of it. It really isn't any problem for us.” El takes the mug from Erin and drinks the water. Even in what El was sure was a clean cup he still tasted the faintest trace of alcohol. He couldn't stand the stuff.

“You’re really serious about this?” Erin stands straighter. "The whole unlicensed adventuring thing?"

“Yeah, I am.” El looks up at her.

Erin has always been pretty. El has always liked her. Now that he’s finally impressive and interesting he isn’t interested. Too much has happened. Too many things have gone wrong. The cleric was pretty. El killed her with a shovel.

“You okay?” Erin’s look softens.

“Not really.” El covers his face in his arms. “I think that I’ve thought of myself as a competent adult since I was twelve. Now I am considering that being an adult might be too much for me.”

“No,” Erin places a hand on El’s arm, “you are doing great as an adult. It’s being a hero that’s tough. You can always visit me if things get too much.”

El straightens himself. The red-headed barkeep smiles as she turns back to her work and helps another customer. Drigs steps up to the bar.

“Go talk to Sheriff Grace Amfall at the winery in Crestfall, the village just past the hills to the south, she can train you some more. They also have bigger farms over there to work on. It’s only three days' travel if you get a ride from Philean or Famil.” Drigs looks down at El with a serious gaze.

“What can she help me with?” El looks up.

“You’re head. Arkin, Top, and I will keep checking up on your friend. But the whole village loves him for some bloody reason.” Drigs grits his teeth.

“Not a fan of Kobolds?”

“Not a fan of dragons and their ilk,” Drigs replies. His eyes drift over to Kib doing a funky dance the halflings are teaching him. “But your friend is okay.”

El walks Kib to the barn, shows him his bed, and lets him take it for the night. El sleeps in a bed of straw.

A note from TheRottingBard

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