No Tales For Dead Men

No Tales For Dead Men

by Arlo

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

After Captain Livie “rescued” a notable lady from vile abductors, he later got paid a visit by a member of the British Navy.  

A simple thanks would have been fine, mate.

But that wasn't good enough as they paid their gratitude with a handsome reward for his noble deed. However, there was a glaring clause within the deal. 

The lady requested he comes to England. She desired to see him once more, face to face.

On a sunny day, Livie would have told him to piss off. But due to his past creeping upon him, he toed the line of the offer.

His crew embarked on the voyage, which was as rough as the tides. 

Conflicts soon arose, and it led them to be in some serious shit. 

Still, the real grimacing threat has yet to come...! 

"Angels shall rise while Goddess falls."

Will the heroic captain sink or swim?

Expect to read about a fierce pirate’s world, the brethren code, cannibals, uncharted waters with mysterious dwelling creatures, ghost tales, and more.

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“No tales for dead men,” is a historical-action-seafaring novel about a pirate captain, Livie, who undergoes a voyage to receive compensation (gold) for a prior heroic deed that he didn’t even really mean to do. Things go wrong.

The writing is reminiscent of eastern novels, being very segmented and onomatopoeia focused, so if you like that style, here’s something for you. Spelling and commas are basically on point and I found no major errors.

Livie as a character is likable and so are the other side characters we have met so far, to different extents. They’re likable as characters, but it’s not easy to be sympathetic with all of them haha, but that's the point.

All in all, if you’ve got a pirate itch that needs to be scratched, you should give this one a fair shot! =)

Redeyes Eclipse

I adore this lovely pirate story where the protagonist remind me of jack sparrow. He also very smart and got fhe respect of his crew. Unlike Jack who just drinks all day and is a womanizer. This mc actually get his jobs done.alot of things from this story articulation to the imagery just set a scene of splinter. I cant help to be breath taken as the fighr scenes doesnt go the way i thought they much so i got to think maybe this author was a pirste themselves but that would be impossible unless they are a reincarnated soul.who knows all i know is i actually really enjoyed this novel and i hope everyone does too. Yes it missing the fantasy oriented genre we are use too on royal road but i dont allow that to stop me for actually enjoying it. All in all please give this wonderful author the time of your day. Now to extend this so that i can leave a proper review as i need 200 words which omg how do anyone leave reviews anymore like isn't this alot of work just to tell someone what they think like does royal road want to write a entire book as a review like who idea was this like maybe this is why i dont got a single review anymore this is a chore lmao.

Arch Sage

A highly entertaining tale

Reviewed at: Chapter 9

My overall assessment - This is a beautiful piece of work showcasing the sea-faring fantasy genre. Right from the beginning, the author weaves a story that is very difficult to put down. Not many stories grab my attention, but this work is able to captivate me right from the synopsis. Although I have to admit that I love sea-faring novels. The story itself didn't disappoint me. Very entertaining with no overwhelming level details that takes much away from stories. The story is recommended by me.

Grammar - Excellent. I couldn't find any errors that could affect the flow of the story. I pay great attention to the grammar, and this book is how it's done. The author really did a great job on this.

Story - It's about Captain Livie who rescued a lady from her abductors which eventually leads to the two of them falling in love. Right from the synopsis, the book is captivating. Once a reader pick it up, it will be hard to put down. Well planned. The storyline is intriguing.

Style - The beautiful story is written in omniscient third person style where we view the fantasy world through the eyes of the various characters involved. Readers are made to feel the emotions and actions of the character's in a good way. With this living fantasy novel, third person style flows freely. The author then made it more wonderful with great attention to the story itself. 

Character - They are properly defined by the author. The author is paying great attentcharacter's written characters. Proper attributes make the characters come to life. The characters of Rebecca and Livie are awesomely desinged.. Every thing about this novel shows the ability of an aspiring author when it comes to character of a story. Well written.