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This is a bonus chapter, which means we won't start the dungeon dive until tomorrow. But thanks to the bonus chapter poll, we'll get a double chapter today to also share a side chapter. Based on the poll results:

#1: Myxo incorporation chapter

#2: Sun elf lore chapter

#3: This was a three-way tie, so I'll pick my biased favorite of them: The Kappa tourist couple POV chapter.

We'll get one of these today (I haven't decided yet but I'll write it soon lol), the second probably sometime this week, and the third once the story passes 75 ratings (it's at 62 now; let's try to get it to 75 by the end of today!).

Anyway, onto the character profiles...

Aeo Tatheth

Aeo is a sun elf resident of Mino's hostel, recently a very long-term one. She certainly doesn't want to be here, but Mino is one of her closest friends since childhood (not that they can remember), and they stick together proudly. She works as a tattoo artist by day, and as a Casanova by night.

She's a huge flirt, always chasing girls and guys down and giving them a night to remember. Or, more typically, taking them back to the hostel and making it really awkward for all her roommates.

Info: Female, sun elf, age 160, 169cm tall.

Likes: Great music, great beer, great bedmates, great tattoos

Dislikes: Complicated relationships, bad atmospheres, books, the crushing weight of despair that looms at the back of her mind

Secret: Aeo's ex-wife dumped her really, really hard, and to this day she hasn't figured out why.



Hummer is a human who's stayed at Mino's hostel for a year or two now and really loves it in Beechhurst. She keeps saying she will have to leave in a couple weeks, but she's said that for a few months now, and it's clear there's something important weighing down on her spirit.

She's a sweet, honest woman who likes making friends happy, but really has a moody streak about her. Her nickname comes from the fact she loves to hum tunes she can't quite remember the name of.

If these are her last days in the hostel, she wants to make them count, even if that means stepping on some toes to do so.

Info: Female, human, age 27, 161cm

Likes: Adventure, music, cooking, hair, romance, cute girls

Dislikes: Responsibility, drama, failure, pushy men

Secret: She was engaged to a man once. Ugh, it did not go well.


Phelia Shak

Phelia is an aspiring adventurer kobold who's come from a far-off land to visit Sunwell for a while. But, she's run on hard times for a while and so she's been stuck working a part-time job in Fleettwixt until she can save up to take a boat to her next destination, and that's led her to Mino's hostel. Kobolds and other reptilian races are really rare around these parts, so she sticks out a lot, but she's fine with that, as long as she can explore lots of new things!

She's generally very chipper, but hates it when people put her down for her short stature and cute demeanor. She wants to be taken seriously as an adventurer, and wants to prove herself, but ultimately she's probably just too nice...

Info: Female, kobold (Eastern Tribe), age 25, 110cm

Likes: Adventures!, treasure, fighting, cuddling

Dislikes: Condescension, failure, dark moods, boredom

Secret: She's desperately homesick for kobold food, especially because she knows she won't go back home for five or ten more years.

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