Her Golemancer Girlfriend

Her Golemancer Girlfriend

by B. A. Baker (Thedude3445)

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Sexual Content

The dazzling, high-tech city of Fleettwixt is the jewel of the North Sunwell Company's colonial empire. Its vast dungeons vanquished by the Great Hero, the city is now home to wealth and peace... at the cost of exploiting the continent's people and resources. Enter Amelia Bluewood: half-human, half-golem—all fury.

She had lost everything. Her hometown was in ruins, her girlfriend missing without a trace, her modular system malfunctioning. Now in Fleettwixt, she has a chance for revenge, answers, and ultimate power. Amelia will never stop until she finds her lover and her vengeance, no matter the cost.

Story by Thedude3445

Art by Mikalya Buan

Things to expect from Her Golemancer Girlfriend:

-LGBT+ cast. 

-Significant violence. An anti-hero MC who does things that you and I both disagree with. Mature themes. Chapters with sexual content will be marked.

-LitRPG-lite progression fantasy. There are blue boxes and systems, upgrades and new skills, but no stats and no character sheets. Progression is slow.

-A huge fantasy city explored in-depth that mixes medieval high fantasy with cyberpunk aesthetics and a whole lotta golems.

-".X" chapters are bonuses that can be skipped. ".1" chapters are alternate POVs and should not be skipped.

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B. A. Baker (Thedude3445)

B. A. Baker (Thedude3445)

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79 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
001: One Photograph (1/2) ago
001: One Photograph (2/2) ago
002: Fourland Guy ago
003: Fury Inside ago
004: Soul Gems ago
005: Pink Eyes ago
005.X: Fleettwixt Map & City Guide [BONUS] ago
006: System Defragmentation ago
007: Lesser Siblings ago
007.X: Character Profiles - Part 1 [BONUS] ago
008: Honest Answers ago
009: Five Impressive ago
010: Beaming Brothels [R-18] ago
011: Sleeveless Shirt ago
012: The Prototype ago
012.1: Barbara Gawain ago
013: Cute Sometimes ago
014: Her Prey ago
015: Cracked, Ragged ago
015.X: 1st Bonus Chapter Poll + News [ENDS 9/12] ago
016: Creating Directives ago
017: Nothing Special ago
018: Golem Store ago
019: Extremely Enthusiastic ago
020: Moonshatter Stories ago
020.X: Character Profiles - Part 2 [BONUS] ago
020.X: Myxo Incorporation [BONUS] ago
021: Congratulations, Amelia ago
022: First Floor ago
023: Their Tour ago
024: Hidden Tunnels ago
025: The Ledge ago
026: Sudden Assault ago
027: Huge Mushroom ago
028: Two Amelias ago
029: Loaded Flintlock ago
030: White Powder ago
031: Through Hallways ago
032: Even Blush ago
033: Was Innocent ago
034: Cramped Maze ago
035: Locking Eyes ago
036: Snap Out ago
037: You Won't ago
038: Dry-Eyed ago
038.1: His Interest ago
038.X: Bonus Chapter Poll + News #2 [ENDS 10/7] ago
38.X: Sun Elves [LORE] ago
039: Forced Underneath ago
040: Last Vestiges ago
041: Body Recuperated ago
042: He Chortled ago
042.1: Kappa Tourists ago
043: Magical Contact ago
044: Interested Party ago
044.X: Character Profiles - Part 3 [BONUS] ago
045: Outdoor Bathing [R-15] ago
046: Last Scream ago
047: So Warm [R-18] ago
048: Try Me ago
049: Soul Plane ago
050: We've Upgraded ago
051: Her Patience ago
052: Warp Module ago
053: Adorably Determined ago
054: Hook Shot ago
055: Vestigial Wings ago
056: Tribal Quest ago
057: They Unholstered ago
058: Fight, Imminent ago
059: Phenomenally Phelia ago
059.1: Amelia Gordon ago
060: Hate It ago
061: These Goblins ago
062: Concealed Necklace ago
063: Fantastic Profit ago
064: So Close ago
065: Cloaked Killer ago
066: An Aura ago

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It's unequivocally, mathematically, true. 

But if you need me to show my work, well. Here's all the equations.

Her Golemancer Girlfriend is a story about a golem that's been left all on her own. and her willingness to go to any ends to get revenge on the vicious colonial corporation that stole her girlfriend/creator away.

Of course, being recently awoken and naive, our heroine has all the grace, wisdom, and subtlety of a bull in a china shop. So she blunders recklessly into trouble over, and over and over again. Fortunately she's got a sassy system programmed by her missing girlfriend to advise her, keep her alive and help use the residual soul energy from her foes to enhance her capabilities and turn her into an unstoppable, ruthless fighting machine. That is if the growing cadre of people she meets along the way don't infect her with a pesky conscience first.

Stylistically: the author paints a fantastic picture of a corporatized fantasy world, where a large megacorp is bent of extracting as much as possible from their colonial venture. By and large the writing is fluid, and flows well; with brisky snappy fight scenes. Occassionally an awkward word choice, or an odd thought from the MC will make me pause, but it rarely impedes my enjoyment of the story. Its always nice to see a world where represenation extends beyond the main characters, and the world has plenty of background queer represenation, which is a solid plus.


Story: the plot is well paced, with events progressing at a steady clip, including frequent upgrades for the MCs. There is also a clear sense of direction, despite the main character's own inability to put together a good plan, which is I imagine quite difficult to pull off; but has been executed quite well.


Gramatically, errors are rare; and most errors that do exist have been spotted by keen eyed readers; and corrections are apparently imminent. Moreover, those errors where corrections are pending did not impact my enjoyment of the story.


The characters are really well done, there is a distinct personality out of the HUD system that is consistent with the personality displayed by Ed (the titual girlfriend) in the flashback scenes. The side characters all have distinct voices and desires and come across feeling reasonably mutli-dimensional even with fairly limited screen time. As for the main character, well, she is, quite frankly a ruthless, reckless fool, and that is captured perfectly in both thought and action; it can be a little frustrating watching a character make mistakes knowing they're likely to bring serious consequences down on their head. And, more damningly making the mistake of consistently overestimating her abiltiies. Although those consequences promise to be narratively very satisfying. And, given the mental age of the character I think any other portrayal would read as inauthentic. Ultimately what makes these flaws fun to read about is the sense that Amelia is growing, and learning, and becoming a better character who might be able to look back at her earlier decisions and be horrified by her own foolishness.


Overall, its a bang up novel with rapid updates. If the premise interests you, I highly recommend you dive right in.



Novel setting and enjoyable story and characters

Reviewed at: 038: Dry-Eyed

This is a fun story with a really interesting setting and premise. It's a magitech cyberpunk (ish) anticolonial roaring rampage of revenge story, with a gay golem in love powering the whole thing. What's not to like? The setting is well-developed and has a lot of intriguing hints of more going on beneath the surface, and the supporting cast is endearing as well.


This one is a hidden gem. 

Let us start with the basic premise, GL/Yuri. Traditional GL is mostly based on two MC's getting to know each other and working out their feeling. This story is not about that. The author broke the mold. Right from the beginning, the readers are told that they are couple. The GL is more focused on the MC undergoing trials and tribulations to reunite with her GF, along the way we meet a bunch of odd, quirky, goofy and lovable characters. 

The author's prose is eloquent. There are moments when the descriptions almost felt too poetic. There are few overlooked typos but that by no means deter the quality of story telling nor does it hinder a fun reading experience. 

Now for the World building, This is where the story tops. Most of the story takes place in a fantasy metropolis of Fleettwixt. The author has put in enough effort to describe various sights and lives in the city so much that the city itself becomes vibrant part of the story. 

Finally, the story itself, the basic premise is a simple one. MC seeks her lost love and as the story proceeds the readers are shown a glimpse into the background, an evil corporatation, draining the continent and the countryside of their resource. No evil mega-villains or dark lords here. The antagonist in the story is very much relatable even though the story is tagged fantasy. 

Highly recommended

Mr. White

Came for the author, remained for the story

Reviewed at: 003: Fury Inside

Ever since reading the Tower of Arnold I've kept a very close look on TheDude since that story was the perfect combination of amusing and horrifying.

This story is not like that one and, despite that, I still remained.

Sure, it might be hasty to make a review after only 3 chapters but what the hell, sometimes you just want to hope.

The story seems very well thought out, with a clear goal and a protagonist that is very focused on it. I also have a feeling there will be some spicy twist but I don't know yet.

The background is interesting and the grammar lacking any mistake (that I saw).

I'm not good with reviews but maybe give it a try?


A good novel with lots of potential!

Reviewed at: 012: The Prototype

The stort is relatively straightforward. Half-golem girl, Amelia, searches for her girlfriend and creator, Ed, all the while enacting a revenge plan to the ones destroying the continent and plunging the populace into misery.

Lots of fight scenes with considerable violence and good narration. Interesting worldbuilding in a low fantasy setting (magic in relatively modern world), a diverse cast of characters as of yet not really explored to its full potential but you can feel the passion that went into their designing. 

All in all, give Golemancer a try if you want a good GL novel! Have fun!


It's just what i read when i want to relax

Reviewed at: 047: So Warm [R-18]

See Title


I came for the Fluff and stayed because it's a nice Story. The Characters are likeable,worldbuilding is from my standpoint amazing and the Story kinda works out. Not sure what else to say to be honest.


So Thanks for the work up to this point and keep it up.

Doc Mnc

I've enjoyed the story so far and it's grown past my intial concerns the plot would be overly simplistic and one note our main lead changing and becoming more enjoyable as a character. The lack of follow-up to some of the leads actions seems a little off but it's early days and the plot as well as the scale of her foes are still being setup in many respects. We know they're a big company but exactly how big is unclear. 

Overall a solid action story with a nice plot. If you're primarily looking for romance this isn't necessarily the book i'd come to though. The leads romantic interest is a driving factor of the plot but for me at least it's one of the least interesting facets of her as a character and her story. I find myself rooting for her to start a new relationship and grow beyond who she is more than I do her reuniting with the focus of her love.


Don't know whats the meaning of the title. Don't question it.

Anyway. I have been starting my reading on this story. Only got to chapter 5 around now, but felt that I could make a review without too many problems. And since I don't think that I'll be changing the rating anyhow, I felt it was best to put the review out as quickly as possible.

From the genre alone, it should be obvious what this is. Romance, a bit of magic, and hopefully more romance(plz more romance). There are a few parts that are slow but that doesnt really matter in the grand scheme of things. The important plot point happens quick enough and the setting unfolds with every step. I really did like the world-building, even if it might not have been the part with the most focus.

Style and grammar are pretty good if anybody was looking for that specifically. I recommend this one strongly. 5/5 from me.


Slow burner, but enjoyable to read

Reviewed at: 035: Locking Eyes

Overall, this story has me hooked enough to keep me coming back to read the next chapter every day.

The story itself is moving at a relatively slow pace. A lot of the story is spent showcasing who Amelia is, what abilities she has and what world she lives in. In the grand scheme of things, at chapter 35 the plot has barely moved though. Personally I don't mind this much, having read stories that are 4 million words and still ongoing, but this may put you off. Overall I think it would benefit the story if exposition would be limited a little bit in a second pass. For example, between the setup for the next plot point (chapter 19), the start of that plot point (chapter 30) and the most interesting part of that plot point (chapter 35) is a huge amount of words that at time of writing don't seem to contribute that much to the overall story. It's cool to get a peak into the world someone else is creating, but at the same time at that pace it will take hundreds of chapters to close story arcs.

So far there's been not much character progression outside of Amelia, but I am enjoying how our half-golem is changing, while simultaneously still being as subtle as your average d&d barbarian. We have gotten some more background on two other characters so far, but other than that the rest of the group seems to only exist as setup for the main character. I think that works for this story.

Grammar-wise I don't have much to say about the story. I've not noticed grammar errors at all, and the way it is written makes it fairly easy to read.


Look, it's got anime as hell robot fights and energy blasts, and the latest chapter has the MC doing aerial knife throw/dodgeing at corporate executives after a whole scene in the weapon shop where she gets 'convinced' to buy a bunch of throwing knives when 'I don't need a weapon, my fists are stone' and all that junk, because one of the party members wants to seduce the merchant.

What the hell else you want.