I suddenly Shudder and Shake as a cold cold wind runs through my body. It is dark and I am Starving, A Hunger unlike anything I have ever felt in my life runs through me. I have faced starvation before, but this makes that a pale shadow of a feeling.

I try to think back, to what was before only to realize all that happened before was but a wonderful dream. I died, then went to hell and somehow heaven at the same time. But this is now my reality, this gnawing never ending HUNGER.

I pull myself free of this thick clinging substance and land on the rough stone floor of this cave I apparently slept in and I crawl my way out, crawl till I find the end is a wall of wood. Only my desperate need pushes me through it and in to a wide dark room full of odd smells and old wood, rats and their feces. Above I hear voices and laughter and even a fight. I move toward these sounds of life, for Life is what I crave, wonderful, vibrant liquid LIFE.
The first one I find is a serving maid or such, a woman who was coming down some stairs in to this cold dark room. A large bucket in one hand a candle in the other. She is headed toward a set of large oblong objects. She never makes it. I pounce on her, tearing her throat out before she can make a sound and I drag her back under the stairs and feast on her life, sucking up all the wonderful warmth from her before tearing open the body and eating all I can stuff into myself, trying to take in all the life to feed the Hunger. Her life Helped, but I still hunger, I still Need MORE! But now I have more of my mind and I know I need to be careful. For while I am strong, they are many and many can beat strong.

I stuff her remains in my hole, then slink out to find more.
What I find is a large man, holding a lantern and wondering aloud "where did that girl get to ?" as he looks around he misses the blood stains on the already much stained floor. He sees something and bends to pick it up. Her dropped bucket. I chose that moment to strike. Before he can do more than grunt my claws have torn out his throat and I then drag his quickly dying form back in to the dark. The dropped bucket and lantern are all to show for those who came before.

He lasted longer, more meat on his bones. His healthy life filling me more and giving me more capable thought.

I slip out of the hole and retrieve the bucket and the guttering but still lit lantern. Taking them in to my cave. I pull the remains back, back toward my cocoon, to where I awoke in this cold dark place. Across a wide expanse of teeth like projections and a deep wonderful cavern and the distant sounds of running water, back up the wall to my cocoon, to my safe place.
In the fading light of the lantern I make out the cocoon that I was reborn in. As in my dreams my belongings are all mixed in to the webs, but there is no 'ick' just dried blood and such, pulled away from my changing form, moved to make me what I am.

It takes some digging and pulling to get my gear from the webs, some tool using of old bones from my prey but I get it all free. I don't, at this time, know why it is important to me to have this stuff, but something in me calls for them, needs to have this stuff. So I gather it all and keep it close. Like a security blanket or teddy bear.

From the light and my own powerful dark vision I can see this hole is good sized. This end is some 12 across and 8 or so high. A natural cave with this tavern or inn built on top of it.

I wonder how long till some other prey comes to see what became of the first two. I return to the exit, the spot near where I found these two.
Like a spider in its web I wait and see while sucking the marrow from the bones and chewing on the now dry meat. It helps with the Hunger but it does not really satisfy it.

I feel it at first, but don't understand it, the change in the air, the way the sensation moves from one of drinking and the mix of happiness, sadness, frustrations and lust. The two have been missed and the prey is getting nervous.

I see light coming down the stair and I hope for another hapless victim. But what comes is more light. On instinct I take my things and move from my hole to another spot, away from the waking place. In my search for a better hiding spot I find another stair, this one ending in a slanted closed double door, with a group of old, empty oblong things next to it, where I move and hide. My mind is not clear enough yet to work out its purpose or meaning. I need to feed more to awaken that part of me. But from this spot I can see several armed prey have come in. Two holding lanterns and two holding long sharp shiny sticks (later I would know them as swords but my mind was not yet awake enough for that). They find the lost candle and the splashes of blood on the round things and walls and floor and know something hunts down there. They call up to others and 2 in long dresses come in, one holds a ball of flame in its hand, the other a long heavy pole, like yet unlike the one I have, as light of the color blue floats around the tip of it. The one with the fire finds my hole and tosses it's flame down it. The loud BOOM and soon smoke fills the room from the hole. The others they yell at that one, asking why he did that, there could have been someone alive in there or something. The one who had the fire shrugs and ignores these others. Only pulling forth another of the nasty fire balls.

The second, with the glowing pole also berates the fire wielder, pointing out that they do not know how stable the floor is or if he may have set fire to the underpinnings. whatever that means. I decide to kill the fire one next, he being more a threat then the ones with the shiny sticks.

I hide under the second stairs, watching. The fire holder finds the stairs and calls out to the others, but when they find the doors to be locked they ignore them. The one with the fire makes unhappy sounds at them then walks toward a dark corner away from the others. I slip up behind him, and snap his neck before pulling him back in to my hiding place. None of the others even notice he is gone for now.

I happily suck his life out, gaining more awareness and sense of self. I am happy to have killed the 'shoot first, ask questions never' mage. The other mage should be next. OH I now know Genders and new words. Man, woman. Old man is meal now, I am happy.

The staff wielder is a woman, not sure if pretty or not, but I like her glowing bits. May keep those. The the well-dressed girl pulls out a harp and starts playing it. I don't know the words but I am very enamored by the beauty of it. I decide then and there to Keep her, make her a pet, or like me, not sure. Will decide later. But I am keeping her so she can make music for me.
Then there is a prissy one, he acts like he never seen dirt before and does not want it on his pretty clothes. I eat him, make mess, teach him to like Messy. Maybe by spraying other prissy ones blood on him. hehehe I funny.
The one that worries me carries big nasty club and keeps playing with necklace. The others seem to turn to her for guidance. She feels dangerous. Maybe save for last, maybe not.

Prissy boy saved me the trouble of what to do with him. He walked over to my exit hole with lamp, leaned out to far and fell in. From the sound of it he fell a long ways. I did not think the tunnel was that long. sure a couple of near straight up parts but those are easy to crawl up and down. He does not sound like he got over those right. Sounds like he is clumsy going by the grunts and screams as he trips over things. The others all rush over to the hole. The leader calls for rope and the 2cd prissy type ties it off and then carefully goes in first. They pass a light down to him and I hear him call back telling them there is a crawl space down there leading to a short cliff and a deep sloped passage. Apparently Prissy Boy tripped and rolled down said passage. The fireball seems to have actually opened up the passage more going by the debris.
One by one they go inside, Mage, then singer, then last the scary one. She looks around for the old man, but not seeing mutters about 'childish people' before following the rest.
I wait a few beats then carefully crawl out of my hiding spot and follow them down.
Before I had not given any thought to this place. Before I was not mentally awake enough to understand it either. It was just the passage between my waking place and the food. But now I know it to be a long natural underground crevice. some of it looks 'new' like it only formed more recently. Other parts are older. The room with all the 'teeth' in it, I just moved through it on instinct before, but now, I can see it for what it is and I know where my lair is. High in a wall on the far side of this cavern. They are unlikely to find it.

What they do find is an underground stream full of blind fish, scraps of cloth from my prey here and there, and even a bone I dropped after gnawing on it for a bit.

I think, then scurry back to the exit and collect their rope. I don't want them to leave, ever. So I remove ropes and such they used to climb down in to my lair.

It soon becomes apparent these people have little to no idea how to maneuver down here. They easily get turned around and cross over the same spots many times.
Me I am sitting on the ceiling watching them bumble about. It's entertaining to me.

The musical one sings a few songs, one makes her path glow for a bit. That was nice. She worked out that from one side to the other the main cavern is only 100 steps across, but all the rock formations throws off their ability to get around and map it properly.

I turn my attention from her to the older prissy man. He disappeared.
I find him by scent, he has found my lair and I watch as he climbs carefully up the wall and inside of it. I then tie my stuff to a rock on the ceiling before going in after him. He does not need to live any longer any way.

He 'sees' me come in behind him but mistakes' my form for one of the others as he takes in the sight of the cocoon and the remains of my meals spread around it, "So Jase what do you make of this ? Some kind of spider monster or something ?"

I come up behind him and sniff him, his scent is strong and there is no fear in it, yet. He turns, and exclaims "JASE what are ? Oh hell, you're not Jase." he gasp as he reaches for his weapon. I just smile, showing my fangs and look him in the eye, "Hello food. Thank you for coming in to my lair." I have no idea why I spoke but I love the smell of fear now rising from him. He did manage to get off a scream as I ripped off his arm but it only made it easier for me in the long run.

I enjoyed his hot blood. I rolled in it some before licking myself clean and then consumed his heart, liver and such other blood filled nummy parts.

I can hear them below calling out for him. For some reason I move from my lair and to another tunnel hole, from that different hole I call out "JASE" then move and do it again and again each time from a different place. Then I add in his name from other place, changing the pitch and tone of my voice, confusing things. Or so I thought, till while crossing the ceiling I see the rest of them are standing in a clearing area all together. My game does not work if they are all together.
So I work out how to separate them.

It turned out easier than I expected. They moved off single file trying to find the rope they used to get in. I just web cast and caught the one on the end. He screamed even as I dragged him up to the ceiling. The bad part was the others now knew to look Up.

I had the boy mostly wrapped up when the mage one, the one called Jase threw some glowing orbs at me. They Hurt allot and made me drop the boy. He did not land well at all, his brains splattered all over the rocks below.

I hissed at her, "Look what you made me do. Wasted him all over the rocks." she started to throw another bunch of those glowing lights at me so I vanished in to the shadows. Still they hit where I had been, but as I was no more they did not harm me.

I stick to the shadows for a time. It's hard to hear from the shadows but I can see better, though everything is in shades of grey.

The musical one plays a sad tune for the prissy boy even as the scary one prays over him. She cannot save him though as his brains decorate the rocks.
As they morn I see an opportunity. I slip from the shadows and grab the girl with the music, I can't pull her in to the shadows, but with a hand over her mouth and another around her waist I am able to leap backwards from the others and escape with her in to one of the other holes in the walls. I quickly try and subdue her, biting her to put her under, but the little beotch bites me back, scratching and kicking and making me have to take more of her life than I meant to. So I decide if she is going to fight this much to live, she should be allowed to. I complete her cocoon and make sure she cannot escape or call out. Don't need the others to free her till I can work out how to make her my pet.

As I work I think. Having her, having companions, this is not a bad thing. I am sure she will not like eating her own kind, so may have to find proper food for her. But pets always require a little extra work.

The other two are now on high alert. They walk back to back and jump at every little sound. They call out a name from time to time. I sigh, and from the shadows, "no worries pets, you will be joining her soon. Then we all can be together forever."

Scary one to Jase the Magic one, "Oh shit, I get it now. We are so dead."
Jase to Scary, "What, what is it ?"
Scary, "Vampire, lonely one from the sound of it. She wants to turn us all in to undead monsters like her."
Jase seems to consider that, "I can think of worse fates really. Ghouls for example."
Scary gives her a hairy eyeball, "Undead is bad all the way around."

I tried to sneak up on them but the scary one sees me and speaks to her charm, A blast of 'Bright light' hits the shadows I am in. It forces me out of them but otherwise does me no harm. I stumble a bit from the bright flash and rub my eyes, "Ow." is all I say. They look at me now, in all my blood covered naked glory.

Jase says mildly in awe, "How is it that did not burn you to a crisp ?"
I look at her funny, "Light burns ?"
The Scary one symbol held before her like a shield, "Where is Jubilee Monster ?"
I consider, "That is one with pretty music ?"
They nod.
"Mine Now." I smile at them and they start to back off.
I jump in to the shadows and Jase throws more glowie ouchies' at me but I am safe in the shadows from them, "hehehehHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAhohohohoho" I laugh at them, and they try to run, I dart forward suddenly and jumping out of the shadows, I punch the mage in the jaw easily knocking her out. Then it's just me and the Scary one, who looks more afraid of me now.

She thrust her symbol at me, "Back oh fiend of the night, Back to the hell which spawned you!"
I grin at her and make air claw and bite motions at her. She looks at her symbol then me then runs for a wall, trying to find a way out. Problem is the lowest passage hole is some 10ft above the floor and from what I can tell these creatures can't jump very well.

I chase her around a bit, letting her tire herself out. I do jump back at one point and collect the nasty one who throws those glowing balls. I take her to my lair and strip her, she has a nice form, I think as I put her in a cocoon.
Then I slip out and go looking for the other one. She is back at the boy's body looking through his things. She has many shiny things from his pack around her. I step out behind her and watch her. "Better without clothes, easier to get meat" I say simply. because I am still hungry and thinking of food. She freezes turns and sees me just standing there. She grabs a bottle, pulls it's seal and throws the liquid within it on me yelling about me going back to hell.

I sniff the liquid and give her a puzzled look, "Water ?" I lick it and spit, "salty" Part of my mind is capable of complex thought, unfortunately it's not talking with the part that is playing with the food right now. If I was more awake the games may have been more fun. As it is I am tired of playing with her and I leap on her, but I keep myself from draining her to death. She and her friends are fun. So I plan on making Pets out of them. Not totally sure how so for now I just wrap her up and stick her in a hole. I then gather all the items from their bodies and the dead broken one and put those in my special hole and rest for a bit. When I wake, I am still hungry so I sip some from the Jase bag then I wander out.

Curious, I decide explore these other holes and find several of them lead to other buildings. Some come up under floors or basements, one comes up in an old shack, the roof is gone and all the people to. It is out in the woods, so I explore that area. I saw something small and furry, I chased it, caught it then ate it. Not as good as the hairless ones and I did not care for the hair in my mouth, but I could live on them if I had to.

The next one - hole comes up between two buildings. Took a little digging on my part to get out but I have time. Also caught a man peeing on the wall. No one heard his feeble scream as I dragged him to his doom. He was not as tasty as the others but my Need overrode my taste. When he was empty I decided I did not want his nasty meat, so I rolled him up and stuffed him in a little building that smelled of birds and poop. (Chicken coop, no chickens though)

From there I went in to the shadows. I explored the strange town and worked out how to find prey and hide my left overs so as to not scare the prey away. I found 2 more easy to catch types and once I fed I hid the remains. One of them I stuffed in a box full of dead fish. Strange place for fish to be, but it worked. The other I found a round thing with its lid on crooked. It was full of stinky water. Now it full of stinky water and left overs.

After those 3 meals I return home and nap. I wake with more brain working. Not 100 % but enough for now. Also I realized the last prey I stuffed in to a barrel of brine. So when they go to use it, they going to find a pickled man. For some reason I find that funny.

I go out and check on my guest. Music girl, um, I think she is dead. The smell coming from her bag is bad. I am sad, I wanted her as a play thing, or something. The other two are weak but still with me. I remember and give them water (I got it from the stream in the cavern) and some dried bisquets the 2cd prissy man had in his bag. They eat them but are not happy about it. Scary girl ask why she still alive, I tell her she and friends are Snacks. Need them to live for a little while.
Jase the mage girl keeps promising to kick my butt when she get free. I laugh and tell her she get free only after she die. before that she pretty play thing and snack person. (I really am not able to talk better than that at this point.)

I leave them to stew on that and head back up the tunnels. Seeing where they go, 3 of them interconnect and after much wandering around and through a couple more big rooms I figure out they just come back to my 'teeth' room and the other tunnels.
I got lots of running around space down here, but the hunting is terrible. So I find tunnels that angle up more than down and see what I can find.
One tunnel comes out a tight crevice, I actually have to shift in to shadows to get through. But the other side is worked stone and nicely done passages. I wander them for a time, finding strange rooms and even cages full of nummies chained to the walls with in. I happily slip in and sample many of them. Mostly men, but a few women. I make a point not to kill any of them, may want to resample them later. I leave when someone with lights come. I slip in to the shadows then out into my tunnels.

By the next night I wake and can finally fully think. I slowly go over everything I had been doing and start to worry about the 'smelly one'. Mostly I worry that I accidently turned her and the smell is her body going through the change. Of course it could just be the smell of death as her body emptied itself. But somehow I worry it's not cause she did manage to bite me several times and given we were fighting and the blood, there is that worry.

I check on her and then just to be careful about it, move her cocoon to a tunnel that exits in to the town.

Afterwards I take a bath in the stream and then check on the other two.
I decide and move them to a 'bubble' type room I found in my searching. The only entrance is some 20ft up and unless you can spiderclimb or fly you're not getting out.

I unwrap them there. Give them their food and water bags (I carefully searched them for anything like weapons before hand) and put in a magical glow stone, that I attached to the ceiling, so they are not in the dark.
Jase looks at me, "Your acting different tonight." she observes. I nod, "More awake and it's actually close to noon now. Takes a lot of blood and sleep periods to get the old brain up and running right. Still not 100% but much more coherent now."
Priestess, the 'scary one' looks at me, "Where is our friend ?" she demands. I sigh, "Not sure if she is dead, or turning really. 50-50 chance at this point. She bit back when I was trying to feed on her and there is a small chance she will rise again."
Jase looks at me in shock, "So why not just make Sure she does not rise ?"
I shrug, "I figure if the fates did not want that to happen then she will not, but if they do, or her spirit wants to return, why should I stop it. If she rises and does not like what she has become, then we will discuss it. I know this life is not for everyone, but I chose it and have to live with that. I was scared and did not want to die. My sire, who loves me, offered but the price was high. Higher than normal in fact. I can never return to my home land. It is the price of living like this. The Gods set the price and then moved me to this place. One God said something about my being a retribution against his enemies. But I don't know what he meant. Probably some people near here that he has a grievance with."
Scary looks at me, "So what, we are food, play things, or what ?"
I shrug, "Don't know. My lower mind thought you were pretty and wanted to make pets out of you. But it's a childlike mind, it does not fully understand things. I am the adult mind, I have to understand so we can survive." I look at them, scary is confused, while magic girl seems to get it.

Slowly speaking, Jase states, "So when you first woke you were little more than an animal. But as you fed more and more your mind started working more. The first part was like a child, impulsive, not understanding consequences and running mostly on instinct ? As you slept your mind woke up more, the next stage, still a child but an older child, one with better understandings, then the teenage mind and finally the Adult mind. That about it ?"
I grin, "Yes. Also why I did not talk much or just laughed or spoke in strange forms. By the way, what do you call those orbs of light you kept throwing at me ?"
Jase looks confused, "Orbs of light ? I don't know, I was shooting magic missiles at you, but they look like glowing daggers not orbs."
I shrug, "To me they look like orbs of light and they stung if I stayed in the physical world. I slip in to the shadow realm and they could not find me."
Scary smiles belligerently, "I still don't know why my Sunlight Spell did not destroy you, just made you easier to see."
My eyes go wide, "Was that what you did. Interesting. It did force me out of the Shadow Realm but Sunlight has no power over me. I am not the same species of vampire you are used to dealing with. My kind does not fear the sun or holy symbols as we were created by the gods in the old days as their weapons or special magical agents. But we are fewer than the night dwellers as Fate must choose who joins our ranks and who just dies."
I turn and walk up the wall, "I will let you think on that. I have to go hunt now and clean up some messes I made. My child mind made a mess and I got to fix it."

I head back to the first place. Someone nailed some boards over my exit but did not completely seal it off. Seeing that I smile and return to my stuff. Getting it from the hiding place (which took me a bit to find truthfully). I get dressed, looking over my new body. Not having a mirror I can't see my face, but the rest looks nice. The black hair is unexpected but I had so many dreams prior to waking and the only constancy were I was stacked and mostly female. I find that part is true at least, Nice chest, tight butt, retractable and very nice penis. I have hope for a pretty face but I am not going to ask those two just yet. I am still debating if I should keep them, try and turn them or just eat them. They are pretty and I like pretty.

Dressed and in my old Adventuring gear I return to the surface and shadow step out of the basement and in to the tavern beyond.
Despite the killings there only days before, it is still crowded and there are people doing what they do in taverns. Drinking mostly, a few eating, a bard singing a song, groups of 'adventurer' types are around the place.
I get a few looks and most seem to like what they see. A few look confused as they did not see where I came in from (cause I did not want them to). After a bit of time and a nice mug of good mead I wander out. I have so far managed to avoid any man making for me. But I note a few following me out. Whether they are following me for real or just leaving at the same time I can't tell.

I look back at the tavern and up at the sign. It's called the Hanged Man and has a real body hanging in a metal cage well above the door. I like the touch and it explains how killings can happen and it not being closed down.

I wander a bit, listening to others speak and looking in shops, some of which are still open despite the late hour. Unusual to say the least but nice for people like me who are out late.

The whole town I find is full of criminals, smugglers, river pirates and the sort. I sense a couple of other Undead types, at least one other vampire but they leave me in peace, so I think I will blend in pretty easily here.

I found a mirror in a store front just up the street, so I know what I look like, from the waist up at least.

In all my dreams I have been blond or blond with red highlights, but my reality is deep black with dark blue eyes. Love my large chest though, That part was right. I got a high tight rounded bottom butt to. Perfect for cupping or fucking and I find I want to fuck, allot. Male or female, makes no difference to me. Willing or not does not make much of a difference either.

Of the men and women who left the tavern when I did, 2 follow me. I can hear them talking quietly to each other about 'taking me' somewhere private and 'enjoying me' whether willing or not. After I tire of looking around the town, I let them 'catch me' to and show I am in to their fun and games. Which I really do enjoy, much hard violent fucking, spanking and such. It's all good fun right up till one tries to put a knife in me.

The first one (Jon) stops him, "What are you doing ?"
(Fred) "Killing her, she knows too much now."
Jon slaps him, "Idiot, she is Willing. We finally find a girl who Likes this stuff and you want to kill her, what kind of Stupid is that ?"
Fred looks confused, "But after she is dead then we get to fuck her dead body to."
Jon sighs, "I don't like that. You’re the one who fucks dead bodies."
I clear my throat, "Actually, technically speaking you have been fucking a dead body for a while. Well Undead really."
Fred shrugs and throws off Jon and tries to stab me again. I take Fred down with a single strike to his throat, claws out. He gurgles and falls. I smile at Jon, "Sorry, but I am a vampire and you two are breakfast and lunch respectively. But I really did enjoy the sex. It's been a long time since I had any."
Jon's head drops, "Story of my life. Think I get ahead only for something to go horribly wrong. Fine just make it fast."
He rolls his head back even as his hand snakes around and pulls a knife from his dropped pants. I pick up Fred and suck him dry while Watching Jon. I drop Fred and wipe my mouth, "You know, I could make use of someone of your low moral caliber."
He gives me a confused look, "What ?"
"Someone who does not mind killing and such. Sorry was a mage in life and tend to talk like it still. Tell you what, you willing to work for me ?"
He stares at my chest for a bit, "Doing what ?"
"Oh odd jobs, body disposal, occasional booty calls. That sort of thing, I lost you at booty call didn't I." He nods, "It’s a slang term for sex meetings. Booty like " I turn and wave my butt at him, "That is a booty call, get it ?" He nods, he got hard to and I smile. "Works well don't it."
He considers, "Do I get anything out of this, I mean other than sex, which is good, and not dying is good to."
I consider, "I can pay you to. Not for the sex, but the other stuff. But we have to make a contract for that, one in blood. It's a vampire thing, blood magics. It assures me of your loyalty and that you will keep my secrets. In exchange I can pay. Say 1 gold coin a week ?"
He gulps, eyes going wide, "Gold ? You have Gold ?" I grin, "I have been around and have little problems with killing or taking peoples stuff. So yes I have gold. I got it from some well to do meals. You have a problem with that ?"
He shakes his head, "Mam, I am a smuggler by trade. I have killed my share of people for but a handful of gold. Have to be careful waving gold around this town."
I shrug, "That is true in every town really. Trust me on this, gold tends to make people stupid."
He looks down at Fred, "Sorry about Fred, but I got to admit, his thing for dead, dead bodies made me sick to my stomach. I don't mind killing, but fucking a dead body is just wrong. Um, you're up and moving so in my book you're not dead. Felt pretty alive to me in fact." he reaches out and caresses my butt. I like it so I let him, "How does this blood contract work ?"
I shrug, "I drink a little of your blood, you drink a little of mine. Just a mouthful no more. Sort of like a blood brother pack come to think of it, but drinking instead of mushing hands together or something."
He considers more, "So will this change me any ?"
I smile and nod, "make you a little stronger, may be a little more viral. And you won't get sick as easily and may even live longer, baring accidents like a knife in the gut." He nods to that, "That is an occupational hazard." he said the words slowly but smiled at the end.
"What happens if I turn you down ?" I consider and find I am actually feeling full, "I knock you out, tie you up and drag you back to my place and keep you as a snack till you die."
He nods, "Lovely set of options, but then I understand it. Can't just let me go cause I know too much."
I smile, "There are worse fates. One fellow pissed me off recently so I shoved him in to a pickle barrel."
He looks up at me, turning pale, "That was you ?" I smile and nod, "That was Big Tony, he was one of the heavies in town. Ran his own operations out of that warehouse. He normally stuffed people in boxes full of dead fish when they pissed him off."
I cock my head to one side, "That explains so much actually. "
"Threatened to do that to you ?" he ask with a grin, "No, watched him do it. He saw me and tried to add me to another box. I shoved him in the barrel head first though. Well I drained him some first, waste not want not and all that."
He nods, "They found him this morning, someone was moving the barrel and lost their grip on it, cracked it right open and there he was, pickled."
I grin and nod.
Jon considers then nods, "Ok made worse deals I suppose." he holds out his hand to me. I hold out mine, "The knife you pulled out of your pants please." Blushing he hands it to me and I smile. I use it to cut my wrist, "Drink." I state holding it out to him. He shrugs, takes a breath and does so. I Love the feel of it, someone drinking my blood is orgasmic.
After he stops, making a face but swallows. I grin, "It gets better, I promise." He shrugs, "I liked the taste of your sex better." I smile widely, "If I could give you my blood that way I would have. Then we both could have enjoyed it so Much more." he grins even as I take his wrist, watching his eyes I carefully cut in to a vein with a fang then sip his blood. He needs a better diet, I think, we will work on that.
I lick the wound closed and then turn my butt toward him, "I think we need to deal with Little Jon some more." he smiles and hard fucks me for another 20 minutes or so.

By the time he leaves he promises to see to it the body is taken care of. We arrange to meet again at a different spot where I will give him his first gold piece.

I am happy to have found my first 'willing' minion. That and the sex has me in a good mood. Which helps when I get back to the lair and find that the bard is out of her bag and walking around yelling at her shadow. As the conversation is one sided I don't know what to make of it.

Jubilee "What no, that can't be right. What do you mean Forever ? No no no. I was trying to fight back, to live sure, but not like this. What do you mean I chose this ?"
I get it now. She is talking to her 'spirit animal' kind of like our beast. One of the girls did this back in the day to. It's a rare gift that grants much insight.
I answer for the spirit, "What it means is while you were Dead your Spirit, your Soul took the option to come back in your present state. Your conscious mind did not get a say in the matter."
She turns, sees me and growls then leaps at me. I just stand my ground and point at my feet. "SIT!" she skids to a stop in front of me, on her knees and looking quite startled.

Trisha told me about this. She only had to use it a few times when the girls beast tried to take over. As their sire she could command their beast and therefore their bodies. The minds were a different matter. But they quickly learned they could not harm her or really go against her wishes. Which given her calm and laid back ways was not too hard.

Looking down at my new and confused child I sigh, she is a Knock out. She was pretty before but now, better muscle tone, sleeker ass Nice chest at least a cup size larger. And that long red hair, Yum. Interestingly she was blond before. That is a curious development.

She is glaring up at me, "You came back as a red head, nice chest to. Where ever did you find the clothes ?"
She humphs, "Only clothing I had in my bag that still fit. I look like a floozy." I grin and nod, "Yeah it's great. Trust me, as a vampire that works to your advantage. Prey comes up to you and practically begs for you to eat them. Though they usually are thinking sex, it works for us."
She growls, "Why am I on my knees ?"
I smile, "I am your Sire, your maker. As such your Body obeys me, even if your mind does not. You will find you can't harm me either. It's a perk of being the sire. Even though you were an accident. I had planned on just keeping you as a pet."
Still looking like she wants me dead, "What about my friends ?"
I shrug, "Ate most of the boys. Pretty prissy one you recall fell and broke so he did not get eaten. The other girls I got safely tucked away. I can show you, but in your present state your likely to just eat them."
She blanches at that then I see the beast in her eyes and she licks her lips. I smile. "I am not feeding them to you. I am keeping them as pets. Pets don't work well when dead. Now had you just followed the tunnel you woke up in you would have come up in town. You could go nuts and eat your fill there. Being a criminal town I am sure a few random murders go over looked."
She glares, "She says if I did that, they would hunt me down and burn us. Us ?" looks at her shadow.
I shrug, "Your smarter half I take it. That shadow self is a rare gift. My sire told me it only happens 1 in 10 times. I did not get that gift. I got my own gifts. I think, though am not certain, that we each have something Special about us. I don't know many of us so I don't know for sure."
She glares at me, "Why not just Kill me and make Sure I was dead ?"
I sigh, "People keep asking that. Look I was raised in this undead world, we have our own ways of doing things one of which states if someone fights to live to the point of turning they should be given a chance of this new life. It does not always work out but Sometimes that one grows beyond what they were and sometimes they don't. Some people come to love what we are, some just survive it and some seek release. The only release we have is death, the only way we can fully die is Fire. Step in to one and burn to death. We can come back from pretty much anything else, but it takes time."

Actually we can die from loss of our heads to, but given her state of mind she is likely to find a way to do that to me.
She listens to the one I cannot hear and nods, "She says there is another way to."
I nod, "Oh I can end you. As could my sire. But that's pretty much it and that She your talking to, that is a Shadow Self, partly your beast partly your own Spirit, bound together. It can offer great insight as it sees more of the truth than our waking selves. I knew someone with that gift. She was interesting."
She growls, "So now I have to drink blood to live. Terrible diet."
I grin, "Well yes but it's So much more than just that really, can also eat their nummy bits, heart, liver, and other organs. We can eat normal fair as well but they don't satisfy the Hunger. Got to feed that first, the rest second. The advantage of eating normal foods though is other parts of our bodies still need it. Keeps the humors up. Good for tears, mucus, sex juices and such. Trust me, All of us Love sex. Our passions tend to get stronger."
She nods at that, "So why did you want to keep Me specifically."
I shrug, "I liked your music. I wanted you to be my song bird, playing pretty music for me."
She stares at me for a long bit. I just stand there, perfectly still, and wait. Finally she states, "You picked me cause I can sing ?"
"I picked you cause you sing and Play music beautifully. Many can sing, but not all do so well." I correct.
She slowly nods, "You don't get out much do you ?"
I shrug, "I was asleep down here till something woke me. Don't know what it was or how long I have slept. I been up top, to the town, wandered about, met some people I did not kill and seen that much has changed at least on a skill level. Somethings have not. Saw gnomes, and halflings, and humans and a couple half breeds and I think a gobliniod, but no elves or dwarves or anything that speaks of their works."
She speaks slowly, "Elves and Dwarves are Just stupid childrens stories. They are not real and never have been."
I shake my head, "When I was mortal they still walked the world. I had a few as friends or business associates. I think I still have some items they created to. Have to check my bags and see what survived with me to these modern times."

Her mouth is hanging open. I think I broke her mind, so I leave her to consider that while I go back to my lair and my bags. I need to do an inventory it seems.

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