Supreme saint

Supreme saint

by Raundelsilva

Despite his unrivaled talent, he was subject to constant ridicule for being born with the inability to absorb essence energy. This was a significant proof that he was destined to remain a mortal and be subject to the cruel fate of having a short lifespan. Indeed, there was nothing worse that could happen to a person hoping to reach the pinnacle of cultivation.

Since ancient times, the weak has always been prey to the strong, man proposes, the heavens disposes, but what happens when he discovers that he is a reincarnation of one of the seven abyssal sovereigns? a powerful entity, capable of obliterating all existence.

"With the sword of vengeance, I make this oath, those jealous beings who claim to be gods, shall not escape the advent of my wrath."

Take part in this amazing piece, and experience a journey filled with various mysteries and incredible twists as Doran vows to surpass the the pinnacle of his past life, and exert vengeance on those who took everything from him.

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A very nice piece! I love the concepts and world building, it shows the authors creative talent. The Mc's personality is very remarkable, characters are great, and the pacing is also good.

This novel has an infinite potential, and I recommend it to any fantasy reader, I just hope the author could release more frequently.