Rainbow Knights

Rainbow Knights

by rainbow knights

A dark time has fallen over Crystalandia. For ten years, there has been no color. The world is bathed in shades of black, white, and gray. Color is missing, and so are the Rainbow Knights. No one has seen their Rainbow Swords since that dark night ten years ago, when they faced off against an unspeakable evil at the Crystal Castle. Many have lost hope, others have adapted, but young Siegfried cannot forget the luminous color, and he cannot forget his father, the White Knight, former leader of the Rainbow Knights. Finally, after ten long years of darkness he receives a quest from the Crystal Goddess to find the long-lost Rainbow Swords. Joined by the honorable Gilsa, and the adventurous Reicket, Siegfried journeys to discover the Rainbow Swords and begin anew the Rainbow Knights.

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rainbow knights

rainbow knights

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