Saharan Successor

Saharan Successor

by Morpheus146

A new place for gamers, their safe-heaven, a world where they could experience true freedom, appeared in their life, ‘Satisfy.’ 

This ambiguous name of the game would lead to its role, bringing satisfaction toward the users, either being by fighting monsters and levelling up, basking in the fame and prestige of this achievement, or simply staying in the shadows and exploring the true content of the game.

Yet, such cases of people could be said to be endangered species because their dedication to the true story the game had to tell would be sometimes challenged.

Such case is Mathias, who could be considered to be one among the pioneers of Satisfy, who showed the new players a window of what Satisfy was all about, yet slowly his image was lost rather quickly from the heads of the players with the coming of the famous players from the rest of the gaming industry.

Does that mean that he was an irrelevant player, overshadowed by the apparition of these new players? Not at all. He was still doing his lore exploration, finding and reading the NPC’s stories as if they were the best books in history.


However, there will be a time when he will show himself to the world, taking everyone aback, with his newfound power, his iconic dark-red spear that was thought to be lost since the beta stage and receiving a larger than ever audience with his new appearance that signified dominance and demanded respect.

He was the Saharan Successor, and his story will resound all over the Satisfy world.

                                                                                                                  **** (End of Synopsis) ***

!!!  First of all thanks for reading this synopsis and hope you are on the same wavelength as me with regard to reading and writing good stories. 
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Disclaimer - This novel is based on the game of the Korean Novel "Overgeared" by Park Saenal + the comics with the same name. However, I say from start you don't need to know the original story to understand my story. You will learn the elements of the game along with my MC.

The elements used for the story are similar to Solo Leveling, SOA, WoW, Witcher, Legendary Moonlight Sculptor and other RPGs that have been inspired by D&D.
You will for sure enjoy my story if u like those stories/games.

-All copyrighted content is the property of its respective owner(s).

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Word Count (15)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 – Getting the beta access rights ago
Chapter 2 - Money vanishing like ash ago
Chapter 3 - Setting the avatar & Accommodation Time ago
Chapter 4 - Beta Stage Starts ago
Chapter 5 - Emperor Juander reminiscence about past emotions ago
Chapter 6 - Starting Quests Sequence ago
Chapter 7 - Basic Spear Knowledge & Raven's Movement ago
Chapter 8 - Ragnius ago
Chapter 9 - First Death ago
Chapter 10 - Arcane Awakening ago
Chapter 11 - Fayrene's Mana Core & Mana Devourer ago
Chapter 12 - Finding more about monsters ago
Chapter 13 - Cleaning your mess using magic ago
Chapter 14 - Sparks of conflict & Negotiations ago
Chapter 15 - Tailoring Quest ago
Chapter 16 - Sleeping Mechanics Changed ago
Chapter 17 - Encountering the Thieves ago
Chapter 18 - Beast Hunt ago
Chapter 19 - Dire Wolf Hunt ago
Chapter 20 - Sapphire turned into a gold ago
Chapter 21 - Defeating the Gang Thugs ago
Chapter 22 - Gabrils in a precarious state ago
Chapter 23 - Gabrils Chores ago
Chapter 24 - Blessing of Atlas ago
Chapter 25 - Friend discovering Satisfy ago
Chapter 26 - Home call ago
Chapter 27 - First Encounter ago
Chapter 28 - Juander Request & Clearing the Dome ago
Chapter 29 - 'Malakai' makes his appearance ago
Chapter 30 - The Hippodrome ago
Chapter 31 - Alley of Desolation ago
Chapter 32 - Minutes of impasse ago
Chapter 33 - Assaulted by bane or by luck ago
Chapter 34 - Feelings Shared & Malakai's Hurdles ago
Chapter 35 - Shadow Breath ago
Chapter 36 - Developers Meeting ago
Chapter 37 - Completing the Moonlight Dress ago
Chapter 38 - Buying Magic Equipment & Clark Gang Encounter ago
Chapter 39 - Learning the basic spells ago
Chapter 40 - Completing Gabrils Quest ago
Chapter 41 - 'Mutated Bear Den' Dungeon ago
Chapter 42 - The Kobold Vek ago
Chapter 43 - The End of the Menace ago
Chapter 44 - Lady of the Lake? ago
Chapter 45 - Without Masks ago
Chapter 46 - Heavenly Cries ago
Chapter 47 - The whispers of a ghost ago
Chapter 48 - Nephthys Lament ago
Chapter 49 - Guild Wars ago
Chapter 50 - Timid Angel & Curious Devil ago
Chapter 51 - Cain vs Lucas ago
Chapter 52 – Juander and the Book ago
Chapter 53 - Therapy Session ago
Chapter 54 - Log Out ago
Vol. 2 - Chapter 1 - Final Checks ago
Vol. 2 – Chapter 2 – Awakening Memories ago
Vol. 2 – Chapter 3 - Mother and Master Tailor ago
Vol. 2 - Chapter 4 - Youngsters Dreams ago
Vol. 2 – Chapter 5 – The Farmer's Son ago
Vol. 2 - Chapter 6 - Receiving Quests ago
Vol. 2 - Chapter 7 - Lurking Spiders Instance ago
Vol. 2 - Chapter 8  - Exquisite Victorian Suit ago
Vol. 2 - Chapter 9 - Arcane Awakening II ago
Vol. 2 - Chapter 10  - Mana Core ago
Vol. 2 - Chapter 11 - The Old Herbalist ago
Vol. 2 - Chapter 12 - Fighting the Field Boss ago
Christmas Season Event ago
Vol. 2 - Chapter 13 - The Mountain Bandits (I) ago
Vol. 2 - Chapter 14 - Mountain Bandits (II) ago
Vol. 2 - Chapter 15 – The End of a Monster ago
Vol. 2 - Chapter 16 - Clearing the Elder's Quests ago
Vol. 2 - Chapter 17 - Eirene von Grenhal ago
Vol. 2 - Chapter 18 - Fortress Ruin Vault ago
Vol. 2 - Chapter 19 – Monsters of Gravelmark ago
Vol. 2 - Chapter 20 – Jeanne’s Worries ago
Vol. 2 - Chapter 21 - The Whisper ago
Vol. 2 - Chapter 22 - The Cast of the Curse ago
Vol. 2 - Chapter 23 - The Saharan Successor Awakens ago
Vol. 2 - Chapter 24 - Iljnoks Den Raid ago
Vol. 2 - Chapter 25 - The Necromancer Mallus ago
Vol. 2 - Chapter 26  - The Necromancer’s End ago
Vol. 2 - Chapter 27 - Entering the Kobold Tribe Settlement ago
Vol. 2 - Chapter 28 - Victims of a Sham ago
Vol. 2 - Chapter 29 – Dahlia's Tears ago
Vol. 2 - Chapter 30  - The Kobolds Gemstones ago
Vol. 2 - Chapter 31 – Iljnoks Raid I ago
Vol. 2 - Chapter 32 - Iljnoks Raid II ago
Vol. 2 - Chapter 33 - Bloodline Awakening ago
Vol. 2 - Chapter 34 - Ancient Heirloom Rediscovery ago
Vol. 2 – Chapter 35 - The Kobolds Allegiance? ago
Vol. 2 – Chapter 36 - Departing the Gravelmark ago
Vol. 2 - Chapter 37 - A New Party in the Making ago

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A very interesting fiction on a story that you don't see to offen around, only attemps maybe. So from what I've read so far 16 chapters, the story has a unique feeling and a take on Overgeared novel's world setting, the game itself.

Anyway, I will not try going into spoilers and give you a detailed marking of the authors skills, so you can know what to expect. Let's get going.

Writing Quality:
Most of the time everthing is readable and correct, but sometimes words are not in the right order(IMO) and my head has to correct that. Hence 4.2 Stars
Update Stabilty:
So far he always uploads a new Chapter every second day, so no problem here. 5 Stars
Story Development:
The author is pretty good with coming up with his own stuff , so no exact retelling of canon just from a different perspective. Since I have Insider-Info I already have a good idea how the story will progress in the future. 4.8
Character Design :
To be honest we weren't introduced to many Character so far, so i'll refrain from making my judgment for now . 5 Stars(temporary till we meet more Characters)
World Background:
It's a fanfiction playing out in the World of the Novel "Overgeared" , but the author will expand on it with time/later . No problems here. 5 Stars


This story is lossly based off of Overgeard and that should really say it all but the world building is fantastic with a great and ingaging world. Tho some of the character reactions fell a bit forced like bandits knowing were the mc got his potions of how fast the girls fall for him.