A crumbling autumn leaf

A crumbling autumn leaf

by Aki-chi

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content


That systems comes out of nowhere, he's fine with that, it will be hard, but he can bring everyone...

What do you mean we don't get to go to the tutorial? Well fuck. 

How did everyone else die anyway? They just needed to stay silent and not touch webs!

Magic isn't even that hard, they could have survived this if they had just listened! 

Now his family is gone and Aki has nothing but time and the system notifications to figure out what actually happened to the rest of the world, perhaps even finding another reason to live after he finishes destroying the dungeon he spawned at from inside out.


This novel bases heavily on novels like Defiance of the fall, The new world and The Legend of Randidly Ghosthound. I would like to think that's it though, so please point out any sort of copying.

As someone has pointed out though, i warn now that the main character is bisexual, so please, don't waste your time if that bothers you.

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Table of Contents
44 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Just another apocalipse ago
Breaking a few eggs ago
There is a limit to mind fuckery ago
There was a stone in the road ago
Here comes a cheat! ago
It's almost there ago
Even today i won't be a city lord ago
Things sort themselves ago
Bunny girls? ago
Filler ago
Things are shaping up ago
Tusks for days ago
Going green ago
Good thing there are no actual laws about this ago
Simple magic ago
Of monsters ago
If they hate it, keep doing it ago
Breathing the air of the forbidden land hurts like hell ago
Tragedy and anime style battle ago
Down the rabbit hole ago
Itsy bitsy little accident ago
Some consequences are unavoidable. ago
Welp, there's no avoiding random young masters now ago
small time skip. ago
Running is a victory ago
Advantages ago
Making a fight be drawn out ago
Talent is a strange thing ago
Guns and fluff ago
Say no to random teletransportation ago
To cyberpunk and beyond! ago
No more dungeons! ago
Bloody cute! ago
Early access ago
Such a generous lord ago
Little escapade ago
Political assholery ago
Complaining on a full stomach ago
I don't feel so good ago
Intervention ago
That didn't go as planed ago
Taking a step back ago
No marriage ceremony look-alike ago
It cannot be!!! ago

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