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Prismordia, an untamed world brimming with life so diverse and exotic, most of it still remains a mystery to its inhabitants of untold years. Magic and wild things run rampant and free in all its corners breathing unto it life.

But soon this world will experience an upheaval unlike any other. It all begins with a simple *pop* and a *crash*.

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The Emperor - Penguin Packing Heat

Fledgling Reviewer (I)
Top List #1000
5th Anniversary
Word Count (13)
20 Review Upvotes
Table of Contents
34 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue – Coming Change ago
Life in the Forest 1 – Ways of Change ago
Life in the Forest 2 – Wonderous Senses ago
Life in the Forest 3 – Horrifying Dilemma ago
Life in the Forest 4 – Disguise and Deceit ago
Life in the Forest 5 – Choice Predator ago
Life in the Forest 6 – Dangerous Game ago
Life in the Forest 7 – Predicament ago
Life in the Forest 8 – A Glimpse of the Peak ago
Life in the Forest 9 – Burden of Life ago
Life in the Forest 10 – Piercing Spiral ago
Life in the Forest 11 – Fury Unleashed ago
Life in the Forest 12 – What Truly Matters ago
Life in the Forest 13 – Confrontation ago
Life in the Forest 14 – Waking Nightmare ago
Life in the Forest 15 – Plan in Motion ago
Life in the Forest 16 – The One Who Devours ago
Life in the Forest 17 – The War Within ago
Life in The Forest – Epilogue ago
The Green Cradle – Prologue ago
The Green Cradle 1 – New Problems ago
The Green Cradle 2 – Renewed Process ago
The Green Cradle 3 – Unexpected Surprise ago
The Green Cradle 4 – Encroaching Lands ago
The Green Cradle 5 – A Strange Discovery ago
The Green Cradle 6 – Gift and Giving ago
The Green Cradle 7 – Living Weapon ago
The Green Cradle 8 – Breaking the Siege ago
The Green Cradle 9 – Irresistible Gains ago
The Green Cradle 10 – The Strength of the Twins ago
The Green Cradle 11 – Before the Gaze of a Tyrant ago
The Green Cradle 12 – The Lords of the Lagoon ago
The Green Cradle 13 – White Sage, Black Demon ago
The Green Cradle 14 – Force of Nature Unbound ago

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Its been a while since a good slime type story has popped up after the progenitor made its stand. I absolutely love how this novel is developing so far as we don't see an op-from-the-begining slime creature in a rpg world filled with fantasy elements. No we see a creature in its intial stages of existance trying to learn and understand their surroundings and how they can improve.

There is no system or any sort of safty net / restriction in place to make it game like, rather we follow this creature whom clings to genetic material, improving on it, but always within reason.

The charaters in this story have proper depth, pov are well done and the emotions are, in my opinon, very well portrayed.

The magic system is not broadly explained as of this review but it certainly gives of a rather complex vibe prominent in most magical non-litrpg's.

There are very few, if any observable grammar issues within the story, however the pacing of the story could certainly be improved.The story's first arc is relatively short and a bit fast in regards to its pacing.

Thats all I have to say for now and I do hope this novel gets picked up by more readers, I am certain alot of people would enjoy this.


Montser MCs often end up so one dimensionally selfish as to be unlikeable. Instead, this story delivers an interesting monster protagonist (in regards to his monstrosity and his character) in an unfolding fantasy world. it is intersting and gives a good sense of advancement for both the MC and the plot. Occasionally the dialogue struck me a as bit stiff but other than that this sucker is pure gold. 


This is the best slim based novel I have the privilege of reading. It brings new creativity to the mix in terms of new mythological creatures  and the detail is mind blowing. The character development is beautiful and the author is amazing. Ps. The portal concept is awesome with the different calamities infiltrating the world.


The story is good overall as a piece of fiction.

The characters behave like people with their own thoughts, feelings and desires.

I didn't notice any grammar or spelling errors.

The story is going on to somewhere in good pace with some tropes but that's not necessarily bad just makes it easy to see where those plot points will go.

Where the story falters is that it is based on an organism that absorbs other creatures and when these creatures have real world equivalents it shows the author has done no research in to how such animals would actually behave and instead just uses vague ideas, for someone who likes nature this completely pulls you out of the story it's like telling me a story about a pirate and having no piracy i'm not even specialised in any form of animal research and recognise how badly they're misrepresented in this story. 

As the idea of what the story is supposed to be about is inherent to the style of a story this is where i'm going to say it has no merit it's mostly tropey progression holding up the story as the specifics are bungled.

In conclusion if you have no idea about nature and work off of animal tropes you'll enjoy this story, if you know anything about the real world of nature the charms of the story will not keep you as you will become increasingly annoyed.