Before enrollment in magic academy, a young mage must purchase or acquire a familiar to provide protection, assistance, and companionship.

The rich are able to afford such beasts as dragons, griffons, feathered serpents, and more.

Isak is not rich.

Isak’s parents got him a rock.

“It will work or your money back!” the local mad mage said when he sold the 'pet rock' to his mother. And while the young human from the Western Wastes was still coming to terms with that new reality he was on his way to Black Reef Institute for his first year of learning everything a young mage could need to become a mage of legend!

Vital rituals! Astronomy! A wide variety of spells! Survival in a hostile land! Potions! Bonding with your familiar to take full advantage of their unique abilities!

A familiar that was, once again, a rock.

But as Isak soon discovers that rock is so much more than any could have dreamed of, he’ll need the help of his newfound friends to discover the rock’s untold secrets and still have time for that brutal test on Core Spells!

(Updates Mondays once a week on a day that I can finally write, will change back to Mondays soon.)

(Wiki found here, it's a work in progress.)

(Cover art by Lmarief)

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I was surprised at first. The summary made me expect that the whole "pet rock" thingie was going to be the focus. The first chapter went quite quickly if you have these expectations. The mystery lays not far but not quite there. Sooo, I might have been a bit disappointed at first. But ! The rest of the chapters proved to be a good story, with akward, clusmy, oblivious, foolish, nasty ... well, teenagers. I should have begun with that, it sum it up.

A main character still a bit mysterious, out of his depth and that we discover bit by bit; a cast that follows this trend. I want to know more about them and snippets are shared in their interactions.

The author is quite solid in my opinion. It was not hard to read, by style or grammar. Nothing to say may not looks like a praise, but it means that I have no criticism regarding it. Good job !

The pet rock character evolves too. More quietly than the others, but being the main mystery it still stand out. Automaton at first, it might be something more ? I feel like it acts and talks more naturaly as time passes.

TL;DR : Still a wait and see, but for a start it quite the good one. A bit of mystery mixed with teens interactions at school. I expect to have to raise my rating later on to match the author's progress.


Been reading it during lunch-breaks

Reviewed at: Chapter 7

And oh boy does it serves its purpose well. Sure, there are a fair few parts that I would call cliched, a few parts where I had to wonder what was being thought, and a few where I was wondering about why I started reading this. And... then I pressed next chapter and forgot dumb questions like that.

The characters are pretty dang decent. Nothing you haven't seen before yet its still not close to the lower qualities normally found on this website. More than enough to make somebody read alone. But it's also more than that. While I haven't personally gotten too invested in the story yet, people would be lying if they weren't a slight bit interested in just what was going to happen. Sure, you can kinda guess it but who has that ever stopped.

Read now or get out. 5/5