The Glint Spear

The Glint Spear

by Ratmin

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

    The world of Luminos stands ready to watch this century’s climb to the top of the Glint Spear. With the promise of world shaping power at the tip of the Spear, every nation from the zealous Gaylen Divinity, to the illustrious Basteel Empire have sent their best.
    Alphonse and Maki arrived at Mirefield with a retirement plan. A simple stick-up, and their pockets would be lined for years. Little did they know, they’d find themselves tricked into undertaking the climb to the top of the Glint Spear, pushing them to their limits.
   With their lives balanced on the tip of the spear, will Alphonse and Maki become the heroes Luminos deserves, or two more corpses at the base of the Glint Spear?

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Chapters will be between 2500-4000 words

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
[Book #1 - Divinity] - Chapter 1: A Fool's Theft ago
[Book #1 - Divinity] - Chapter 2: Defy Ambition ago
[Book #1 - Divinity] - Chapter 3: Smiling Jack ago
[Book #1 - Divinity] - Chapter 4: Mirror Murkin ago
[Book #1 - Divinity] - Chapter 5: Respite ago
[Book #1 - Divinity] - Chapter 6: Divinity's Chosen ago
[Book #1 - Divinity] - Chapter 7: The Nexus ago
[Book #1 - Divinity] - Chapter 8: Clank And Clonk ago
[Book #1 - Divinity] - Chapter 9: The Bleeding Matron ago
[Book #1 - Divinity] - Chapter 10: Anger Of A Gentle Man ago
[Book #1 - Divinity] - Chapter 11: Beneath Their Feet ago
[Book #1 - Divinity] - Chapter 12: An Uncomfortable Descent ago
[Book #1 - Divinity] - Chapter 13: He Who Remained ago
[Book #1 - Divinity] - Chapter 14: Tomb Of The First Apostles ago
[Book #1 - Divinity] - Chapter 15: This Mind Of Mine ago
[Book #1 - Divinity] - Chapter 16: The Fallen King ago
[Book #1 - Divinity] - Chapter 17: Soft Steps ago
[Book #1 - Divinity] - Chapter 18: Valley Of The Apostles ago
[Book #1 - Divinity] - Chapter 19: The Hospitality Of Wes’Boro ago
[Book #1 - Divinity] - Chapter 20: Honest Work ago
[Book #1 - Divinity] - Chapter 21: Hair Trigger Trust ago
[Book #1 - Divinity] - Interlude 1: Penitentiary Of Time ago
[Book #1 - Divinity] - Interlude 2: Sworn In Perpetuity ago
[Book #1 - Divinity] - Chapter 22: The Lies That Make Us ago

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Glint Spear is a fantasy novel following to morally questionable dudes who got trapped in a tower that might give them immortality but most likely will kill em.  

I normally don't review things with only a few chapters posted, but this story caught my attention in a phenomenal way.


Style Score:  The style is quick excellent, written 3rd person limited POV but told in the right balance to make the reader root for the two main characters right away.  The prose is dynamite.

Story Score: When I read the first two chapters, I was entralled.  Actually mad at myself for missing when the third chapter came out.  Pacing is great.  Action scenes are well done.  Worldbuilding is in just the right balance.  

Grammar Score:  I'm not tje hest at catching errors.  I saw some, but nothing that caused me to lose immersion.  Still don't feel like I can grant 5 stars when I see them, butthe fact they don't matter means alot.  Also comments show the author is quick to fix when they're pointed out.  By the time you read, there might not be any.

Character Score: The two main characters provide thenperfect balance of depth and characterization.  I can't decide which one I like more.


This story has become one of my must reads.  I HIGHLY recommend you check it out.


Way more eloquent compared to other novels'. Probably one of the most eloquent I've read so far. NOT in a bad way.
One of the caveats of the language is that sometimes it's hard to follow the descriptions. I would trim down a few paragraphs here and there to make more important info stand out. I got it a little confused about Al's and Maki's descriptions. 
On the other hand, the story beginning in medias res makes the narration quite fast and fun to read. The humour may not be the most sophisticated, but it's lighthearted and good nonetheless.
The setting is slighly gangsterish. This is something that would not surprise me in a library, but nice in a web novel. Why, you ask? Well, it emerges from how the characters speak, not just from the narration. That's how you do storytelling! 
Very badass stuff. Look at this. There's a special cinematic feeling to it! 
Then, in an instant, shots began to rain from all sides. Every person with a gun started firing. All Alphonse and Maki could hear was the crack, and then fizzle, of Glint rounds failing to rip the life from them. A moment later, the room was filled with the clicks of empty chambers.
First chapter was long and took a little to go through. I have to say, I'm in favor of longer chapters. They make the experience more involved. By the end of it, you are totally ensnared. It's not a huge twist - obviously, since you don't have the build up for it - but the end gives this chapter a perfect finishing point and an insanely good starting point for the whole story. I'd say chapter one is more of a prologue than a proper chapter. 
Al's attachment to his rifle give us a small glimpse on his past and that's good stuff, narration wise.
I hope I'm not giving too much away with my review.
Second chapter gets tricky. This gives me Da Vinci's Code vibes, with tricks and puzzles all over. This time with guns, though. 
Third, fourth and fifth went by with me barely noticing anything. They were superb. Nothing to note there. 
Let's get to the bottom of it, then:
Characters: well drawn, could use a little touch up in the descriptions to make them stand out more.
Style: same comment as above.
Grammar: beautiful.
Story: super good. Not the absolute best I've read, but it could fight for a spot in the top 10 on RR no doubt. 



I've tried to read a lot of 'tower climbing' fantasy stories and none of them really hooked me until The Glint Spear. This story starts very strong with interesting characters, solid worldbuilding and enough intrigue and mystery to keep you guessing. The grammar flawless so far and the writing style is very readable.

This is an early review but from what I've read so far this is shaping up to be worth the read.

Daoist Enigma

I like the story so far. The author has indicated that there will be a lot of PvP ahead, which is exciting. The characters, one a pragmatist and the other a pacifist of sorts, are likeable. The story moves pretty fast, so there's lot of action. I'm not quite sure about the power levels in the world, so I can't exactly place where the two MC's are versus their competition, but the multiple encounters with [redacted] have been fun so far. 

The worldbuilding and characterization is solid, and the magi-tech concept- guns, swords, shields all powered by the same energy source (Glint) is very entertaining. 

This story has a lot of potential, and I'm excited to see where it goes. 


Bit of a stand out from most of what I've read on royal road, The Glint Spear is a very solid bit of character-driven fantasy fiction with a unique setting. While it is a take on the ascending a tower to divinity idea that is its own sub-genre in many ways, its focus on character and its fairly unique magic system promise a lot, as does the clean prose that carries it.

The grammar score here is almost superfluous as, from what I've noticed at least, it seems to be up to a professional standard, and certainly has the feel of a work that someone has given care and time to. The core duo, while refreshingly familiar and open with one-another have enough hidden depth to them that I'm excited to learn more, and the hints of the outside world we see from through the recollection of our erstwhile heroes hint at many interesting stories to come. All that without even touching on the depth of mystery and the intriguing puzzles of the tower itself.

All told, while it's in its early days at the moment, I very much look forward to seeing what comes next, and should it stick around for the long-haul, I expect great things.


Making this review while only the first chapter has been released. Because of this, you really shouldn't trust anything said in this review. Any opinions could have changed drastically, the story could have taken a turn for the worst, or the messiah could have suddenly been born in the meantime. No way to know. Might update this review when the story is fully released, but that's gonna take some time. The point is: if there's more than one chapter up there, don't trust what I say. I'm not that refined in physic abilities. 

Anyway... review-time. What's this story about? Well, the two dudes in it, of course, and the world that surrounds them. They are quite the couple, clearly having known each other for a while. Love the dynamic they have, even if it's was a little clanky when the soft side had to be shown in the start. And, as the most important thing of all, in their relationship is the presence of Glint.

Glint. Pretty sure that's what this story calls it magic, mana, or whatever you know it by. It's some cool stuff, done before but with a new name attached. It can do anything magic usually can but with another way to call it. Maybe there are some serious restrictions to it, but we haven't actually seen such a thing yet(first chapter review, again). Will look forward to just what this can develop into.

How about the style? That's something that's important with this one. From my amateurish eyes, I have some feeling about this being very heavily edited. Some parts seem written days or weeks apart. It just feels like some parts have been rewritten without the whole scene being done in its entirety. Sure, you don't really notice this. It was just a thing I put my eyes on while writing this review and making sure I got the details right. It's not something anybody will really care about. The editing makes it smoother overall to read, and that's what is important in the end.

It also helps that the grammar is good. After realising that Glint was actually spelt with a lowercase 'g,' I couldn't really find any errors in the grammar department. Could be that I'm just blind on this part, but I don't think anybody will be having any problems with what we have here.

What else to really say? Well... for the sake of making this an advanced review, I guess I should also mention the story. 

The story hasn't really shown itself too much. We've gotten an introduction into how they operate, what they wanted, their future goals in life, while also seeing how all of these goals will likely never come to fruition due to a mistake that they really shouldn't be blamed for making. If the countries have been searching for those things in the last decade, just why did they suddenly get one in the last second? Plot convenience(not a bad thing). While we haven't actually started too hard on the story, I think it's gonna be fun to see it all developing. So... five stars on that scale.

Just gonna give this an overall 5/5 and be done with it. Read it now or later. Good stuff

Chris Ford Writes

I'm picky about what I read but this is good stuff

Reviewed at: [Book #1 - Divinity] - Chapter 2: Defy Ambition

I'm still early on, but that's just saying something about the quality of this story.

Style: First and foremost, I love the way this story is progressing. It's compelling, the characters are dynamic, and overall, it's just a fun read.

Grammar: This is the only place I'll take off. It's distracting at times, but I've spoken directly to the author and they're making good on a lot of the grammatical advice I've given them. (Note: I am a professional editor and writer and an avid reader.)

Story: Okay! This is a great story that's budding into a beautiful sprout. I love what I've seen, the unique approach to ideas that have been hashed and rehashed, and the way that it's not all about "swing sword one thousand times, slay five hundred enemies". Also, the setting is totally cool. Magic mixed with tech is totally my jam.

Character: The highlight of the story, in my humble opinion. The dynamic between the two characters is very intricate. Each has their own motive for doing things, and it's hinted that they have a long history together. I very much look forward to seeing more from Maki and Alphonse as they take the tests of the tower and venture into the unknown!

To note: Glint is such an interesting magical concept, and the Spear is not a physical spear! It's the name for the tower in which the characters ascend. I will say that the title brought me here, and the story and characters kept me around. (I was looking forward to a super cool spear, but this is much better!)


Two best bros botch a job and end up on a big tower climb in this weird western-esque fantasy adventure. It's got all the fantasy stuff you're wanting out of a story like this; magical jedi powers, construct, portals, fantasy races, the like, but definitely oriented enough in the Butch Cassidy & Sundance Kid way that it sets itself apart from the pack.

Like, remember those Star Wars comic strips from the late 70s and early 80s? Where it was just Luke and Han and Leia going to a random planet for some adventure and strange encounters while they fought off the Empire? Lots of quips and fun worldbuilding? It's really close to that here, honestly. Al is Han and Maki is Luke and the world is just weird enough to constantly throw them for loops. It's adventure like we don't see all too much these days.

The plot's all standard tower climbing fare. No systems or leveling to speak of, but it's still a very straightforward tale of characters going further up and facing more and more powerful foes.

One thing the story lacks that I'm really hoping for more of is just more sensory detail in the scenery. We go through this big tower climbing adventure, but there isn't all that much description to give the brain a good mental image of what exactly the Glint Spear is supposed to look like, let alone each individual level. I found myself wishing for more of a sense of things to heighten the adventure, and I think if that was added, it would be the key to making it a story people will remember for a long time to come.

Of course, you're probably here more for the adventure and fighting than the worldbuilding. If so, you've definitely got a story to look at.


Okay, let me say this in the first itself. If you're looking for a tower climbing story with a twist in the very beginning, and two diametrically different characters struggling to survive their climb together, then look no further.

This novel is for you.

Overall score: 4.5/5 - Yes, I did just give it that high of a rating. Here's why,

Style score: 4.5/5 - The style is amazingly smooth flowing. I'm not a visual person, and yet the style evokes the imagery within my mind unbidden. The way that the dialogue is constructed can make you feel the sense of people barely holding away their fear and trying to function rationally.

Story Score: 4/5 - I can't rate this higher because the story has just started. But it's a classic tower climbing novel with a few twists here and there. As more plot is unveiled, this rating is bound to change, so don't put too much emphasis on it.

Grammar Score: 4.5/5 - I'm not a grammatical expert. Far from it. Hence, I just want to be able to read without anything distracting me. This novel goes far and beyond that baseline, and knocks the ball into the park. I saw that many of the readers had left edit suggestions, but either I'm blind or all the edits had already been fixed up because I saw one error. One error. That's it.

Character score: 4.5/5 - Maki can take my cookie jar! A gentle beast? Take the cookie factory alongside the cookie jar!

The character dynamics are well written and the dialogue between the two is crisp and realistic. The characters themselves are vivid and descriptive enough to be remembered and differentiated even if they are mentioned briefly.

Oh, and I almost forgot about Ja'Boondi! Another beast that I'm looking forward to reading more of!

Final verdict: Now you see why I gave it a 4.5/5 star rating? Read this book, and you will not regret it. 'Nuff said. 

S.G. Seabourne

This was one of the stories where I knew it was going to be a good 'un from the first few paragraphs. And I was right!

Our MC's are a couple of thieves who get more than they bargain for when they steal an item that transports them to a tower climbing challenge -- one that they never wanted to be a part of.

Great concept, and I'm about 10 chapters in and so far the story is living up to its promises. This world has basic magic, but also includes weapons like rifles, which is a fun change.

The strongest part of the story by far is the author's use of dialog. The characters have verbal ticks -- not annoying ones, VERY IMPORTANT -- but I found it easy to tell who was speaking by the way the sentence was constructed. The dialog feels natural between the characters, but is also not informal enough to be annoying. That's a tough tightrope to walk and this author makes it easy.

Minor grammar issues -- nothing that distracted from the story and they might be stylistic choices.

The 'tower climb' itself is fast paced and interesting with approximately one challenge or puzzle to overcome per chapter. Again, interesting so far and I wonder if the entire book will be like this or will they move on beyond the tower?

Anyway, good stuff. I rate this a 4.75. Keep an eye on this one. It's going places!