Adaptive Learner

Adaptive Learner

by HappyCapybara

When the world is destroyed by nuclear explosions on January 17th, 2022, everybody died. With the earth gone many were given the choice of choosing a server or queueing for a new one. This is the story of one boy's life in a newly queued server.

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My eyes. They burn. Make it stop. I beg. I cannot hear, I cannot talk, yet I wish for neither the lack or ability to do so.

Anyway. Very heavy LN elements in this one.

Heartburn was felt at some points.

The plot had potential from the start but the way it was shown off caused me great grief.

Are you annoyed by the way this review is formatted?

So am I with the way the story was formatted. It was partly due to the larger amounts of talking which really needed something in between. Made it something of an eyesore.

But while my instinctual hate for this genre makes me wanna be unkind, I do see that some might enjoy this. 4.5/5

Chaos Jester

First five chapter review. Prologue counts as a chapter. Can't trick me that easily.

Conceptually, Adaptive Learner is interesting. To be reincarnated after a global disaster is intriguing. However, by chapter four, I'm unsure that the MC even still knows about their past life. 

Style-wise, there are some everyday things that might put off some readers. Repetative words instead of description. Lack of detail. But the dialogue is solid and the advancement of plot will at least keep loyal readers from being bored. The bacj and forth of POV is also jarring.

Grammar, my least favorite to review. Some syntax could be rearranged for a better flow, but the technical aspect of grammar is mostly sound. 

Story-wise, there's something here. I don't know if the original life needs explored, but it's what drew me in. A little more detail and explanation would go a long way. But there's definitely something to this story. I know HappyCapybara is revising when they have time, so I hope any fixes increase foot traffic.

Characters. I like the main character, though they seem fairly passive for an MC. He doesn't tend to drift from his cave, which is dangerous if this is meant to be world building. The side characters introduced early on are alright, though it still seems off to me that they just let a stranger copy their mind with no questions.

Overall, this is a good story. The revising will hopefully iron out anything that could put readers off, and it was clear that it was getting better chapter to chapter as it is. It's a sincere hope that it continues the trajection it is going, which will only bring it more popularity.