"In conclusion for this month, five people have been given entry inside the city," Violet reported, "And another three are under interrogation."

"Thank you, Violet," replied Toshiro as he got up, "I'm going out for a walk if you'd like to come."

"No, I need to get back to the gate," she said, before leaving.

Toshiro began to roam the empty halls of the castle as he headed for the door. He pondered if his life would be crazy as more people would come to the castle or if it would be nice and simple like it's been.

"Toshiro!" Ilya called out to him, as she walked over to him.

"Where are you going?" she asked following Toshiro.

"On a walk," Toshiro replied, "Want to come with me?"

"I'd love to," Ilya smiled.

"Toshiro do you remember where we first met?" Ilya asked as the two walked through the forest.

"Hm? A little bit ahead, if I recall correctly," Toshiro replied looking at the beautiful forest.

It was a large forest, the two were in. Most of the trees were either old oak trees, with the occasional group of birch.

"That's almost correct," Ilya said pointing at a tree, "That's where we met."

"Oh! I remember now," Toshiro laughed, "You tripped on one of the roots of that tree, and knocked yourself out!"

"Shut up, it wasn't that funny!" Ilya punched Toshiro, "If it was so funny why didn't you just leave?"

"Well, it's not like I was going to just leave you there, when it was almost night," Toshiro continued to laugh, "I was obviously going to wait until you came to your sense."

"Well I thank you for that," Ilya said, "Hey! didn't you kill a bear or something while waiting?"

"Oh yeah, that was fun..." Toshiro said.

"Really? Your head was bleeding," Ilya laughed.

"Then it was a good thing I had healing magic," Toshiro sighed, "We should probably head back before it's night."

"Right," Ilya replied, as they turned around.

"This was fun," Ilya said, "Thank you for the offe-"

"Careful!" Toshiro shouted as he grabbed Ilya by the hand and pulled her up before she fell.

"Are you okay?" Toshiro asked.

"Y-yes thank you," Ilya blushed as she pulled her hand back.

"Sorry, I didn't mean t-" Toshiro said.

"N-no it's fine!" Ilya interrupted.

The moon crept, along with awkward silence as the sky began to darken. As Toshiro and Ilya left the forest, they looked at the forest one last time.

"Toshiro! Where have you been?" Sena shouted as she noticed Ilya and Toshiro

"What's wrong? Did something happen?" Toshiro replied looking at Sena.

"Trethna destroyed a village, south of here," Sena stated.

"Hey! Where are you going?" Sena yelled as Toshiro ran off.

"To see Violet," he shouted back at Sena.

Pitter-patter was all that could be heard as Toshiro ran to Violet. He took a left as he passed through an alley, before running down the straight pathway towards the gate. As he reached the gate, he, slammed open the door to the watchtower, as he looked at Violet.

"I came here as soon as I heard what happened," Toshiro said, his breathing ragged from the running.

"Violet is currently interrogating one of the escapees," Leo replied, "For now all we can do is wait."

Toshiro sighed, as he sat down and looked around. Violet could be heard speaking from the room over, along with crying coming from somebody. She shortly after walked out as she looked at Toshiro and Leo.

"They say they were attacked a day ago," Violet stated, "And that Trethna is chasing after them."

"Hey, Sylvie," the administrator called out, "Remember that one kid you brought up?"

"Yeah, the kid who wasn't afraid of me," Sylvie replied, as she began to slouch in a chair.

"Seems he's been using that storage portal rune to good use," the administrator said.

"What do you mean?" Sylvie asked looking at the administrator.

"He brought a whole city and castle with him from a dungeon!" the administrator laughed.

"What! He'd have to have as much mana as that one witch from server 201 to do that!" Sylvie laughed, "Funny joke."

"I don't tell jokes." replied the administrator, "He seems to look more like a kindler every month."

"If that very well occurs," the administrator continued, "I predict you'll be the first to know..."

"And the first to kill him," Sylvie replied.


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