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The boy swung his sword at Toshiro, barely clipping Toshiro's hair. Toshiro jumped back, as he began to run out of the castle, the boy chasing quickly after. A burning fire enshrouded the sky as both Toshiro and the dungeon master ran out. Toshiro quickly opened a portal as it shot out a shield at him. Putting the shield over his head, Toshiro continued to dodge the boy's attacks as he slowly opened a portal that reached the same size as the fire.

"This is the only chance you'll get to surrender," Toshiro said looking at the boy, "Will you?"

The boy ignoring the question swung his sword once more at Toshiro before a rain of arrows fell upon the boy. Toshiro dived for a watchtower, as arrow after arrow fell upon the boy. The boy let out a scream of pain, as the burning arrows, one after another hit him. Not wanting to wreck the castle anymore, Toshiro closed the portal as he walked out of the watchtower.

The boy now lie dead in the courtyard of the castle. He walked over to the dead boy and looked into the boy's red eyes. Toshiro shut the boy's eyelids closing his eyes. He grabbed the sword and sheath before launching it in a portal and pulling out large rock and a shovel.

The castle was quiet, as Toshiro roamed the halls. Red carpet lay upon the pathway throughout the large castle. Climbing the stairs to the next floor, Toshiro looked out the windows. The castle had two walls, one surrounding the castle, itself along with another wall connecting to the first wall by a gate. The second wall surrounded the castle, and miscellaneous buildings were scattered all across the area the second wall covered.

The boy pondered an idea he had before running out of the castle into a watchtower. The exit to the dungeon lay on a hill beside the castle he noticed, so he attempted his idea.

Toshiro inhaled and exhaled a few times to calm himself, before beginning to exert his mana into creating a portal. The portal lay in the middle of the small kingdom, and the boy began to increase the mana he put into the portal as it grew slowly. The blue portal emitted its color, as it began to encircle the kingdom.

Sweat fell from the boy, as he barely stood continuing to increase the portal. Toshiro screamed in pain as the portal finally encircled the entire kingdom. With one of the last bits of strength he had left, he opened the portal as the kingdom began to sink into it. The castle, now at the watchtower's height had almost fully sunk into the portal, as Toshiro tumbled down the stone wall. He lie there looking up at the dungeon wall, as blood began to come out of the arm he landed on.

Toshiro grimaced in pain as he awoke in a cave. Drops of water fell from the stalactites as he looked up at the cave. Torches were placed all over, the cave illuminating it. A large thud could be heard, from far off, as clashing sounds of steel were heard shortly after. A grunting sound came from the boy, as he got up. He looked around warily, as he began to limp, bandages covering his left arm and leg.

The clanking sounds continued as Toshiro pulled out a sheath and sword from a portal. He slowly attached the sheath to his waist, before unsheathing the beautiful sword. Unraveling the bandages on his leg, he applied healing magic, the green aura slowly healing the broken bone.

Toshiro shortly after did the same to his arm, before continuing to walk through the cave. The metal clanking sounds got louder, as Toshiro crept slowly towards the cause of the noise. Quickly jumping out, Toshiro rose his sword towards the dwarf that was using a pickaxe.

"Who are you, and what am I doing in this cave?" Toshiro asked looking at the dwarf.

"We found you in a dungeon, and we brought you here to save you," replied the dwarf ignoring the sword that was pointed at him.

"How long have I been out?" spoke Toshiro.

"Bout 4 nights," the dwarf said noticing the bandages missing.

Toshiro slowly lowered his sword, before looking out the cave.

"Our leader wanted to see you once you woke up," the dwarf said picking up a sack full of raw iron.

"Very well," sighed Toshiro as he sheathed his sword.

The dwarf took lead, as he walked at a slow pace out of the cave. Clay, mud, straw, and log building surround the outside of the cave-dwelling in the mountain. Mountains and large hills surrounded the entire village, as a few people could be seen hard at work doing many things.

"Welcome to Trethna!" exclaimed the dwarf.

"We're one of the few stable current kingdoms in the lands," the dwarf began to explain, "It started when Igroth, decided he wanted a place to live in peace and have protection with others from others."

"Shortly after though... Igroth became sick and died," and so now, our leader is Skendroth."

"He rules with an iron fist," the dwarf said with a sad look now, "He is corrupting our small kingdom through many means though."

"We're here," spoke the dwarf, as they reached the largest wood cabin.

The dwarf knocked in a pattern, before the doors, launched open by two men that had crude pikes.

"You may enter," one of the men said as Toshiro and the dwarf walked up over to a man sitting on a throne.

"Welcome to Trethna," spoke a man looking at Toshiro.

"We found you collapsed in a final room of a dungeon," the man said as he did a hand gesture telling a person to come to him, "Oh I forgot to say, my name is Skendroth."

"Sorry to leave even though you took care of me," Toshiro said, "But I need to go, as I should've gone back to my friends yesterday."

"Thank you again," Toshiro said before walking away.

"Wait!" Skendroth shouted as he looked at the boy.

"Guards!" exclaimed the man with a look of anger on his face.

The guards shortly after tried to stop Toshiro but were quickly stopped as Toshiro cast fire around him. Leaving the entrance he looked up at the sky.

"These surroundings seem familiar..."

As Toshiro continued to wander he noticed a small building in sight. The plains grass swayed by the wind, as he noticed what it the cabin which he previously built.

"Well then, I guess I should get everybody before I show them our new home."

"What are we doing at these clear plains during the night?" asked Ilya looking at the darkened plains.

"There's probably a good reason Ilya," laughed Leo looking at Toshiro.

"I hope there's food involved nya!" exclaimed Alicia.

Sena kept quiet as she looked up at the moon.

"Before I begin, I need absolute silence while I do this," Toshiro said looking as they all nod.

The light of the moon shone upon the quiet plains as everything went silent. Toshiro inhaled and exhaled a few times before he slowly began open a portal. The portal slowly enlargened as Toshiro attempted to stay focus

The portal in the air was now at its largest. Toshiro grimaced in pain, as he couldn't open the portal anymore.

"Here we go..." Toshiro said as a large castle began to fall from the portal.

A thud sound could be heard from miles away, as the entire castle fell to the ground. Toshiro looked at the castle before he fainted and fell to the ground.
"I want that boy, found!" yelled Skendroth at his soldiers.

"He knows something we don't," the man continued to say to his soldiers.

"Sir the witness reports are back," a man said as he rushed to Skendroth.

"It looks as if that boy is the one who opposed the dragon in one of the meetings, people are saying," the man said to Skendroth.


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