It's been three days now since I got new magic. So far I've tested it a few times and perfected it. All I do is try to exert mana out of my entire body and place it upon the said spot. Slowly if there are remnants of any dead things they will arise and do what I command. I should probably bring back some souvenirs to the others... Ah! I'll get some runes for them. Though I should probably make this quick.

A river lies in front of Toshiro. The mountains, hold the beginning of the river inside of it, with a large door at the entrance of the river. Toshiro kicking the door open ran back out, as he brought to life a few treants. Running back in, along with the treants he began to order around the treants, as they started attacking the pack of wolves. The room was a dark cave, stalactites, and stalagmites surrounding it all over the room. The boy sitting on the stone flooring, looked at the one-sided slaughter as a wolf after wolf continued to be killed.

Within minutes, the fight was over, getting up, Toshiro stretched before casting necromancy upon the wolves.

"Let's see if I can do this in an hour," the boy mumbled, as he opened the next door.

The room was bright. It had the looks of a desert, and there was the occasional cactus here and there. Wandering around, the boy looked for the entrance to the next room. Even though the dungeon didn't truly have sun, the heat still felt real to him.

Toshiro, wiping the sweat off his face, continued to wander, as the sand made a sift-like sound when the boy trudged on it. The sand quaked, as something began to near. Holes began to open up, across the sand-like room as a large worm shot out of the sand. The worm evaded the oncoming fireballs, swiftly as it jumped around the sand eating wolf after wolf. There were only four left now, as Toshiro conceived a new plan.

"Wolves, split up and go to each side," Toshiro said, as he cast a fire above both groups of wolves.

The worm shooting up, swallowed another two wolves, as it ran into the fireball. It squirmed in pain, as it fell to the ground, dying rather swiftly. The sand filled the holes, slowly, leaving one left. Toshiro along with the few wolves, and treants left hopped down the hole figuring it was the next room.

Kicking open the door, Toshiro looks at a crystalline room. It was a rather, bright room as crystals grew all over the room the light reflecting and refracting from each crystal. There was a variety of colors, some being red, blue, green, or even purple.

"Wow, these are beautiful," Toshiro said as he pulled out a pickaxe from the portal he began to summon. He quickly closed it, before beginning to slam the pickaxe into where the crystals were embedded.

A shatter-like sound could be heard, whenever one fell, leaving a large crystal on the ground. By when only one crystal was left, it was a rather dark room. Enlightening the room with a flame, the boy mined the final crystal as it fell into his storage portal.

Shortly after, a rock that had a crystal embedded into it began to move as it swung its large arm at Toshiro. Dodging the attack, the boy commanded the treants and the wolves to attack the golem. To his dismay though, the golem swept all of the wolves and treants with one blow.

"What a pain," the boy sighed as he started grabbing some of the pickaxes he had from the storage portal and began to launch them at the golem. A few pierced its arms, dismembering its arm, which made a large red glow coming from inside its body.

"Now, we're getting somewhere," the boy said as shot a fireball below him. From the impact of it, he floated up as he jumped into the core of the golem. Casting one more fireball, he launched it at the crystal breaking it. The Golem tumbled down as if it was just a pile of rocks all along.

Patting his clothes, the boy watched as a stone door appeared and opened. Toshiro entered the next room, His eyes lightened up, as he saw the castle before his eyes.

"Would you please open the gate?" Toshiro shouted as he looked up at the watchtowers. Ignored, the boy pulled out a metal ax

No reply. The boy understanding that they'd not just let him in decided to take the easier route, and grabbed a metal ax from inside his storage portal.

"That'll take a while," Toshiro said as he began to swing the ax into the gate.

"Finally, done," the boy muttered as he struggled to breathe.

Throwing the ax back into the portal, Toshiro began to walk down the path that lead to the inside of the castle. Toshiro looks at the large room now in front of him. The walls and ceiling were both made of stone bricks. It was rather grand, as there was a red carpet leading to the golden throne. A young boy, sit upon the throne with his face laying on his hand.

"Hello, there," the boy said as he hopped off the throne. The throne was a little bit taller than the boy so he had to jump up onto it, to sit on it.

The boy unsheathed his sword, revealing its metallic color. The sword was silver-like, but with a light blue tint. Ruby was also embedded into the end of the handle of the sword.

"Let's get this over with," the boy said, as he had a look of determination on his face.

A note from HappyCapybara

Dear Reader,

Due to the release of my litrpg Yindriffe, and the romance story which I've been making.(soon to be released) Adaptive Learner will begin to only have one chapter written a week. I give my apologies and hope you all have a wonderful day.



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