"Toshiro?" Nefarious said turning around, "What are you doing here?"

"I saw the dungeon," Toshiro said, "Figured I'd check it out."

"Well, it seems you've caught us at a bad time," Nefarious said as he showed the scroll, "We were about to leave!"

"Can I have the runes before you go?" Toshiro said, as he began to look around the room, "I'll hold off the people until you get away."

"Desk on the left," the previous dungeon master said, as he looked at the skeleton, "Let's go find Ruby now."

"I owe you one Toshiro," Nefarious said as he and the skeleton disappeared. Toshiro had been unable to say anything else, before Nefarious and the skeleton had teleported away. Shortly after the teleportation was completed, a symbol of a one began to appear upon Toshiro's head. The symbol was dark black and began to seep and ooze down as if it was ink.

Looking at the desk, show 2 runes, 1 with a black glow to it, whilst the other with a white glow to it. The symbol had a rather bright glow to it, similar to what you'd consider a flashlight.

Grabbing a dark vase, Toshiro launched the flowers and water out of it, before swiping the runes into it. Afterward, he began to push a few tables, that contained miscellaneous things upon them and all except one chair into the portal. Looking around, he put the vase in a dark portal, before sitting down in a chair, which Toshiro found rather comfy. He began to drift asleep, as he pulled out a cloak from a dark portal and put it on.
An hour passed before any more commotion was heard, five or six people walked in and looked around before slapping Toshiro awake.

"Oh, your finally here!" Toshiro said wiping the drool off his face, "Welcome, welcome."

"Where's the dungeon master, and the runes?" a rather large human said. The man had a huge scar on his face, and he wore simple clothes. He was carrying a bludgeon-like weapon, in his right hand.

"No idea, it was like this when I got here," Toshiro shrugged.

"You already used the runes and killed the dungeon master didn't you!" exclaimed the man as he got angry.

"Nope, just took a nap," Toshiro yawned.

"Eliza," the large muscular man said as he turned around, "Use your lie detection spell."

A small girl walked up to Toshiro, she had red hair and a depressed look on her face. The girl carried a branch with a large piece of quart attached to it.

"Did you kill the dungeon master, or absorb the runes?" the girl asked, the quartz beginning to glow.

"No, I was too busy taking a nap," Toshiro said as he got up. The quartz began to glow green before the girl looked at the muscular man.

"He isn't lying," said Eliza.

"Search the place!" the man yelled, as the group began to break stuff and look around.

"There goes my nap," Toshiro muttered as he began to look around.

Picking up a ring he found on the floor, Toshiro put it on his finger. With haste, he began to vanish as he could not be seen. Taking off the ring, he slipped it into his pocket before continuing to walk around.

"Hurry up and find it!" yelled the man as he grabbed a clay pot and threw it across the room.

Toshiro pushing a table, uncovered a small door latched to the flooring. Opening it up, he looked at the exit to the dungeon. Shutting the latch, he walked back into the room the other group was in.

A rather scrawny man walked up to Toshiro as he looked at the bald, muscular man, "I think he's hiding something boss, I bet if we were to break a few of his fingers he'd talk!"

The skinny man went to grab Toshiro's hand, but instead, Toshiro grabbed the skinny man's hand and began to shake it.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Toshiro," he said as he began to heat the palm of his hand.

The guy screamed in pain, as Toshiro wouldn't let go.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" the man exclaimed. Toshiro letting go of his hand noticed the more agitated leader now.

"I think, I'd best be going," Toshiro said as he rubbed his eyes.

"Stop right there!" the muscular man yelled as Toshiro turned around.

"Where are you hiding them?" the man asked.

"Hiding what," Toshiro asked.

"You know what I'm talking about!" the man yelled as he pulled the cloak hood down revealing Toshiro's face.

The man had a sudden look of shock on his face as he noticed where he had last seen Toshiro. He was the lone boy to oppose the dragon in the meeting.

"I-I'm sorry, if I had known who you were I wouldn't have been so rude!" the man exclaimed looking at Toshiro.

Toshiro grinned, as he pulled his hood back up.

"Please be kinder to others," Toshiro said as he snapped his fingers opening a portal. A light rune, shot out the girl Eliza catching it. Picking up the chair he threw it into the darkened portal, as it began to close.

"Others may not respond as kindly as I did," spoke Toshiro.

"And cheer up," Toshiro said as he closed the darkened portal.

Before anything else could be said, Toshiro opened the latch and jumped down falling into the dungeon exit.
Sitting in the now furnished house, the boy looked at the dark-colored rune.

"Let's see how this goes,"

Grabbing the rune, the color began to fade from the rock, the dark aura that was emitted around the rock began to cease until it had fully diminished. Toshiro sunk to the ground, as his energy began to drain making him lie on the grass of the floor of the plains.

"There's a band of dungeon masters that escaped I heard," Sylvia said as she wrote a letter.

"Oh, Nefarious wasn't it?" the administrator said as he sipped his tea, "I heard their still investigating, who let him free."

"Whoever it is, I hope they pay," spoke the dragon as it stamped the letter it had finished writing a letter.


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