A heavy drizzle was pouring upon the forest and the areas surrounding it. An occasional roar of thunder could be heard in the distance. Ilya and Leo had now been gone three days, leaving Toshiro and Alicia to guard for the past few days. Toshiro lying guard was sitting against the hard cavern wall at the entrance he looked out at the pouring rain.

"I hope, they finished it by now..." Toshiro mumbled, as a loud boom of thunder could be heard in the distance.

Two shadows could now be seen in the distance. Approaching the cave was Ilya, and Leo a deer could be seen being carried by Leo, and Ilya was carrying multiple rabbits by the ears.

"Welcome back," Toshiro said as looking at Leo and Ilya.

"Thanks," they both said as they got to the cave.

"When you go inside, tell Alicia it's her shift," Toshiro said as he got up.

"Got it," Ilya said as they walked away.

"I am here to relieve you of your duty, nya!" exclaimed Alicia as she walked up to Toshiro.

"Thanks," Toshiro said as his stomach rumbled.

"I'm going to go inside," he said his face red now.

"Thank you for the meal," Toshiro said as he looked at Sena.

"I'm glad you liked it," stated Sena.

"I did, it was very good!" exclaimed Toshiro, as he set the remnants of the food down.

Getting up, Toshiro thanked Sena once more, before going to a different room where Leo was at. Tapping his shoulders, Leo turned around.

"Hello," spoke Toshiro.

"What's up?" replied Leo.

"Was the spear better than the others?" asked Toshiro as he looked around the room.

"It was lighter, yet sharper than others," explained Leo before continuing, "How did you get something like that?"

"It's a long story," Toshiro sighed as sat down.

"Well, best not to ponder too long about it then," Leo said trying not to pry.

The birds could be heard singing outside as the sun began to rise upon the horizon. Toshiro was alone as he walked towards the plains where he was days ago.

"Well done, I must admit I didn't think this would turn out very well," said Toshiro surprised by how well it was made.

"Drop the axes over there," ordered Toshiro looking at the treants before finishing, "Then you may rest for a while."

The treants could be seen in the distance lying down as they reverted to normal trees. Toshiro wandered over to the plains as he look at what lay in front of him. Opening the door he looks inside the small house. The house was around the size of a peasant house back in the medieval ages. The small house had no furniture, nor much else, but it still had a cozy feeling to it.

"What a pleasant surprise," Toshiro said with a rather happy look.

"I forgot to thank that dragon," he remembered as he stretched out his hand, before opening a dark portal. Stretching his arm out, he pulled out the chests with scrolls from Nefarious' dungeon. The boy began to scavenge through the chests, looking for a certain scroll. Pulling out the scroll, Toshiro looked at it. It was a rather bright scroll, with white characters engraved upon it.


The characters engraved upon the scroll began to disappear until they were all gone. Toshiro grabbing the now empty scroll rolled it up, before putting it in a chest. He then summoned the dark portal once more, then tossed the chests back inside before leaving.

"Welcome back, nya," Alicia said, as Toshiro neared the entrance to the cave.

"Alicia, I want you to tell the others, I'll be gone for a few days," said Toshiro.

"Scouting nya?" Alicia asked.

"Yes," Toshiro said.

"Alright," Alicia replied before saying, "Be careful nya."

Toshiro stared at a deep hole in a plains. No light came from it, as there was only the darkness in midst of the tunnel. Opening a portal he grabbed a sharp spear and a scroll from inside it.


The characters began to vanish as the scroll went blank. A small ball of light began to appear as Toshiro jumped down the tunnel. Nothing was to be heard or seen, it was as if this tunnel was just recently dug. Wandering further in, Toshiro looked at the ever-growing tunnel. A single door now lay in front of Toshiro's eyes.

Opening the door, he looks at a rather empty room. It had a cave-like appearance, yet the bodies of wolves lay scattered and dead across the floor. The next door, was open as Toshiro wandered in it. Loud explosions, along with other things could be heard off in the distance.

Toshiro rubbed his eyes, before looking again at the two parties attacking each other. It seemed the dungeon master was in the next room.

"Better, not to deal with them," Toshiro said as he turned a few trees into treants.

"Go, restrain them, till I'm done dealing with the dungeon master," commanded Toshiro as he ran for the door hiding in the bushes.

"Monsters!" shouted somebody in the distance, as Toshiro got closer to the final room.

"It seems we'll be having visitors soon, Nefarious," spoke a skeleton, it was wearing a crown made out of bones.

"I almost have the scroll ready," answered Nefarious, as he continued to write down words upon a scroll.

"The outer walls have been broken," the skeleton said, "I don't know how much longer this place will last."

"Once we leave, let's get our old friend, Ruby," Nefarious said, his hands continued to move as fast as they could.

A loud explosion could be heard a wall began to crumble. Skeletons began to flood the land as people continued to kill skeleton after skeleton.

"My, subordinates are trying their best, only one wall is protecting us we must hurry!" the skeleton exclaimed.

"Just one more line!" exclaimed Nefarious.

"Hello," said Toshiro as he walked out of the shadows.


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