"Alright," Toshiro said curious what magic he'd get.

Climbing the boulder the dragon was sitting on, Toshiro stood in front of her. The dragon then proceeded to clench her fist smashing the rock into small pieces, most of it being a powder. The dragon pulled out a goblet from a bag she was carrying and quickly cast water magic filling the cup.

"To use the runes you gained from dungeons, you can either assimilate them into something your wearing or eat them." the dragon said as she dropped the rune's remnants into the goblet, then handing it to Toshiro.

Grabbing the goblet, Toshiro drank it all in one go, before hitting the ground. He figured he was starting to gain a resistance to the rune effect, as he didn't feel as wary as before. The blood in his veins began to change color once again, as he struggled to get up.

"As you adjust to your newfound magic, there will be side effects this being one," the dragon said about to cast a spell on Toshiro to give his stamina back.

"No need," said Toshiro as he pulled out a purple flower and ate it.

Getting back up on his feet, Toshiro walked back over to the rock he was sitting on. The elf welcomed him back, as he sat down looking at the dragon.

"That is all," the dragon said as she cleared her throat, "I wish you all luck."

"It seems it's time for us to head back," said the elf before thanking Toshiro once more. In the distance, some of the crowd could be seen vanishing from the plains.

"Good luck," spoke Toshiro as he vanished.

It was now morning in the cave, the fire in front of Toshiro beginning to diminish. Everyone was still asleep, Ilya missing from the cave room. Toshiro getting up, grabbed a pickaxe and a heavy bag before walking to the entrance of the cave.

"Good morning, Ilya," spoke Toshiro as he reached the entrance of the cave.

"Morning Toshiro, heading out?" replied Ilya looking at Toshiro.

"Yeah, not for too long though," answered Toshiro as he left.

Arriving at a bear den, Toshiro dropped the heavy bag at the entrance. Grabbing a large stick, Toshiro lit it on fire as he wandered looking for the sleeping bear.

"Found you," he said as he cast a huge fireball upon the bear. All that remained as he left was ashes, leaving

Going back to the entrance, he grabbed the heavy bag and a few branches before going back into the cave. Leaning the sticks on the den walls, he lighted each of them before beginning to mine an outline of a spear. The outline had around the same height and width as the other spears, once Toshiro removed the stone inside of the outline. Emptying the bag's contents, they fell inside the outline.

"I hope I do this correctly," mumbled Toshiro as he began to cast a continuously large fire.

"I think, this is long enough," he said as he stopped, looking at the metallic-like liquid, "I will come back tomorrow to see if it is like the other things."

"Nya! Welcome back, Toshiro!" exclaimed Alicia as she hugged him.

"Thanks," Toshiro replied before going into the cave.

Toshiro, noticing Leo walked over to him.

"Leo, could you come with me tomorrow somewhere?" asked Toshiro as he pointed to the entrance of the cave.

"Sure, where are we going?" Leo replied.

"A bear's dens," Toshiro said sitting down.

"Alright," Leo said before Alicia entered the cavern room.

"Your turn Leo, nya," Alicia shouted from the entrance of the room.

"I got to go," Leo said getting up and leaving.

"We're here," said Toshiro as he and Leo reached the entrance of the bear's den, "Wait here a minute."

Toshiro entered the quiet den, starting a continuous fire with the palm of his hand. Walking through the cave he headed for where he had attempted to create a metal spear. The spear lay on the cavern floor, Toshiro walking up to it. Ripping it out of the cavern floor, he walked back to Leo.

"I want you to tell me if this is better than the other spears," Toshiro said, as he looked at the sunlight reflecting off the spear.

"Next time Ilya hunts, go with her and use it," continued Toshiro.

"Alright," replied Leo as he began waving the spear around.

"I'll be back later," Toshiro said as he walked away.

In the distance, Leo could be seen walking in the opposite direction, as Toshiro went to a small patch of trees. Some of the trees were large oaks, others being skinny branched birch trees. Plains could be seen in the distance, clovers and grass were flourishing across the fields. Putting the palm of his hand to a tree after a tree he began awakening the treants. Pulling out some axes he had brought with him, he gave them to the biggest treant as it shared the axes with the others.

"I will only explain this once," Toshiro said as he explained what he wanted the treants to do with the axes.

"I will be back in a few days, I expect it will be done by then," he said as he left the treants, the sounds of trees hitting the ground could be heard in the distance.

"How did the final meeting go?" asked the administrator looking at the dragon.

"No problems," replied Sylvia as she sipped her tea.

"Do you still think that boy is a kindler?" the administrator said as he read through the letters he had received.

"I don't know," the dragon replied.

"The HR party is coming up," the administrator said as he opened a letter.

"Ugh, not those idiots," complained Sylvia, "They're always bragging how their soul servers are becoming strong!"

"Well, at least you can research about kindlers," the administrator said as he read through the contents of the letter.

"Why can't you just check?" asked Sylvia.

"Unless he causes something that could destroy either their world or the server, I'm afraid I'm unable to do anything." sighed the administrator.

"Have the higher-ups, sent anything asides from that letter of what books have disappeared from the libraries?" the dragon asked.

"Nope." answered the administrator as he got up.

"Where are you going?" asked Sylvia.

"Server Status meeting," said the administrator as he left.


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