"Welcome back," spoke Toshiro as Nefarious began to wake up.

"My memory is kind of hazy, what happened?" Nefarious asked scratching his head.

"You blacked out," said Toshiro as he poured a cup of water for Nefarious.

"Thanks," Nefarious said sipping the water.

"Might I ask why and what you did, when you did this so-called 'mind copying'?" spoked Nefarious his interest still piqued.

"I'm sorry, but I'm afraid I can neither tell, nor explain it to anyone," Toshiro answered, "As I don't quite fully understand it myself."

"Well that is rather sad," Nefarious said with a look of disappointment on his face.

"Nefarious?" Toshiro asked.

"Yes?" answered Nefarious as he pulled out a scroll.

"What will happen once we leave this place?" asked Toshiro as he looked around the small house, cluttered with things everywhere.

"Well, I suppose it will fall apart," spoke Nefarious as he grabbed a scroll from one of the tables, "Normally a dungeon master would die in this case, but this is my ticket out!"

"Well, if your leaving would you like to come with us?" asked Toshiro, "We could use someone with your knowledge."

"I'm afraid not, as I will be going to visit a few old buddies," answered Nefarious.

"Do you need anything before you go?" asked Toshiro.

"No, once you leave I will teleport away, my backpack with me," said Nefarious who pointed at a backpack in the corner.

"Alright, then I wish you great luck on your journey," Toshiro said as he went to the back room.

"Grab all the chests, except those two," said Toshiro as he pointed to two empty chests in the corner of the room.

"Got it," spoke Sena as she began to instruct the others what to carry.

Grabbing the two chests, Toshiro began to roll up all the scrolls and place them in the chest. Many of the scrolls had different things written in them, some were blueprints, while others had spells on them. Shutting the chests, Toshiro led them down in the backroom before going back to Nefarious.

"It seems this is where our paths split," Toshiro said looking at Nefarious.

"Farewell," said Nefarious, "It seems your friends have already left."

"Take this," Nefarious said giving Toshiro a scroll, "Open it when you're alone."

"Thank you," said Toshiro putting it in his pocket.

Toshiro now left the room as he grabbed the two chests full of scrolls.

"Take care," he said as he went through the dungeon door.

It was now morning by when we got back. I told the others I would come back soon after they left. Laying down the chests I took the necklace I had on me off. Opening a chest I took out one of the scrolls within the chest. I hope this doesn't wipe as much energy from me like last time. Grabbing the stone I felt my ability take the glow out of the rune the goblin once used. Why... is this... so much tiring... than the others? The ground is cold, let's hurry this up.

Is it finally over? It seems my coloring has come back. The sun is beginning to set, the others will be angry at me. Come on... got it!


Wow, I feel like I just woke up. Standing I rolled up the now empty scroll and put it back in a chest. Time to test this magic, walking over to an older-looking oak tree I put my hand to the tree and sent some mana into the tree. Nothing happened, walking away I went back to the chests. This will need a lot more practice than fire magic. Opening the other chest, I pulled out the one-of-a-kind scroll. Nefarious only had two of these, one he took with him. It seems this will be my ticket out of getting yelled at.


The room lay with red carpet across the floor. A fireplace could be seen in the background, a fire currently going. A person sits in a chair in front of a desk reading a book, another person opening a letter, sitting behind the desk.

"Administrator, what did the reports say?" asked Sylvia as she closed the book with a leather cover she was reading.

"The reports just came through," he said as he opened the letter.

"Impossible..." he said, a look of shock on his face.

"What is it?" Sylvia asked concerned by the administrator's reaction.

"The report lists over a hundred books missing from the Soul Library, and 21 from the Heavenly Library," he said before continuing, " And it is unknown how many from the.... library..."

"The library whose name is not to be spoken?" Sylvia asked, a look of disbelief on her face.

"Impossible!" she said, "It has never lost a single book before!"

"Though it is true, rare enough to even have a handful from the Heavenly Library taken," he said as he began to write a letter, "But we can't change what has been read by a soul,"

"The book they read is like a piece of the soul itself at that point," the administrator said, "The most we can do is write a letter to the person above me."

The administrator had just finished the letter now, he carefully folded it before putting it into an envelope. Sealing the envelope, he pulled a necklace out from his shirt. He then whistled into a small flute attached to the necklace, the note beginning to disappear.

"I'm going to call another meeting," Sylvia said as she got up, "I'll use the excuse of it as both a progress report and a way to make sure he's not causing trouble."

"You better be careful!" the administrator shouted as he watched the dragon walk away and slam the door behind her.

"It's my neck... not yours...." muttered the administrator before sighing.

Toshiro looked across the plains, the field now flooded with people again. Toshiro walked the plains, in search of a suitable spot to sit.

"Hey! Your the boy from before aren't you?" asked an elf that walked up to Toshiro.

"Who are you?" asked Toshiro as he continued to walk.

"I was here last time, remember? You stopped that monster from killing me and that idiot," he exclaimed as he walked at the same pace as Toshiro.

"Oh!" Spoke Toshiro.

"Yeah, about that... thanks for saving me," the elf said scratching his head.

"Oh, I didn't do much," Toshiro said as he found the perfect spot. It was a rock, with just enough height and width for a person to sit on.

"No, really! We could've died the-" the elf said before he was cut off by somebody.

"Silence!" shouted a dragon as it polymorphed into human form.

"Now, today will be the last time we meet, for a very long time," said the dragon as it grabbed something. Now revealed, it showed a rune it glowing with a yellow emblem embedded upon it.

"Now, these are runes," she explained, "They have a magic in them that can be harvested in many ways."

"They can be put into armor and weapons, or you can eat them." the dragon said as she pointed at Toshiro.

"You will be the test subject," she said with a smirk on her face.


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