The room was flooded with growing plants. Trees were growing everywhere around the room few having purple flowers growing near them. The lone path lay in front of the group, only a chest at the end in sight. Vines hung from the ceiling of the dungeon some reaching to the floor. A huge tree lay behind the now more visible chest. A blue pod that looked similar to the one that Toshiro had taken with him from the first room crept along the tree looking as if it would bloom in front of the chest.

"It might be a trap," spoke Toshiro as he pulled out his ax.

"Stay back, until I disable it," he continued as he swung the ax at the vine, it giving the sound of metal clashing as the ax hit the vine.

"No use," Toshiro muttered before attempting flame magic.

Looking at the vine, that Toshiro attempted to destroy had not even a scratch upon it.

"I can't break it, we might as well ignore it," he shouted as the others came running up the path.

The group began searching for the door as Toshiro went back to the chest.

"What might you be?" he asked himself opening the chest. Seconds later the blue flower began to bloom as it started spraying a blue-colored gas.

"We need to go!" shouted Toshiro as the gas was just starting to spread.

"I found the next door nya!" shouted Alicia as Leo and Ilya met up with her.

"On my way!" shouted Sena as she ran to the other three.

"I'll be there in a minute!" called Toshiro as he grabbed the glowing stone.

The gas now beginning to spread had already covered the ground near the tree. The rune-like stone ceased its green glow, as Toshiro hit the ground the blood of his veins beginning to turn green.

"What is... this..." he muttered, the gas now nearing his body.

The boy trying to get up put as much strength into it as he could, but failed. He felt sapped of energy as his veins glowed for a minute before beginning to gain normal coloring once again.

"Toshiro are you okay?" shouted Leo from the end of the forest.

"Come... on..." he spoke struggling to get to the tree near him, a purple flower residing beside it, the gas now at his feet was covering the ground at a more steady pace. The elusive purple flower had three large petals wrapping around each other. Reaching for the flower Toshiro stretched his arm towards the purple flower using any energy he could find within him to grab it.

"The Yinda Flower!" he said finally succeeding in grabbing it. A disgusted face had begun to show on Toshiro as he ate the yinda flower. The temporary energy now beginning to come to him, gave him the strength to run.

"I didn't want to attempt this idea..." he mumbled as he continued to run towards the door.

"Toshiro, hurry!" shouted Ilya as she and the others could now see the struggling boy, the gas having almost caught up to him now.

"Run in the next room and shut the door as soon as I get in!" he shouted as he got closer. The others had now entered the next room, as Toshiro turned around in front of the door. Casting a fireball he launched it as far away as he could, the fireball beginning to ignite the gas.

A loud boom was heard from the back of the room, as Toshiro dived for the door. Seconds after, Toshiro dived through the door, it was slam shut by Leo and Alicia. An extremely loud explosion was heard from the previous room the door barely holding it intact.

This room was much different from the previous ones as instead of a type of forest or swamp there was. It was a small hill with a door crafted in it, windows being on both sides. Due to the round door being so low, the entire party had to duck before entering.

Inside lay tables with scrolls and glassware upon them, plants near all the windows, and chests in the room next to it. A very short person came rushing out as he heard Sena shut the door.

"It seems I have visitors, what are your names?" asked the short older man, his gray hair showing his old age.

"Who are you?" asked Leo looking down at the old man.

"It's quite impolite to ask questions before even introducing yourself young man," the old man said.

"Toshiro," spoke Toshiro as he walked in front of the others, before continuing, "And yours?"

"I'm Nefarious, at least some of you have some common sense," complained the old man as he sat down on a stool.

"Might I ask who you are?" Toshiro continued as he began to heal a scrape from diving earlier.

"I am what you call a dungeon master," the old man began, "When you decided to enter my dungeon your task was to get to me."

"Now that you've gotten to me, it seems you can either kill me or let me live," he continued, "But either way you can escape this dungeon from the back door."

"What happens if we do either?" asked Toshiro before asking one more question, "And why haven't you tried to kill us?"

"Well, I am more considered a pacifist than any else, but I made this dungeon so I wouldn't be killed so easily and could enjoy a new life in this dungeon. " Nefarious said as he began to ramble.

"And for your other question you can do whatever you want, you succeeded in clearing all the other probable rooms," he said continuing to ramble, "I am very weak and fragile so do as you will as I can't stop you like other dungeon masters may."

"This is stupid talk nya!" Alicia exclaimed, "I'm hungry! Where's the food?"

"The food is in the back, the chest to your left," Nefarious attempted to say before Alicia ran to the back to eat something. Ilya sighed before running after Alicia.

"Not fighting has a rather nice ring to it," contemplated Toshiro before asking, "May I copy your mind?"

"Will I die, lose my memories, knowledge, or personality," asked Nefarious, his interest piqued by the question asked.

"No, nor will it hurt," spoke Toshiro as he put the palm of his hand upon Nefarious.

"What was that?!" shouted a cloaked person, carrying a wood-like hammer.

"It seems things are starting to get interesting 'round these parts!" he said beginning to laugh.

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