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"We can't get past them!" shouted Ilya as she launched another three arrows one hitting a goblin in the head, as the others hit the dungeon roof.

"Hold on!" yelled Toshiro launching another three arrows on fire shooting them at the wall.

Concentrating the mana into his hands he began to change the shape into small wisps of a flame. Casting them upon the rest of the arrows in his quiver he used the magic within the now burning arrows to launch them all at once. The burning arrows began to rain upon the goblin fort, mostly hitting the wood wall, but there were the occasional goblin screams. Within minutes the rain of arrows from the goblins had stopped.

"Nows our chance, nya!" exclaimed Alicia as the group began to charge at the gate.

The gate pushed with ease, as the party entered the fort. All was quiet as they continued to walk down the path through the burning fort goblin corpses lying across the fort. A few paces in front lie the remaining goblins babbling something to a tree.

"Now!" Toshiro yelled as the party charged at the goblins.

The goblins just now noticing the party tried to hold off as a goblin in a peculiar cloak continued chanting at the tree, but it was too late. The goblins were killed one after another leaving only the cloaked goblin left. Ilya launched an arrow at the goblin piercing its heart. It squelched in pain, as it uttered its final words. The tree rose, as it looked at the party.

"It's a treant," shouted Toshiro, "The quickest way to kill it is to burn it."

"Ilya gives me your quiver of arrows," spoke Toshiro as Ilya gave him the arrows.

Toshiro concentrated his mana into small flames which engulfed all the arrows in flames, before launching them all at the treant. The treant thrashed his long arms a few times at the party, before falling to the ground.

"Nya, when do I get to eat something," complained Alicia as she looked at the burning treant.

"Once we get back," spoke Sena as she sighed.

"Are we finished?" Leo asked as he looked at the burning gate.

"I think so," spoke Ilya as she began to gather all the weapons the goblins had been using. Most of the tools were unusable as they had broken, but some such as the metal ax was still usable.

Toshiro had already begun stealing the goblins' minds, but most were unimportant. Toshiro walked up to the peculiar cloaked goblin and did the same.

"So I need this rune to use this magic?" muttered Toshiro as he pulled the necklace with the rune off of the dead goblin.

Putting the necklace on him, he went to the rest of the group.

"Ready?" asked Toshiro wanting to enter the next room

"Nya!" "Yeah," "I guess," "Yup," the others said before Toshiro pushed the door open.

"Are you sure you saw a kindler?" asked the administrator sitting across from Sylvia, "There hasn't been one since server 1007,"

"I can't prove it just yet, but his eyes had a different look from the others," she continued, "They looked similar to a kindler's, but unique compared to the few we've seen."

"I believe you, but we have no proof yet, so I trust you will keep an eye on them," said the administrator sighing.

Getting up the administrator spoke once to Sylvia before leaving, "If they are a kindler, then all the servers could change for the better or worse."


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