The girl began to pass through the crowd as they moved to make a path for her. The two that were previously arguing were now both having a look of dread as the girl neared them.

"Move," the girl said while looking at Toshiro.

Turning away from the troublemakers he turned around before speaking to her "What are you going to do to them,"

The girl looked at the boy in the eyes shuddering before she spoke, "I will clean up the problems, in this meeting."

"And if I object?" Toshiro said turning his head to look at them before turning his face back to the girl.

The dragon girl looked at Toshiro's eyes again before muttering something as she turned around. Clearing its throat it went back the way it came before beginning to speak about the reason it came here.

"You may be wondering why are you here? and so many to that extent," the dragon spoke, "and that's because soon a new thing will appear in this land."

"Starting tomorrow henceforth, dungeons will appear across the land," it continued, "and again you may be wondering what is in them and what do they do?"

"That's for you to find out!" she laughed before speaking one final time "The only thing I can tell you is if you succeed you will not regret it."

The elf that had stirred trouble earlier asked, "Are they dangerous?"

"Perhaps, to an extent, but I'll let your imagination run wild," she continued beginning to smile again.

"Any final questions?" the dragon asked showing no sympathy to the crowd's questions.

"Why aren't our companions here?" asked Toshiro, the question seemed to remind some of the others of their missing companions as the crowd began to mutter and murmur things.

The dragon laughed once more at the final question before answering with a rather feasible answer, "Because I've only called the leaders and loners to this meeting, I expect you'll relay this message to the rest of the group."

"Well then, I must dismiss you as the sun is beginning to rise," she finished with.

"And that's when I woke up," Toshiro said now finished explaining his vivid dream.

"Well if this going to happen, as you said should we really risk trying one? One of us could die," spoke Sena trying to be rational.

"Nya, I want to go to one, maybe there will be some delicious food!" Alicia said starting to drool a bit.

"I don't know, judging by what the scaled creature said it didn't seem like it was very dangerous, but we shouldn't overthink it," contemplated Ilya.

"If this truly will occur, I want to go into one," Leo continued, "This may just be me being bored from guarding a cave, but a little adventure sounds nice!"

Sena sighed before asking, "Toshiro?"

"I want to go to one if they appear," spoke Toshiro, "The rewards sound interesting,"

"Our lives could be at risk," attempted Sena to change their minds rationally one more time, but to no avail.

"So there really are these dungeons!" exclaimed Leo looking at the stone-like entrance attached to the mountain.

Alicia looked in amazement at the dungeon, as Ilya pulled out her bow.

Vines crept upon the stone-like entrance, as crumbled runes of stone pillars resided in front of it. The only sign of color near the entrance of the dungeon was a purple hyacinth leaning towards the sunlight.

"Well, here goes nothing," muttered Sena as she pushed open the door.

Light began to beam through the door as it began to open. The room was full of plants thriving across both the flooring and the walls. The group walking into the room looked around at the beautiful scene in front of them. Ivy crept upon the walls, as glowworms shined upon some of the plants. In a corner of the dungeon's room, a bush full of berries lies ripe and glowing.

"Food nya!" exclaimed Alicia as she ran after it.

"Don't even try it," spoke Ilya as she grabbed Alicia's hair, a yelp heard in the background.

Toshiro paused for a moment before halting to look at the next door. Two giant plants guarded the entrance to the next door, one being a venus fly trap while the other was a red flower that seemed to wrap up like a pod. A skeleton lay sitting up against the stone wall as Toshiro got closer.

Pulling out his bow, Toshiro then grabbed an arrow from his quiver as he loaded it upon his bow. Drawing the bowstring back he launched the arrow as it hit the red pod's stem.

The vine-like stem snapped, causing the flytrap to squelch in pain as it writhed up and died, leaving the pod to lie alone on the cold dungeon floor. The rest of the group soon rushed over after hearing the screams of the plant.

"What happened? Leo asked looking at the red pod lying on the ground.

"There was a trap, I got rid of it though," Toshiro said picking up the red pod, "This could be important later."

Before much more could be said Toshiro kicked open the dungeon's next door. Walking in the group behold the new sight in front of their eyes. A mountain with a path lead up to the top where a gate made of wood stood. Surrounding the mountain was a dark thick lake with only a few lilypads floating in it. A toad croaked as the group began to walk up the very narrow path.

"This is disgusting," murmured Ilya as the group continued trudging through the mud.

Reaching the top of the mountain some figure noticed the party and shouted something in a different language. Arrows were now getting launched upon the group as they began to dodge them.

"We're getting shot at take cover nya!" yelled Alicia as she hit dodged an arrow.

A horn echoed across the dungeon room as the wooden gate opened. Goblins began to rush out, as the goblins upon the wall began to stop launching arrows at the party.

"Now's our chance!" shouted Toshiro as he threw his spear at a goblin piercing its head.

Toshiro pulled his spear out of the goblins skull, as he charged at another, around twenty goblins were charging at the group. Alicia and Leo in the background could be seen, murdering goblin after goblin. Ilya pulled out her bow as she began to shoot three arrows at a time each piercing a goblin in the heart or face.

A goblin with a metal ax noticed the diminishing army and screamed something in the goblin. The final seven goblins retreated at their fastest trying to escape imminent death.

"Not so fast!" shouted Toshiro as he launched a burning arrow at the goblin holding a metal ax. The arrow's speed increased as it hit the goblin in the heart. The goblin shouted a cry in its language before falling to the ground dying.

The party chased after the remaining goblins, but the arrows had begun to be launched at them again. Everyone had begun to take cover, except Toshiro as he grabbed the one goblin's body and dragged it with him behind a boulder.

"You were different from the rest," spoke Toshiro as he put the palm of his hand upon the goblin's face. His ability began as he stole the goblin's knowledge and memories.

Toshiro grinned as he gained this new knowledge, "metallurgy, eh?"

The silver-scaled dragon landed at the cliff of a mountain that seemed to go up endlessly.

"Welcome back, Sylvia," greeted a man as he bowed towards the dragon.

"I need to talk to the administrator of this server now," the dragon said as she polymorphed into a comfortable human form.

"Tell them we may have a kindler in this server," the girl said with a rather serious face.


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