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Chapter 5 The Silver Scaled Creature


A month has passed since I first remember being in this world. Looking across the mountainside, all I see are trees, bushes, and shrubs everywhere. Turning around I could see plains stretching as far as my eyes could see. I looked up at the sky, it was beginning to get dark. I guess I should get going. Climbing down I headed back for the cave.

Arriving back at the cave Toshiro noticed, Alicia was missing from her guard post.

"Wasn't she on guard to-" Toshiro was saying as Alicia jumped on his back?

"Nyah! Welcome back Toshiro!" Alicia shouts smiling.

"Alicia!? What are you doing?! Toshiro says, his face turning red as he attempts to get Alicia off his back. Taking her hands off his shoulders, he uses them to flip her onto her back.

"Toshiro's so cruel, nya," Alicia says rubbing her back.

His face now returning to normal, Toshiro clears his throat.

"Your shift is about over right?" Toshiro asked as he hit the dust out of his clothes.

"Yes, nya," Alicia spoke with exuberance.

"Alright, I'll wait with you," Toshiro said sitting down.

Around a minute later, a boy came out of the cave around the same age as the Toshiro. His hair opaque and brown, while his stature is around average height for a human. The boy reaching out his hand offered to help Toshiro up. Accepting his offer Toshiro grabbed his hand pulling himself up.

"You're on guard next, Leo?" Toshiro asked.

The boy sliding his hand through his hair answered with a melancholic face on him, "Yeah, it's my shift till dawn's break."

Before either of the boys could speak again Alicia started nagging Toshiro

"Come on Toshiro, I'm hungry!" Alicia shouted grabbing Toshiro by the hand and beginning to drag him.

"Fine, fine, sorry Leo," said Toshiro with an apologetic look.

Torches hung from the walls of the cave-like rooms, the fires giving a brightly emitted light surrounding the areas. Toshiro entering the final room, Alicia behind looked around the room. Sena was eating with a cloaked person sitting near her.

"Welcome back Toshiro!" shouted Sena turning to see Toshiro.

The cloaked figure turned to look at Toshiro. Pulling down their cloak's hood revealed a girl. The girl was beautiful, with blue eyes, blonde hair, and pointy ears.

"Thanks," Toshiro said looked Sena before turning to the blonde-haired girl.

"Ilya? When did you get back!" Toshiro said going over to her.

"I arrived a day after you had departed last week," said Ilya.

Toshiro's stomach rumbled before he could speak again his face blushing a bit.

"Here," Sena said passing a bowl of soup to Toshiro, Ilya laughing in the background. Sena then proceeded to give a bowl to Alicia. The soup smelled pleasant, its aromas enticing Toshiro and Alicia to eat it quickly before it gets cold.

"Thanks for the meal!" both Toshiro and Alicia said before eating the soup.

The moon had reached its highest by when everyone had finished their meals. Alicia had fallen asleep right after eating leaving Ilya, Sena, and Toshiro awake.

"So what did you think of the meal?" Sena asked with a look of pride.

"It was good," said Toshiro rubbing his eyes.

"It was okay," Ilya mumbled.

"I'm glad you liked it," Sena boasted full of pride as if ignoring what Ilya said.

"I think, I'm going to go to sleep now," spoke Toshiro yawning before much else was said.

"Yeah, I think I will too," Ilya said as she left the room.

Sitting upon the stone-carved throne Toshiro looked at the large cave-like room. Yawning once more he went to sleep.

Toshiro awoke to stand with a crowd of people, in the plains. The moonlight shone upon the dew of the grass. Looking around he saw none of his companions such as Sena, Alicia, Ilya, or Leo. The crowd all seemed to be looking for their companions asides from a few that decided to just wait where they were at. Before much more was said, a fight broke out between an elf and beast kin.

"Take that back!" cried the elf as he started to use magic.

"Make me!" yelled the beast kin, before she howled at the moon.

"Silence!" a huge silver-scaled creature shouted, as it landed.

The crowd now quiet all turned to the creature, its wings larger than trees. Before another word could be said there were already a few people who had fainted at the sight of the large creature.

"I see some of you have already been frightened by my size, so let me adjust that," spoke the creature as it used a sort of magic. It was now the size of a human, she was a bit shorter, but the only evidence to show her not being human was the two white as snow horns coming from her head.

"Before we continue, let me ask which two stirred up the commotion in the crowd?" the dragon girl asked her teeth now showing as she had an ominous smile on her face.


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