Running through the forest, I went in the direction I heard the scream. As I continued to get further into the forest, my eyes had begun to see the shape of two figures that lay in front of me far away. Getting closer, I pulled out my bow and loaded my arrow, as I got closer while putting out the torch I had lit.

"Please, stop! Don't get any closer!" Sena screamed as the dark figure crawled slowly on the ground.

It tried to speak, but I was unable to understand what it was asking. Stopping my advance I cast fire upon my arrow, illuminating the area around me. This gave shape to Sena lying on the ground trying to get away from a person crawling to her.

"W... Wa... Water," the person finally said, as they collapsed.

"Are you okay, Sena?" Toshiro asked as she got up from the ground.

"They started following me, on my way back," Sena stated bewildered by the stranger on the ground.

"I don't think they meant any harm," Toshiro said trying to calm Sena, "I think they were just asking for water."

Sena shook her head in disagreement, as Toshiro lifted the naked person on his back.

"For now, we should put some faith in them, until we at least talk to them," Toshiro said as he began carrying the person back "If they try to kill us I can kill them first."

Sena sighed and shook her head in worry, as she walked with Toshiro back to the cave the sun now rising.

Since Toshiro and Sena arrived at the cave, it had only been a bit that the person had gained consciousness again. Grabbing a flask of water, Toshiro handed it to the person, who without hesitation drank all of it within minutes. The fire had only been started, by when they had finished the flask's water.

The person sat up looking around the room as their hair fell. It was a girl, with brown hair, but she was also what the goblins called "beast kin" since she had fur-like ears and she had a tail.

Toshiro looked at Sena who sat in the corner out of distrust and fear, before looking at the person again. Grabbing the last spare pair of clothes Toshiro had left he tossed it to her, before leaving the room. Re-entering the room, Sena seemed ecstatic now that Toshiro was here.

"Who are you?" Toshiro asked looking at the girl.

"Nya, I am Alicia..." she said, "what happened to me, nya?"

"I took you here after you had fainted," Toshiro explained.

"What is your name, nya?" Alicia asked.

"Toshiro," he said as he laid my bow and arrows down.

"If you'd like you could stay here with Sena and me that is if you got nowhere else to go," Toshiro said looking at her.

Toshiro turned to Sena, but she was mumbling something he couldn't understand in the corner of the room.

"Nya, why would you help somebody you just met?" Alicia asked.

"You seem like somebody we can trust," Toshiro said.

"Of course, you will have to help out with things thought," Toshiro added.

Nodding, Alicia got up, as she looked around the cave.

"Alicia, before you look around," Toshiro asked, "May I copy your mind?"

"I guess nya?" Alicia said confused by what Toshiro said.

Toshiro walking over, put the palm of his hand over Alicia's head. Toshiro closed his eyes as he felt his mind calmed. He copied all of Alicia's abilities, knowledge, and memories. After around five minutes it ended, as Alicia went unconscious. Barely catching the falling Alicia in time, Toshiro lay her near the fire. Getting up, Toshiro turned to Sena who had just got back from the storage.

"Where were you?" Toshiro asked looking at Sena.

"I was hungry," Sena said as she tossed Toshiro a pear.

"Thanks," he said taking a bite of the pear. Grabbing some spare wood, he tossed it into the fire. The sun was now setting.

"Toshiro," Sena stated.

"Yes?" Toshiro replied as he sat on the stone-carved throne.

"Do you trust Alicia?" Sena asked as she laid down looking up at the cavern roof.

"Yup," Toshiro said as he closed his eyes to sleep.

"Then I'll trust her this time," Sena said as she closed her eyes.


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