The sun began to ascend upon the forest, as the birds began to sing throughout the forest. The light began to shine at the cave entrance, as the campfire's burning wood snapped. A boy upon a stone carved throne, lay asleep as the fire was beginning to diminish. The cloaked girl also still asleep lay beside the diminishing flame. Toshiro, rubbing his eyes, looked at the cavern-like room around him. Getting up, he grabbed his spear as he left the cave.


Toshiro returned to the cave carrying as much wood as he could. By now the fire had ceased, and only the hot embers lay as remnants of it. The boy put the wood into a fire pit, before lighting it with fire magic. The girl begins to awaken sat up and rubbed her eyes before looking around the cavern room.

"W-Where am I? '' she asked, stuttering.

"You're in a cave," Toshiro replied.

"Are you going to hurt me, l-like those other things I did?" she asked with a look of fear and pain in her eyes.

"No, I won't attack you, you're just like me, a human," the boy said, trying to calm her from what had occurred to the girl the previous night. For further assurance, Toshiro kicked his spear behind him.

"Why did you save me?" The girl asked, sitting up.

"You had a look of already giving up, by the time I had gotten to you," the boy replied, "I didn't want to see you die in front of my eyes when I knew I could save you."

Before the girl could ask another question, Toshiro asked, "What's your name?"

"Sena," the girl replied, looking down at her feet.

"Your's?" the girl asked, meeting Toshiro's eyes for the first time before looking back down at the floor again.

"Toshiro," the boy said, as he sat down on the stone-carved throne

"Where do you plan to go?" Toshiro asked.

"I don't know," Sena said looking down at the floor remembering what it was like out there.

"You know, you could stay with me." Toshiro said as he sat back down "We could even try to find more people like us, and let them live here with us too."

"But is that really okay?" the girl asked, turning to look at Toshiro with a bit of trust in her eyes.

"Sure, but you will have to help out with things," Toshiro said as he smiled."

Sena nodded, then asked, " What happened to the thing chasing me?"

"Oh, the wolf? I killed it." Toshiro said as he created a fire in the palm of his hands for show.

Toshiro got up, went to the room the goblins considered their storage room. Rummaging through he grabbed two apples, and all the hemp there was. Returning, Toshiro sat down beside Sena.

"Watch closely as I do this, because after I finish this one I want you to do it with the rest," he said to Sena as he began to entrain hemp slowly to show Sena how.

Nodding, Sena continued to keep her eyes on the hemp which was slowly turning to rope. The rope made from hemp was now finished, Toshiro gave the rest of the hemp to Sena. Getting up, Toshiro grabbed his spear, then tossed Sena an apple.

"Eat this when you're hungry," Toshiro said as he left the cavern room.


Taking a bite of the apple in his hand, Toshiro looked for a long curved branch he could turn into a bow. Toshiro, continuing to look around, had already finished his apple before he had found the perfect branch. Getting bored by now he decided to still make this trip useful by gathering wood while in search. The sun was beginning to set as he finally found the branch he wanted. Picking it up, Toshiro went back to the cave.


The moon had begun to rise as Toshiro arrived at the cave. Sorting through the branches he had collected, he left the curved branch out and a few larger sticks out as he threw the rest of the wood into the fire.

"Have you finished entwining all of them?" Toshiro asked Sena.

"Yes, I put them beside the one you finished earlier," Sena replied.

"Alright, thanks," Toshiro said as he grabbed the rope and the curved branch.

"I think, I will take a walk since you're back now," Sena said looking at Toshiro.

"If something happens, just scream," Toshiro said as he used his spear and started to carve the bark off the branch.

"Okay..." Sena said somewhat disappointed Toshiro didn't come.

Toshiro had begun carving the bark off the branch by when Sena had left the cave. Now finished, Toshiro grabbed the hemp rope as he began to wrap it around the barkless branch until it had all been used. Toshiro now laid the bow beside the arrows he had kept, before going to the store for food.


Where is Sena? I asked myself as I finished my meal. The moon had almost fully risen, at this time, and so I was beginning to worry, as I looked at the cave entrance.

I should go look for her. I said to myself as I grabbed my spear, bow, and arrows.

Walking to the entrance I saw the moon's dim light shine through. As I continued past the entrance I picked up a branch I found near a tree.

This is perfect. I said to myself, as I lit it on fire, and continued searching for her.

Wandering past the bushes I looked first at where I had originally found her. She wasn't there. Continuing, I left the forest as I began searching through the grasslands, but to no avail.

Maybe she just got back. I told myself as I started to walk back to the cave. The night was quiet, as I only heard the occasional sound from a bird. I looked up at the night sky, as the occasional breeze would blow through my hair. Going back into the cave, I looked around for Sena, but she wasn't there.

Where are you Se-

"!!!" a person screamed as I had begun to run out of the cave in search of them.


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