A breeze blew through the boy's hair, the leaves shaking by the chill air's breeze. The sun had just begun to rise, as the sixteen-year-old awoke. Getting up he looked around at the forest he was in. The boy looked at the rising sun, the birds chirping while.

Looking around, lay nothing, but trees everywhere the boy could see. Wandering wherever he felt best, he continued at an even pace looking at the beautiful scenery around him. There were beautiful shrubs of all kinds, and a variety of trees everywhere, such as oak, elm, ash, birch, and much more.

The boy, continuing to look around, found a stream that was near a line of trees, the water gushing ever so swiftly. He knelt and took a sip of the cool, fresh water.

It was around midday now. The boy's stomach let out a rumble, putting him on alert. The boy looked around to make sure nothing was near him, as he continued exploring this new world he was in. Leaves crumpled, and twigs snapped as he stepped on them, continuing his pace.

The boy found a dark cave during the evening. Wandering inside, he could see some sort of light quite far in the cave. Not knowing what may lie deeper in the cave, he decided to explore every bit of this cave.

As he got further into the cave, he stopped to hear some snarling coming from the right of him. Something lit a torch, as a green creature was now in his line of sight. The creature was about a foot shorter than him, had pointy ears, and wore a beautiful necklace with some sort of metal in it.

Before the boy could react, the green creature dropped its torch and jumped at the boy tackling him to the ground. The creature punched the boy in the face continuously, as the boy tried to get away from the green creature. The creature shouted in unrecognizable language while punching the boy. The boy attempted again to escape but to no avail.

Reaching out to the torch, the boy attempted to stab it into the green creature, hitting the creature's side. The creature screeched in pain as it tried to run away from the boy. Showing no mercy, the boy tackled the creature back down, as he continuously attacked it with the torch until it died.

The boy looked at the now lifeless green creature, wondering why it had attacked him. Picking up the torch, the boy was about to leave as the necklace gleamed, catching the boy's eye. He set down the torch, as he grabbed the necklace. Right as he took it off the creature's neck his finger lightly tapped one of the creature's ears. Dropping the necklace, the boy froze as he felt the memories and knowledge of the green creature rejuvenate his mind.


Snapping out of the flashbacks I was having, I learned of various new things, due to this "goblin". For starters, these green creatures referred to themselves as goblins, and there were seven of them. They each had their own craft or skills, and if I wanted to live peacefully I would have to kill them all first. Since I had only killed the guard, I found only the locations of each, what their crafts were, and how to make a "spear" and "torch" when peering through the guard's memories and knowledge.

Contemplating my choices on how to kill these goblins I decided I would make a spear. If I could be quiet enough, while using I figured I could probably sneak from behind and kill them one by one.


The moon had begun to rise by the time I entered the cave again. For the first goblin, I would kill, I decided to fight the weakest, their forager. By doing this I felt it was the most efficient way, as I would have more experience by when I get to their leader. Grabbing the spear I had made in one hand, and the torch in the other, I walked down the tunnel that led to the forager. The cavern had seven rooms excluding the entrance, the room where the forager resided was the second biggest since it held most of the food there.

Crouching, I went around at a slow pace behind the rocks to reach the goblin. Too distracted by what it was doing, I stabbed it from behind with my spear. It dropped to the ground in pain for around a minute, before its eyes went lifeless. I continued doing this with each goblin room after room gaining more knowledge with every goblin I killed.

The final room was around nine yards away from the tunnel I was now in. I was concerned with fighting the final goblin, as it contained fire magic. Though my fear of fighting this goblin was high, my determination to have safety was higher, so with high hopes, I adventure further into the tunnel.


The boy crouched quietly as he entered the final cavern room. He played a bow and a quiver of arrows he had taken from a goblin beside a large rock, near a corner of the cavern. With his spear in hand, he paced slowly, as got closer to the goblin leader. In the middle of the room was a campfire, a stone carved throne laying in front of it. Continuing his pace he had almost gotten halfway to his destination before he accidentally hit a rock. The rock made a small sound, as it flew to the cavern wall and hit it. The boy hoped the goblin leader had not heard it, but to no avail.

The leader noticed the boy within seconds and launched a fireball at the boy. The boy dived for the bow, throwing his spear as a distraction, but the goblin dodged it with ease. More fireballs were thrown, as the boy dodged them one after another grabbing the bow and quiver of arrows in the process. The boy continued to dodge until he was in the spot he had wanted, the goblin just now noticing his intentions. The goblin leader tried to run from what was about to be unleashed but was too late. The boy loaded an arrow from his quiver onto the bow, releasing it once he had pulled it back all the way. Within seconds the arrow flew through the fire lighting it, as it pierced the goblin leader in the heart. It hit the ground screaming in pain, as it launched one more desperate fireball, but the boy anticipated it dodging it with ease. The boy looked at the dead goblin leader's corpse lying on the cavern floor before he stole its memories, knowledge, and abilities which rejuvenated his mind.


Peering through my newfound memories and knowledge, it seemed the goblin leader didn't have much for me to learn. From the beginning, since it was a baby to since it grew up, it seemed as if the leader was respected and revered by the other goblins due to its fire magic. One thing that did catch my eye was this thing called "mana". The leader believed everybody has mana veins, which are used for magic. I wish it had known more about this but to no avail.

From what I know so far, I know that I can take and or copy memories and knowledge of other creatures I killed. The newer questions now arising in my head are Can I copy others' memories and knowledge, while they're alive, and Can I copy or take others' abilities. With this in mind, I think it would be best to try to use the fire magic of the goblin I had killed earlier. Focusing the mana from my veins into the tips of my fingers and my palm, I tried to shoot out a fireball, but to my dismay, only a small flame came out.

I guess I would have to practice this ability to get anywhere with it. Though it may have been small it covered my question if I could copy or steal abilities, which I could.


Sitting on a boulder beside the fire, I ate some of the berries a goblin had foraged. Some were sweet, others sour, while I thought about things. One thing I should probably do is give myself a name since if I meet other "humans" as the goblins call them, they'll also have a name. Once somebody hears your name, you're basically stuck with it for life, so better to think about this before deciding. Eating the last berry, I had finally decided on what to be called. If I meet another human they can call me Toshiro, I decided.

I think I will make a new bow when I have the time later since this one is too small, I decided as I tossed the bow into the fire.

Thinking back there were some leftover pelts of animals, in one of the previous cavern rooms. One thing I needed rather sooner than later was clothes

and so for a good few hours, I began to make clothes out of the pelts. When finished I had two pairs and a cloak. Putting on a pair of clothes, then the cloak I started to think about how big the entrance was to the cave and how there may be intruders. Just in case I think tonight I will guard the entrance. Getting up I grabbed my spear and made a torch. Guarding the entrance, for at least tonight, would be wise as you never know what could come.


As I reached the entrance I sat down inside and looked out at the moon. It gleamed with moonlight, as the clouds continued to pour. Loud sounds could be heard occasionally, but I ignored them as I began to doze to sleep.

"!!!" a scream was heard waking me up. Concerned and confused by what it may be, I ventured out with my spear.


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