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Why did I revise? I needed to explain the story more, had some grammatical mistakes, and felt I could tell the story better if I revised it. So that is why. Along with that I've revised all the chapters and added a new one sorry for the delay my readers, I will get back to posting new chapters often.

January 17th, 2022, was the beginning of the end. It was the day the all-out nuclear war began across the earth. Due to the political chaos that had occurred during the new year, the leaders of almost all the countries had declared nuclear war on each other. Nobody was in sight to be seen anywhere, because everybody was spending their final hours with their loved ones. As the skies brightened more than usual, everything began to be a blur. Loud explosions were being heard across the world as I had begun to blackout, I hope this was not really the end.

* * *


"Servers have been booted." Check

"Soul has gained a connection to the Beginning." Check

"Soul please select a server or queue for a new one."

"Where am I?" I asked as the sounds echoed around me.

The room I was in was dark, as I couldn't see much. My head was aching with pain, as I got up from the dark floor.

"Soul please select a server or queue for a new one." The server said again as I looked around full of confusion. As these words were said, lights turned on illuminating the room around me.

"How?" I asked but was ignored. I guess I would have to figure this out by myself.

Across the room, books were cluttered all over the wooden floors. Everywhere I looked there were different types of books all using different forms of syllables. My head continued to throb as I began to look around for what the voice was speaking of.

Why am I here? I pondered as my head ached.

For now, all I can do is listen to what the voice said I thought beginning to branch off from what I was thinking of previously.

Bookshelves covered the walls full of books of all sorts. One book stuck out to me, as I pulled it from its shelf dust stuck to it. The cover was made of leather, with the single word adaptability written on it. The book felt as if it was calling upon me to open it, as I continued to look around the room. The tension in the air grew as I continued searching through the books looking for any clue I could find, my head beginning to hurt even more with every minute passing by.

Why is it so tempting to open this book? I asked myself as I looked at it again. My head was hitting its limit, as the pain was becoming unbearable. All I could think now of was this book, and giving in to temptation I opened the book.

My headache now had completely stopped in its tracks, and I could think again. Continuing to peer through the pages, each marking with unique runic-like syllables on it. Reaching the final page it contained one word I could understand, learning.

Why was this word understandable, unlike the rest in this book? Maybe the other pages had changed too now? Flipping through the pages all were still the same until I flipped to the first page. The syllables, I could still not read were now glowing red. Every second now, I could hear my heart racing, and my head started to ache again. My sight was slowly beginning to diminish as everything felt hazy. I shut the book, seeing everything move before me.

"What's happening?" I said while falling to the floor.


Getting up from the floor, I noticed all books were gone, except for the book with the word adaptability on its cover. Grabbing it, I stood up and looked around the room. The shelves now empty, had looked as if somebody had cleaned them since they looked brand new.

"Soul please select a server or queue for a new one."

The strange voice had repeated itself it seemed. Opening the book again, I peered throughout the pages, but to no avail. Only the words adaptability on the cover, and learning on the final page was still there. I shut the book as I continued looking for what the strange voice had asked of me.

Turning around from the bookshelf I was searching, lay a table with a tablet on it. Going over to it, I turned on the tablet, just for it to vanish. Where did it go? I asked myself, as a bright blue window popped up in front of me.

"Soul please select a server or queue for a new one."

This time I somewhat understood what the voice was saying. The top right corner showed a button that stated queue for a new server, while the rest of the pop-up window showed different names any of which I could join. Scrolling to the bottom took a while, but it had seemed to be around for thousands of years. Now finished, looking at all the servers, I decided better to queue for a new one with others. Servers seemed to be like worlds. Each world was unique, but you could only choose one to live in. I wonder if it'll be nice when I start to live in a world I thought.

Tapping the button in the top right corner it asked are you sure? Not really, but I'll act like I am. Tapping the confirmation button, gave me the feeling of dizziness as I hit the floor. I hope I'll enjoy my life in this world I will be in soon...

"You are now queued for a new server."

"Three... Two... One... The server has now been created."


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