The mire of Rulvux valley

The mire of Rulvux valley

by mr meow

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

The mire of Rulvux valley

In the country of Archmems, in the valley of the Rulvax mountains a core has formed within the recently flooded area. now the land maybe changed forever due to geo convergence.

a dungeon core theme story around the changing of species. 

redoing the story

credit to gej302 for the cover.

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Well, not much to say about it so far. The story does have its grammar problems in earlier chapters, but I noticed it got better overtime. The story itself, well there is not much so far aside from seeing the growth of the dungeons creatures. But that is because I believe this story is still very early development. The author needs more time to improve both writing skills and story. Something I believe they are capable of. And if they decide to essentially make this slice of life, that is good too. Sometimes simple slice of life can be a good break from the other stories out there. Give the story time, and it should hopefully get better. And I will say that the evolution system unique. It doesn't use the typical transform from one species to another by itself, and instead uses an accelerated version of natural evolution and adaptation before getting to that.  That truly makes this story a lot better and unique.