My next life as a skeleton.

My next life as a skeleton.

by Night_phantom

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

My father was going to kill my mother. Should i save her.

I made a decision and saved her but got killed in this incident.

When i opened my eyes i was a skeleton in a dungeon.

I will become stronger and will not die in this life.

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An adventurous afterlife?

Reviewed at: Shadow Wolf's

A good story with an intriguing character. It is fun to see someone who isn’t perfect or genius once in a while.

I remove some points for grammatical errors and the story kinda zooms past details. Although that just might be a problem with the start of the story and the author wants to leave the dungeon quicker idk.

So far the MC has interacted with three people, one became a friend to meet on the surface, another leached exp. I would have loved to see more action with different characters but didn’t take points of for this.

It is a fun story about a skeleton become stronger with a human mind and a janky system.


Not bad but not great

Reviewed at: Orc Warrior

A pretty standard reincarnation story. The litrpg aspects seem well thought out. Its the standard mmorpg lvl system so not much to say there. The main character is kinda bland but thats basically all reincarnation protags these days. But since he's a skeleton that gets a plus from me. Not much uniqueness to it but if you want a standard and pretty ok skeleton litrpg this is a pretty good choice.This site lacks good undead related stories and this ones a pretty okay one to pick. But just one tidbit the grammar and style is rough around the edges. Its not unreadable but the flow and punctuation mistakes definitely hurt my experience reading this. The sentence structure in some parts is really abymssal. I get the feeling the author may not speak english as his 1st language from the way he writes. Of course this is just a conjunction maybe its just new writer syndrome. Either way the writing style makes my opnion of this drop from a good story to just okay in my opnion. Finally upload schedule seems pretty consistent right now so thats a plus from me.


A request for the author you got something good here but please use grammarly or some other writing app to straighten out your writing and itll make it 10 times better.