The Pinocchio Update

The Pinocchio Update

by Wandering Agent

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

In 2206 the world has evolved.  Megacorps rule entire sections of the economy, their dictates commanding governments.  The most potent is Cidel Robotics, producers of high end AI and androids.  When an update changes everything how will the world respond?  How can one companion android navigate this new world?

This will include NFSW scenes, they will be marked in their chapters for those who wish to avoid them.

On hiatus.

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Wandering Agent

Wandering Agent

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So this seems to be an ok story, nothing great but no glaring weaknesses either. There is a few internal consistancy issues. I am not really sure where the story is supposed to be going, probably why it is on hiatus.

So far it tells the story of a prison guard android when androids get an update and now can think for themselves.


Looks very promising, with an awesome premise

Reviewed at: Chapter 10 First Time

TLDR : Great premise with a good writing, characters sometimes meh but overall a promising fiction.

So it's still quite early on as I write this, so it's hard to really tell where this will be going but we can already tell it's going to be good ^^

For starters the writing is nice, no typo/mistakes I can see, and it flows smoothly, not too rushed, or too descriptive.

It's not the author's first fiction on RR, and Melody is long enough that I have high hope for where this'll go, although the author does have a tendency to push forward ideas and subjects they want to talk about, even if it doesn't quite fit the story sometime (in my opinion at least) and the characters tend to be quite simple.

The premise all by itself would have interested me, and the start had me hooked on the story aswell, tho Jason is kinda... Awkwardly simpleminded ? Like as a character. Still a great dude tho.

All in all, you shoud give it a try if the tags are your alley, at least I will.


200 words ??? That's a heckuva lot words inn'it. bla bla bla bla words ?


Interesting premise, Bladerunner-inspired?

Reviewed at: Chapter 1 Courts, Factories, and Prison

Now, im reviewing this after only the first chapter, so I will definitely be updating later (around chapter 10 seems good?). I have greatly enjoyed Wandering Agents other novel, melody of mana, which is how I found this. This story is very different though. Rather than a fantasy story based around magic, it seems heavily inspired by Bladerunner, though the premise seems to share many aspects with Jennifer Government. A futuristic/SciFi novel with political and phlosophical elements. Certainly, I am excired to see where this is going.