Echoes of the Tribulation: An Historical Apocalypse LitRPG Series.

Echoes of the Tribulation: An Historical Apocalypse LitRPG Series.

by Carl Dehal

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

What you can expect:

 The year is 1329, and the Horns of the Apocalypse are about to sound.

In a small Scottish town, a young boy begins a journey from a carpenter's apprentice to one of the most powerful forces in the Host of the Heavens.

His Journey: A path of adversity lies before him, spanning from the Scottish Borders to the Spanish Reconquista, the Holy Land, and Realms beyond. 

His Ascension: An unceasing trial, where one misstep may condemn his soul. Our hero must discover a path of progress and conquest over mythical beasts, hordes of demons, and the other fell beings created by the System for the Tribulation of Mankind. 

His Tribulation: Will he live by the Words of God, be guided by his own intent, or will other forces claim him for their own ends?

His Fate: ...

Is yet to be determined.

Discover the wonder of the Tribulation Apocalypse in Chapter one of the Echoes of the Tribulation: an Historical Apocalypse LitRPG Series.

Current Schedule (As at October 2021): 1 chapter per week.

Updates on Schedule available in Pre-Chapter Author Notes.
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JcW Swe

Historical blend with fantasy and litrpg

Reviewed at: Chapter 11: Levels

The author seems to be educated/well read in medieval history and tries to incorporate his knowledge in the story to make it as authentic as possible. That is always good when the authors takes the time to research. 


The story then blends how life in medieval Scotland might have been in a parallell universe with stats, tribulations and monsters. It is well written so far with likeable characters. 


I really like it so far, and it feels like it will be a really great story!


The pacing is a bit slow though, and I hope atleast some time skips will occur ,or that the story won't go too much in to every detail, so it won't be 100's of pages of the first month or two of the story. But pacing is always hard to get right in stories, as all of us readers have different preferences.

Other than that, I don't have much criticism and like I stated above, I'm really looking forward reading this story, that I feel have great potential!


The story is well-written, well researched, and well-edited. It's a little bit on the slower side, our MC doesn't become the Hero who saves the world overnight like in some stories, but the pacing works well for this kind of story. Liam is not only getting stronger in levels but also as a man, discovering who he wants to be and how to become that person. Basically, he's human. And I enjoy that a lot. 10/10 rubber duckies.


I get the feeling that this will be one of the greats of royalroad if it continues, everything feels so smooth and polished, the characters feel real and everything has a deep sense of wonder, as we are seeing things from the middle ages under a completely new lense. To add to this, when I first started reading, I accidently skipped to the most recent current chapter by accident (dont ask me how, I've got no idea.), and I genuinely didn't realise until I'd finished. The story was so good I felt as if I knew the characters already, and it was all so comprehensible that I had no trouble following it even after skipping to the most recent chapter, all without compromising on quality. 

TLDR: can't recommend enough


This is a wondeful blend of pretty well researched old scotland, and the new and modern fascination with LitRPG! I'd highly recommend for anyone taken by both historical novels, fantasy or litrpg! Characters are really good, the setting is brilliant and the interplay between immediate character interactions and the larger-scale plot elements is excellent. One of the easiest 5/5's ive given on RR! 


An Excellent Mix of History and Fantasy

Reviewed at: Chapter 20: Glitnir

This is an extremely promising new story, offering an interesting mix of historical accuracy and fantasy, with a comprehensive LitRPG system thrown in the mix. As of chapter 20, I really recommend it to all that like LitRPG! The historical part is well researched as well, with realistic descriptions of buildings, characters, weapons, among others.


A Historical LitRPG?.... BRILLIANT!

Reviewed at: Chapter 21: Harbinger

It's a LitRPG that feels like it was written by someone who majored in history.... and yet somehow it works perfectly, between the excellent pacing and deep lore (don't worry, it's all show but not tell.... no info dumps here boys.) it just all clicks together so well.
In my opinion it's criminal that this story isn't more highly rated, if it continues then i can certainly see it being one of the big hitters.

I've seen some people talking in the comments about grammar or how they were annoyed about some characters having an accent written in, maybe it's because i came along a bit later and am reading an edited version, but i had no complaints on that side.
The character starts off as a bit of a blank slate, but he gradually comes into himself as he explores the world and is shaped by his circumstances, again, no complaints here.
Honestly, the only reason I'm still writing at this point is because 200 words feels like it's longer then you would think, I'm sure that everyone can see my point by now, it's a great read with a good slow burn.... go out and give it a try.


Heavy attention to historical detail pays off

Reviewed at: Chapter 4: Intent

This story is incredibly well thought out. My gut feeling is to compare it to Bernard Cornwell's incomparable trilogy of Arthurian legend Warlord Chronicles. If you were to try and craft a LitRPG with the same care in detail, I imagine this is what you would get.

This story deserves to be read

That being said - for me and many others, we won't be the ones to be reading it in its entirety. The only detractor to this fantastic story is its greatest strength - the setting. If you are not currently looking to read a story based on real world history then the enjoyment will falter after finding appreciation of the craftwork put into its creation.

If this isn't a published author's penname posting a forray into serialized fiction then I'm utterly astonished. I can't wait to see what other worlds Carl Dehal can come up with once done in this one.

Lee Williams

This is a great story and im hoping it keeps going that way i love that the litrpg elements arent half the chapters like most of the storys of that genre are.Also love historical stories so thats a huge bonus and even better about Scotland looking forward to were you take this great story.


"The first angel sounded, and there followed hail and fire mingled with blood, and they were cast upon the earth: and the third part of trees was burnt up, and all green grass was burnt up." - Revelations 8:7 (King James Version)

I normally don't write reviews for stories since I am not very good at them, but this story is an exception. This story is a masterpiece and in my opinion, has the potential to become one of the best Lit-RPGs on the website. Here is why:

TLDR Overall (5/5):

This story is amazing. I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys the slower Lit-RPG novels with a very in-depth crafted world, lore, magic system, and regular system as well as those who enjoy the historical aspects being reflected.



Style (5/5):
The style follows the basic premise of a Lit-RPG story. The inhabitants of the world have access to a system that encompasses skills, stats, levels, etc. This is pretty basic, but the other goes a step beyond. The stats and the table are not the default blue background stat table, and they are not basic English. IT IS WRITTEN IN LATIN! , I am not a Latin connoisseur and thus cannot say whether or not the Latin is grammatically correct, but I don't need to. Even if it is in another language, the meaning gets across and makes one feel truly absorbed into the world.

The world is another aspect of this story that is amazing. The author has done a very large amount of research regarding the setting, this will be elaborated more in the story portion, and the world seems like it fits the story and that the story truly belongs in that world.

Story (5/5):

The story takes place in 1300's Scotland, during the time of Robert the Bruce and the pope residing in Avignon following asylum from the civil wars happening in Italy. It follows Liam, an orphan apprentice carpenter who dreams of becoming a knight. We get a nice amount of character building and some lore/world-building before the first chapter brings us into the main mystery of the world. We get introduced to the system and what it will mean for the inhabitants of this medieval world. 

The world itself is beautifully done, following faithfully in the historical footsteps of the time, each chapter usually has a note about the author explaining where the different aspects of the story came from and how they were actually used in the 1300s and our history. It also mixes in elements of Magic and a weird, but frankly really well done, mix of Christian and Norse mythology (I will not go on more for spoilers), and the author has perfectly blended them. The research into the diverse aspects of both mythos and the tidbits of knowledge at the end of each chapter are a joy for people who enjoy history.

The character/story development does go a little bit slow after pieces of actions, but I find this to be more of a positive than a negative. Usually, long, filler chapters are boring, but in this case, they allow one to fully immerse themselves in the world and follow through with some very meaningful character development. This is due to how the author writes them to be not boring even if they may not include fights.

I also forgot to mention fights. The author has done their research and it shows. The author has gone through historical records of battle formations, sieges, and essentially how combat was done at that time and has brought that into his world and honestly, it elevates this story to more than just a flurry of punches and abilities being thrown out.

Grammar (4.5/5):

The grammar itself is fine, I only docked half a point because sometimes some minor grammatical errors will pop up here and there but they are usually caught by the early commenters and promptly fixed by the author, though some do sneak in through the cracks.

Character (5/5):

The characters in this story, Liam, and all of the main/accompanying cast are very well written with in-depth backstories that come out slowly as you read through the chapters. It doesn't feel like a bland generic character, but rather an MC and cast that belongs in the world and has appropriate stakes in what happens. 

some total kretin


Reviewed at: Chapter 26: Ascension

TL;DR: Great implementation of hero's journey with a training montage that gave me a need to read some old treaties and maybe improve myself more. Great Scotsman, this is some properly good reading by an author who likes to teach and expound on a multitude of topics. And loves to learn. :)

I love you, author, as you've made art which imparts want to learn besides entertainment. Thank you.

This is what it looks like when you use the genre for your purpose. When you are good enough to either understand or feel the rules and internalize them, you can use the right tools in the right situation and create a work of beauty. And it left me in awe.

That said, there are a few things that could make me happier when reading. The training montage feels, despite the deliberate pace, a bit hurried, and I might have preferred to take it slower.

Even though, now, reflecting upon the situation of the world created by the imagination and knowledge you present, it might not be in as much of a hurry as I thought. There is, after all, the world opening at large, and the scope of building it needs to keep the level of detail is fit for several books.

Oh, how I hem. Oh, how I haw. For I don't want to stop pondering the world and what else can I find in this font of fun and childlike sense of glee and anticipation of learning something I have dismissed, now given new enticing forms. But it is time to stop my tangent and get to a review, short as it might be.

How do you rate the grammar of someone, who knows more of several language systems than you do? You don't. You just acknowledge it is beyond you for now. Let's leave it for some other time, ages and ages hence and trod the road well travelled by.

Style? Oh, it is glorious. I have seen better, but it is, as much as everything here, used with uncommon competency. And not just for this site. I have not been reminded of Capek; My favourite author, not just for his use of Czech language in some of his works I've read and treasure, and see as a benchmark for exceptional style, but I think it serves the purpose of the book just well enough to let it shine.

Story. As far as stories go, it is the weakest link of this fiction. Oh, don't misunderstand. It is not even close to mediocrity, but it is the worldbuilding and knowledge imparted in it, that permeates every fibre of it, that elevates it to the height of truly good. May it continue for just long enough to bring me a satisfying closure and a lot more inspiration for more reading. It is just a simple premise detailed and wrought well, that shines beyond its constraints.

And characters for last. As historical novels go, the characters are archetypes. Don't expect truly complex characters, for what you see is mostly what you get. This constraint of the hero's journey was not shaken and stands to support the story well. Mayhaps they could have been better. But still, they serve to keep me focused and greedily reading.

Oh well, now I have to read this pageturner several more times to think over all the presented information and learn what I've missed in haste for MORE. Like breadcrumbs of delicious fresh bread, that once consumed beckons you to find all those small pieces on and under the table in a desperate bid to taste it again and consume it truly whole.