A Dying World [DROPPED]

by crazieaznkid

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Gender Bender

Riley was a college student at Sun Tzu's Military Academy, the bestof the world. His life is cut short when his soul is ripped from his body and summoned into the body of a slave woman in another world. King Caligula summoned Riley as a Hero as the final act of desperation as his country is on the verge of collapse due to the heavy cost of fighting against monstrous invaders. As a hero, Riley has access to the Hero System, an omnipotent system that guides him in his quest to save others. Riley chooses to embrace his new identity, but at a great cost to himself. One that he may never recover from unless he can get help from elsewhere.

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4th Anniversary
Word Count (15)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Book 1: Chapter 001 - Summoning ago
Poll: Main Character's Class/Strength ago
Book 1: Chapter 002 - Awakening ago
Book 1: Chapter 003 - The Hero System ago
Book 1: Chapter 004 - The First Quest ago
Book 1: Chapter 005 - Motivation ago
Book 1: Chapter 006 - Mysteries ago
Book 1: Chapter 007 - To Plan Ahead ago
Book 1: Chapter 008 - Resolve ago
Book 1: Chapter 009 - Final Preparations ago
Book 1: Chapter 010 - Revelations (Mini Arc 1 - End) ago
Book Extra: Chapter Zedd - To Set Right What Once Went Wrong ago
Book 2: Chapter 011 - The Duke's Lands ago
Book 2: Chapter 012 - Mystery of the North ago
Book 2: Chapter 013 - Housebound ago
Book 2: Chapter 014 - Siren Hunt ago
Book 2: Chapter 015 - Consequences ago
Poll: Dialogue ago
Book 2: Chapter 016 - Anna's Teachings ago
Book 2: Chapter 017 - Anzio ago
Book 2: Chapter 018 - Garnet's Duties (Mini Arc 2 - End) ago
Book Extra: Chapter Charles Wellington - The First Meeting ago
Book 3: Chapter 019 - Behind the Scenes ago
Book 3: Chapter 020 - Zedd's Plans ago
Book 3: Chapter 021 - The Occupation of Antium ago
Book 3: Chapter 022 - The Execution Grounds ago
Book 3: Chapter 023 - Escalation ago
Book 3: Chapter 024 - March of the Dead ago
Book 3: Chapter 025 - Purge (End of Mini Arc 3) ago
Book Extra: Rejected Ideas ago
Book 4: Chapter 026 - Plans ago
Book 4: Chapter 027 - Test of the Hero (Part 1) - Might ago
Book 4: Chapter 028 - Test of the Hero (Part 2) - A Test of Character ago
Book 4: Chapter 029 - Zedd's History of the Hero ago
Book 4: Chapter 030 - The Red Star ago
Book 4: Chapter 031 - The First Invasion ago
Book 4: Chapter 032 - Departure (Mini Arc 4/Antium Arc End) ago
Plans: Second Major Arc - Constantinople (Not a Chapter) ago
Book 5: Chapter 033 - Starting in Anzio ago
Book 5: Chapter 034 - Spirits of Nature ago
Book 5: Chapter 035 - Royal Workshop ago
Book 5: Chapter 036 - Auction House ago
Book 5: Chapter 037 - Treasures ago
Book 5: Chapter 038 - Expedition ago
Book 5: Chapter 039 - Journey East ago
Book 5: Chapter 040 - Plague ago
Book 5: Chapter 041 - The Power of Mana ago
Book 5: Chapter 042 - Leviathan's Treasure ago
Book 5: Chapter 043 - Crossen ago
Book 5: Chapter 044 - The Grey Hunters ago
Book 6 Preview: Chapter 044.5 - The Dark Mage Council ago
Poll: Garnet's Second Class Change ago
A Dying World On Google Docs ago
Book 6: Chapter 045 - The Ruined City ago
Book 6: Chapter 046 - City Guardians ago
Book 6: Chapter 047 - Threat of Darkness ago
Book 6: Chapter 048 - Mount Ararat ago
Book 6: Chapter 049 - Guardian of Metal ago
Book 6: Chapter 050 - The Hidden Vault ago
Book 6: Chapter 051 - The Power of a Wish ago
Book 6: Chapter 052 - The Dark Blizzard ago
Book 6: Chapter 053 - Declaration of War ago
Book 6: Chapter 051.5R - Reawakening (Some Book 7 Spoilers) ago
Injury Announcement -> Slight Delay (4/30/2016) ago
Book 7: Chapter 054 - Ban, Barrier Guardian ago
Book 7: Chapter 055 - Sunny, Master of Transformations ago
Book 7: Chapter 056 - Shaman Queen ago
Book 7: Chapter 057 - The Messenger ago
Book 7: Chapter 058 - Escalation ago
Book 7: Chapter 059 - The Three Dark Mages ago
Book 7: Chapter 060 - Undead Summoners ago
Book 7: Chapter 061 - Undead Machines ago
Book 7: Chapter 062 - Next Goals (Book 7 End) ago
Book 8: Chapter 063 - The Northern Walls ago
Book 8: Chapter 064 - In Pursuit of Strength ago
Where The Chapters At? - Hiatus Until Early August ago
Book 8: Chapter 065 - Zedd's Deeds ago
Book 8: Chapter 066 - The Odd Eyed Tiger ago
Book 8: Chapter 067 - The Divine Phoenix Clan ago
Book 8: Chapter 068 - Chasers ago
Book 8: Chapter 069 - Akiza ago
Book 8: Chapter 070 - The Ancient Tomb ago
Book 8: Chapter 071 - The Metal Knights ago
Book 8: Chapter 070Z - Zedd's Task ago
Book 8: Chapter 072 - The Divine Dryad ago
Book 9 - Chapter 073Z - Han Dou Gu's Plan ago
Chapter 074 - Arthur the Betrayer ago
Chapter 075L - Lucy ago
Chapter 074.2 - Arthur's Assault ago
I'm Going to Rewrite the Story From Scratch ago
Changes to Riley's Powers, Reordered Events, Etc. ago

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misleading description

drop to ch. 18

since riley isnt the mc anymore

not cool bro

not cool

  • Overall Score

dude at start it was gut but then sudden shift with mc to garnet and riley becomes just some kind of log under legs for author.. uncool man, uncool

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Anyone can be a Hero!!!

The story theme may be the same old one, but the contents of this one surely are very different, at least in terms of how the methods employed to save the world.  The Main character is something that is very likable and has a very interesting twist in how the hero summoning worked and later on how things changes for the better for the MC at least. A likable MC leads to a good story is what I think. There isn’t only killing involved, but whatever comes when one takes the responsibility of all things considered political, economics, military, development etc. 


P.S. [About the Tags] There are Comedy and VR, which surely there isn’t any when I read, but VR system concept is employed is the meaning. Also, if anyone is either put-off by the Gender-Bender tag or is interested in this story because of it, then sadly, at least for me the Concept is not really utilized properly, it’s just there for the aesthetics. But, there is no need to worry because the story is still a good read independent of these factors.

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Good storyline, fast paced and interesting

The story is interesting and has an epicness needed for a fantasy novel. Some typos and name confusions. Are there where characters are referred by wrong name which can be inferred from reading the context.. Also the dialogue feels monotonous and not even a bit emotional.. 


Except fir a another round of PR and  some dialogue or interaction changes the story is definitely top in the fantasy genre of this site. 

Sirantulas/That guy
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A nice spin on the summoned Hero genre

This review is from a person who only read up to chapter 9 of Book 1 so please keep that in mind. Also this is my PERSONAL opinion so it may differ from yours and since i hate spoilers i keep it mostly free of them (might spoil chap 1-3 here and there)


The Author writes this work mostly in 3rd person. So for anyone not interested in Mr. Author telling us a story and sometimes switches to the perspective of the MC´s inner thoughts this probably won´t be for you.


We have our (Ex) Male MC who gets summoned to another world by sacrificing/fusing their souls together and the Vessel for the summoning happens to be a Slave Prostitute which was bought from a brothel for the summoning and as usual the king gives an unreasonable demand to help his country, which he/she does but not in the usual fashion.

I won´t write anymore about the story since I want to avoid Spoiling as much as possible


As a german who only had 10 years of school english it is very easy to read and i haven´t found any Grammar issues with it (so take this with a grain of salt)


The King: The usual shitstain on a throne

The one who summons the MC: Very likeable person but very secretive

MC (Male part): As far as the story told us he was a guy at a Military Academy

MC (female part): Slave prostitute who speacializes in information gathering

MC (fused): seems to adapt very fast to the fact that he now has a female body and memories of a slave prostitute and starts becoming a powerful mage over time, sadly no struggle in any of the fights until now.

All in all I like the characters but something doesn´t sit right with me on a few of them (not listed here to avoid spoilers) which brought this part down 1/2 a star.


And to the Author:

This is a great story. I will definetly continue to read this until the end

  • Overall Score

Good read but needs rework

I liked this story to read all 91 chapters. I felt as the author pointed out it needed to be redone. A lack of description the original protagonist discarded and then added back later as a side character. The new protagonist for some reason takes care of her children for a short time and then abandons them as if it’s normal behavior. Maybe it is to her. The beginning statements that the world is really corrupt and needs help is later abandoned so is statements that normal people don’t travel from city to city. Overall the story got me wanting to see the gamer evolution of the protagonists.

  • Overall Score

But I came for the gender bender........

At first I liked the story but  later our mc kinda “changes” and turns out  wasn’t really the gender bent mc I came for  not ganna go into details as it will count as a spoiler , the mc does extremely annoying stuff such as being fine with being the second and thinking of herself as a slave even thou she’s supposed to be the hero -.- I don’t think I will continue in reading stopped at chapter 15

  • Overall Score

not that good too positive review

i feel like its not that good......................................................

  • Overall Score

The writing feels boring and emotionless. Nothing that has happened made me care about any of the characters, and the dialogue feels awkward and forced since nothing really flows with cause & effect.

  • Overall Score

yeey... another gender bender get.

uehehehehe.... >///<