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Level up. Get stronger. Kill hostile aliens with the help of a friendly AI. Alan’s done it all before. Yet Earth is facing an impending invasion, and it might be his fault the government has already surrendered. Given another chance to find his path in the Game, Alan needs to do better. If he doesn’t he faces a lifetime of servitude—or worse.

New Gam3+ is a sequel, but reading The Gam3 is not required. Updates weekly on Saturday.

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Warning: This review does include spoilers. Don't read too much of it if you don't want to be spoiled.

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. This story here has been a long time coming. We've all known that the first chapter would be released within the next few decades, yet nobody could have guessed it would be put out this early. How does one forge a masterpiece like this in such a short time?

I'm joking, of course. Not gonna call this here a masterpiece, when only the first chapter has been released. That would be like basing the entirety of any other story based on the prologue. Not a good idea there, I'll tell ya, but let's just get right into it.

This is going to be a very early review, seeing as there really hasn't been more than 1.8k words released, and will therefore be somewhat lacking in nearly every department. I would honestly just love to draw in information and other sources from the author's previous works, yet the man himself has stated this current work will be written to make it readable to those who haven't yet read his other work that operates in the same literary universe. If anybody desires reviews about that book series, I suggest they find it on its designated page.

Anywho, the first thing to notice is that Alan the MC is back in full force, seemingly ready to take on whatever foe he desires(purely subjective opinion here. He doesn't actually say that directly or anything). He has been seemingly thrown back into the start of the game, forced to take on challenges previously beaten. We also get another helping character back into the fray, this time with a name change to better differentiate them in the reader's head. A very good idea, in my personal opinion.

The grammar is, without question, already something of the top 1% in terms of quality. There is close to no real errors that I was able to find, so good on the author for that, I suppose.

The style? Again, I need to say that the author is already writing at a level much higher than what the website puts on the average. It is however not at the level we might have seen before with the author, due to one simple reason. What is being sent out to us at the current date (02-08-2021) is a very rough draft of what is to be. It will be improved later on, as the story progresses, but they're still might be some points where the style choices feel a bit clanky to read. Nothing terrible, of course, but any of the older readers might notice this as they continue into this upcoming masterpiece.

With the story itself, I don't feel that I can say a whole lot about it yet. This is still only a review based on the first chapter, and basing the entire framework of the future story based on those measly few words read is a very dumb idea. I can say that what we have seen until now spells good things for what is to come, but there is no real way that I can back this claim up. 

Overall, I do look forward to what there is to be released in the coming months, and I am sure that there are many others who share this same idea. 5/5 from me.

Mark Long

We need more chapters for the story. Are you publishing this work. Might want to give up the rough draft so we can help. However I thought there were more chapters. I like the premise of the story. What is we are living in a simulation, no a simulation of a simulation of a simulation? If you don't know if you are a simulation in the first plan how could you know if you are in many iteration of a simulation. How can you deny you are in simulation if all you senses can be emulated. Thanks.