The Wired Phantasmagoria Grimoires

The Wired Phantasmagoria Grimoires

by 21stcenturyschizoidenby

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

In a time not so far from our own, in a city not so far from you, strange things are happening. Deaths, monsters, mysterious and poetic final letters, madness, machinated abominations... Is this all the result of one conspiracy? Or, has this gauntlet been wrought by a collective, unconcious desire for danger, a feral and instinctual life in the food chain? What is happening? What, if anything should we do to stop it? Who will rise in these times, who will crumble, and who will even notice a difference?

This is but one of my Serial Experiments in fiction writing.

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Personally, I find it hard to properly express my thoughts in a concise review, and so I tend to not even try. Even if I have something to say, I struggle to push myself to actually take the plunge to write and post one. 

However, I find it necessary for TWPG because of a few factors. 

The first being that I absolutely adore it, for reasons I will get to below. The second being that it is nearly entirely unacknowledged. But there are several such works like that, so what really motivated me to review and recommend TWPG is to motivate the author because I truly love their writing, and the passion that pours out on the page.

The Wired Phantasmagoria Grimoires is the kind of story that makes me consider writing, and that's not something many other works can do. 

Prelude above. 

The Wired Phantasmagoria Grimoirs is a genre-bending story that uses detailed imagery and unconventional POV and chronological switches to consistently unsettle and enrapture the reader in a way no other piece of media I've ever consumed has. 

It takes elements of mystery, leans into noire, fairy tales, and dives deep into body horror in a unique blend that is a treat to read. 

TWPG's greatest asset is its imagery. The detailed descriptions paint portraits like few others, and as a fan of the grotesque and eldritch, I personally find them riveting. 

Another unique aspect of TWPG is that it has a playlist. This isn't really relevant to the review but you should check it out.

I won't spoil anything in regards to the story itself, and it's still relatively early, but I can confidently recommend this as one of my personal favorites, and something that is more than worth your time. 

This review doesn't touch explicitly on many of the RR mainstays, so I will quickly sum up my thoughts on them so far. 

Style: Truly exceptional and inspired. 

Grammar: I didn't really notice many flaws that I can remember, but take that with a grain of salt. There wasn't anything intrusive or disruptive to the reading experience. 

Story: Heavily reliant on how interested you are in the setting, but since the setting is very interesting, it's got its hooks in me. 

Character: The toughest for me personally to evaluate. I enjoy the characters, particularly the main duo and the first introduced character, but I wouldn't say they're a driving force in reading the novel.