Singer Sailor Merchant Mage

Singer Sailor Merchant Mage

by Notlimah

Car . . .  Ice . . . Corner . . . Do not mix. But never mind! Here I am - alive somehow and somewhere different? There's an orange glow and I can't control my body much . . . Wow I'm tired . . . it's time to sleep again . . . 

Join our lead getting used to their new world from the womb and their new life with stats, levels and magic. What would you do if you were given a second chance at life? 
Very slow burn, Slice of life, Levels, Skills and Stats

Warning I : Will be in the womb till Chapter 14 but small 1000 word chapters so only around 15,000 words before birth.

Warning II : Slow pace and world building learning from a child's perspective about the world, they are not told about everything instantly. They grow they learn at their own pace. 

Larger Synopsis for the larger world. 

Follow our lead as they explore the world of the Compass Kingdoms, who battle and war on the main continent. The story will be about levelling up their friends and families lives as much as themselves. The challenges they will all face in trying to build a better future against the powers that would like things to stay the same or take advantages of the changes.

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For this most part, this story is alright. Isekai'd into a womb, gestated for however long, born, and so on and so forth. That isn't where the plausibilitiy issues come into play, because willing suspence of disbelief can cover all of that. Plausibility is an issue a little bit later, though.


There's a little bit too much white space in the actual writing style. Not every thought deserves a new paragraph, and having a series of very short (<10 word) paragraphs in succession just doesn't really read all that well. But, this could be a somewhat harsh rating as there hasn't been any dialogue yet, and writing without any interactions between characters can be very difficult. The internal monologue could be clearer, but it isn't a massive issue.


There's nothing wrong with the grammar, as far as I have read. Perfectly servicable, if nothing astounding.


This is, I think, where the bulk of the issues are.

Most of the issues I have with plausibility are that the Main Character is only a baby on the surface level. Most of the problems with being in a baby's body are just... absent. Even if you isekai hand-wave away the endless problems stemming from a baby's brain being tiny and entirely incapable of sustaining adult-level consciousness in the womb or infancy, there are still physiological problems.

Babies start crawling at 8-ish months because they don't have a developed enough nervous system to properly control their limbs much before that point, but the MC manages within 2 months. 5 months I could accept at a stretch, maybe, because magic isekai, but 2 months is entirely too early. Crawling away and smashing ants during the same season that you were born is just straight up impossible, regardless of how developed your brain is. The MC already spent months sitting motionless, it's hardly going to detract from the story if you let him continue doing so for a little while longer.

From birth, the MC hums along with his mother's lullabies. They seem perfectly fine with it and don't really care, despite already having had a child and having a support network to ask "hey, is it normal that my child is immediately recognising and mimicking music?". Regardless of whether a world is medieval, industrial, modern, or space age, people have a general idea of how quickly children develop, and entirely ignoring your child doing something that has never been done before, ever, is the kind of lunacy that comes from bad writing.

And that isn't even touching on the MC gaining skills for echolocation and swimming, of all things, while still in the womb.



We haven't really seen much of any of the characters other than the MC, and even then it's been in a very, very limited circumstance. This could go either way, but 5 stars as a courtesy seems about right.


I can understand wanting an MC that is powerful and has some agency, but it has to be within plausible limits. Having your MC learn to talk very quickly because they're miles ahead of the average toddler mentally? Great. Expected. Having your MC physically develop much, much faster than normal with absolutely no explanation other than impatience is less so.

Writing an isekai literally from the womb onwards probably isn't the best storyline to get impatient and insert character agency into. Realistically, the MC shouldn't really have any agency until early to late childhood, and even then most parents will be very careful to make sure their child hasn't run off and joined a gang. 

Be a little bit more patient, start the story with an older MC, or have time jumps. Rather than a chapter as a 2-month old infant, skip to 2 years and have a paragraph of infodump, then let the MC move around. Just don't entirely ignore human physiology.

This is genuinely a lovely concept to start a story with, just... tone it down a tad? Babies are babies for more reasons than just being about as dumb as a pomeranian, and being smarter than a pomeranian doesn't magic away those reasons.


Still too early to really tell were this is going but I like the womb training montage I have read so far.

It deals not only with the MC groing stronger but also some of the potentially detrimental effects such a long period of quasi isolation might have on someone. While still staying rather lighthearted.


14 chapters in amniotic fluid

Reviewed at: Chapter 14: D Day

This is a well written story but sooooooo slow.  If babies were actually this aware while in the womb they'd come out with psychological issues. There's simply no plot and no hook to grab your attention. At the rate the foetus was developing skills I'm surprised it didn't cut it's own way out and cauterise the wouund with a fireball.


I like the story and it is well written.  However the pacing is just so slow.  I wouldn't even call it a slow burn, it's more comparable to a doused fire.  Still worth reading, just hope the author speeds things up.  Word Word Word Word Word Word Word Word Word Word Word Word 

Seth Enigma

Short chapter, loooooong status sheets

Reviewed at: Chapter 24: Playing with fire

Great litrpg in the making but, damn. the chapters need meat! 

Definitely one to watch but hopefully one that will continue for some time. I've been hurt before lol.

Lots of odd context errors that sometimes throw you off and the occasional weird sentence structure but the plot and MC are compelling, at the very least.


I like the concept. Reincarnation into babyhood, while it has been done before, is still interesting. Moreover, your portrayal is quite interesting in its own right. Anyone wanting to see a baby get progressively more and more OP(whilst also being confined by reason and simple physics) will find a nice place here. Shame it isn't longer.

Rhok Gehrig

Smooth reading. A treat in the making.

Reviewed at: Chapter 24: Playing with fire

I am a huge fan of the pace of this story. But before I explain why, another story from here that I LOVE has the opposite pace that is the perfect contrast. Tree of Aeons. The pace of that story seems fast, because you are dealing with decades at a time for events to happen. Tree of Aeons feels like a grand epic, matching its timeline scale.

This story.... All the events happens in such a short time. One year so far. But it's pace perfectly matches the timeline. Yes that pace is the exact opposite of the aforementioned great story, but it fits so well into the life of the MC. His circumstances allow us to spend more time with him directly, getting to know him on a deep level. This pace has given us (I assume I am not the only one to read into his choices) a chance to see the mistakes he is making, that the MC views as just day to day living in his circumstances . At this point I am not even sure the MC knows the consequences of his new train of thought.

This could end up being a very good character study into the Nature vs Nurture argument for how we end up as adults. Do our choices shape our personality? Or does our personality drive our choices? How much control do we need to keep things from falling apart? Or will the constant adjustments cause an unforseen accident to ruin things an y ways?

The juice is definitely worth the squeeze for this story.



I've read about these baby Isekai geniuses in other books, 

But, it doesn't get old. It's still interesting. 

The whole trying to get skills, wandering around, and figuring things out tutorial part of the game. Which if you're a gamer, is second nature.

The visualizations are different depending on different authors, but there's always levels, stats, numbers going up, fumbling around in the dark and so on and si fourth. 



Wait is there supposed to be a plot?

Reviewed at: Chapter 17: Temper Tantrums

I'm beyond baffled by the positive response to this fiction. It has been literally nothing but grinding up boring Isekia levels while he is in his mother's freaken womb!!

I'd give it a lower score, but the author actually does write well. It is just SO boring. 

Ignore the title. It shoud be: Womb-Baby-Mage


Baby cultivating is all well and good.  It is also interesting.  But chapters are a little short.  Thirteen chapters in and finaly its time to give birth.  May this be the start of a good plot, and given a fair chance as a good read that could be Great!

Once Again, thirteen chapters of unborn baby progress, which should be considered the True First Chapter.  So as far as I am conserned this story is just launching off.

More thorough Review when there is a story or plot to be involved.  This general review is in thanks as a gift for being born into the world!  I hope Its a girl!

As of Chapter 13