System Abuser

System Abuser

by Chris Weih

During the early 2000s in a time of relative peace, a phenomenon quickly changed everything. The phenomenon in question is the Third Great Awakening a more literal continuation of the multiple Great Awakenings present throughout history. The Third Great Awakening started with multiple beings seen floating up into the sky and in each case, the beings are seen disappearing through a slit in the sky radiating pure white light. This caused people to swarm churches and temples, or anything religious, as this seemed to prove that god and supernatural beings exist. However, that was only the first reaction, as the main event came a few months later with something appropriately called Awakenings started to take place. People in the vicinity or people able to watch the supernatural beings ascend became aware of an energy all around them. The people who were able to feel this energy were also able to wield it with some practice. As Awakening became commonplace the Electronic Age came to an end and the Era of Power arose. The story follows the main character Arlo Herz who will face many difficulties during the Era of Power but will still manage to rise to the top.

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Chris Weih

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