The Shire Wolf snarled, showing its massive dagger like fangs. Max just stood there dumbfounded.

“Why could the Goddess not have dropped me off in a city?” as Max asked the empty air, while the Wolf slowly stalked closer.

Once the wolf was only 10 meters from Max, Max woke up from his daydreaming. He was in danger and the longer he stood still the less likely he would get out of this. The wolf started to gain speed, lowering its haunches into a compact form used for charging.

Max reacted like most would, he turned and ran. Each step jostled his cloak and put strain on his bare feet. Max for the first time wondered

Where are my god damn shoes!

As Max ran, he glanced behind himself. The wolf was gaining. Max knew he had to do something, so he stopped and turned. He focused on his sword sitting idle in his inventory, he willed it into being. His right hand was already in a position to grip the hilt as soon as it materialized. The sword quickly took to the force of gravity, Max not ready for its weight staggered too upright it. At this moment the wolf lunged, leaping forward towards Max.

The wolf and Max collided, knocking Max off his feet and bouncing the wolf a few feet away. The wolf instantly rebounded and stood up, moving quickly to the slowly recovering human. A sharp pain erupted from Max’s left shoulder and upper back. The wolf had latched on to him tearing his cloak and shirt. His skin started to bleed, red warm blood flowed down, dripping into the lush green grass.

“AHHAG!” Max let out a feral cry dropping his sword and instinctively materializing his steel dagger from his inventory. Max’s dagger found its way into the wolf eye socket and brain. The wolf died instantly and went limp.

Max pushed it off him and sat there just staring at the carcass. Max thought over how he was able to kill the wolf, he surprised himself. Max was an office worker on Earth. He had never been hunting. He has never killed anything more than a bug. Max felt sick over the prospect of him killing something. But he was glad he did otherwise he would be dead. Having a personal inventory has already proved to be a great boon, and Max knew it.


Congratulations you have killed a level 2 Younge Forest Shire Wolf!

6 Experience gained!

Congratulations you are level 2!

Since you are a “Lost One”, you gain 5 stat points per level.

You have gained 5 stat points.


A white-golden light quickly enveloped Max. The light flowed into his left shoulder and back, regrowing muscle and skin. The light quickly faded, leaving Max with a similar feeling as when the Goddess had calmed him. A euphoric bliss, like everything was right in the world, like nothing could harm you. Max knew this was wrong. The feeling was a lie. The world was not safe, the last few minutes proved that. Max pulled up his profile.



Max Fowler


Lost One (Human Earth)







Heath: 20/20

Mana 10/10













Stat Points:



The first thing Max noticed other than his level being 2, was that there was a new row. Experience. Since he gained 6 exp after killing the wolf, Max guessed that to reach level 2 was only 5 exp. If that was true, since level 3 required 10, following Max’s logic the requirement would double each time.

Max looked at his stats wondering what to do. He didn't know what Strength or Intellect or rather, what any of his “stats” did. Did strength actually make him stronger or--? Same with intellect? Did it make him smarter?

I’m going to hold off on points for now. I don’t want to mess something up so early. Max thought. Max started to head off into the forest but stopped.

“That was a young wolf huh? Its parents must be somewhere in the forest. I don’t want to run into them.” Max decided that he should stay in the clearing where he had the protection of the area being open. He could see and hear the ruffling of leaves and bushes. Max hoped that this would give him enough time to react.

“Next time I’m going to actually use the sword.” Max resolved.

Max began to look over his minimized boxes again. He closed the one that he did not need anymore, like the description of his sword or cloak. He stopped one particular box.


Please wait while the system contacts the appropriate branch…

This may take a few minutes.


Max wondered when someone was going to figure out that he was trying to contact them. This thought made Max realize he should use his Universal Language scroll so when he found someone, he could talk to them. Max unrolled the scroll. It was made of paper. This gave Max some hope over how medieval the world would be.

“This was made with a press. I hope that means they have plumbing.” Max slowly closed his eyes, looked up at the sky and whispered. “Please Goddess Ofes, let them have indoor plumbing.” There was no response.

The scroll had what Max assumed to be a written language on it. The weird thing about it was that the letters were constantly shifting. Sometimes they were letters, sometimes glyphs, sometimes they were sound. Max did not understand how this was possible, but he knew that it was every spoken and written language known to this world. The ink that the words were written with evaporated leaving the paper blank. Then… It caught on fire. Destroying itself.

“NO! Did I do something wrong?” Max asked aloud. No answer came. Max stood there silently for a few moments. His mind quickly goes over multiple scenarios. It did work and he knows how to talk to everyone, or it didn't work, and he was screwed. Max took Spanish in highschool. But he figured that would be useless here. Max decided that he would not touch the Racial traits without knowing how they worked, what they did, and their value.

Max was overcome with dread. Would he find civilization? Would he be able to communicate? Max just wanted to go home. His home, the one on Earth. Max just laid there quietly sobbing. He wished with all his heart to leave this place. To go home. He was alone and he had no direction. The Goddess did a good job in explaining that he was essentially screwed. Max opened his eyes. His surroundings remained the same. Green all around. Max at this moment declared his hatred for the color green.

Max eventually sat up. How long have I been here? The sun is starting to go down. I need to move. Find shelter.

Max started to look over his cloak. It was torn but wearable. His left shoulder was partially exposed but enough of the fabric was intact that it would fall off. Max tried to clean off his dagger, but the blood was dried now, he simply stowed it in his inventory.


Branch Found! Connecting…

Lesterwood adventuring guild connected!

Max Fowler Connected!


“Hello? Max? Can you hear me?” A female voice greeted Max.

Max, let out a small cry. He could understand her. The scroll worked. He was not alone anymore. There was hope.


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