Deepest Depths

Deepest Depths

by leftright

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Max, an average IT worker, suddenly finds himself in a new and dangerous world. From talking with gods, to making deals with ancient monsters, Max's new life is anything but ordinary. Follow Max in his quest to go home. Along the way, he will learn magic, save lives, and end some also. 

Deepest Depths is an action adventure litRPG portal fantasy.

This is my first time at writen anything. Please be constructive in any advice you may have. Thank you for reading.

Some chapters will get dark. They will be marked with a warning.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Gods and Light ago
Chapter 2: Boxes and Items ago
Chapter 3: Daggers and Teeth ago
Chapter 4: Trees and Racials ago
Chapter 5: Roots and Vines ago
Chapter 6: Fish and Blood ago
Chapter 7: Meetings and Masters ago
Chapter 8: Lords and Lies ago
Chapter 9: Rags and Revenge ago
Chapter 10: Light bulbs and plumbing ago
Chapter 11: Robes and Owls ago
Chapter 12: Bridges and Beds ago
Chapter 13: Space and Classes ago
Chapter 14: Shop and Guild ago
Chapter 15: Grassy Fields and Concrete Chambers ago
Chapter 16: Swords and Water ago
Chapter 17: Meeting and Alleyways ago
Chapter 18: Books and Beaches ago
Chapter 19: Domains and Names ago
Chapter 20: Rocks and Rain ago
Chapter 21: Ruins and Death ago
Chapter 22: Debriefs and Duels ago
Chapter 23: Eggs and the Eldritch ago
Chapter 24: Scratches and Domes ago
Chapter 25: Flames and Magic ago
Chapter 26: Ants and Ogres ago
Chapter 27: Unicorns and Adventures ago
Chapter 28: Towers and Scans ago
Chapter 29: Potatoes and Drakes ago
Chapter 30: Paths and Pranks ago
Chapter 31: Bandits and Bad Guys ago
Chapter 32: Sticks and Globes ago
Chapter 33: Spy and Second Classes ago
Chapter 34: Wards and Stalkers ago
Chapter 35: Midnight Meetings and Footsteps ago
Chapter 36: War and Planning ago
Chapter 37: Family and Memories ago
Chapter 38: Bodies and Mana ago
Chapter 39: Sludge and Walls ago
Chapter 40: Bugs and Rocks ago
Chapter 41: Guilt and Greed ago
Chapter 42: Flowers and Thinking ago

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If you are looking for a lighthearted isekai, then this be that!

Now to go a bit deeper:

There is a lot wrong with this story, there are a lot of spelling mistakes, gramatical errors, confusiong PoV changes, fast paced to the point of nonexistant detail, one dimensional side characters, main character handed over powered skills left right and center.

However what it does get right in spades is that at its heart, it's an adventure in a magical realm with history and lore galore. Furthermore it is going to a destination signposted by it's title yet still unkown. The most important part is that I bloody well want to find out!

With some revision and serious editing this could be the story of a lifetime!

Three and a half stars will amend later if edited.



Amazing story. I personally love it. If the author has a petreon account I would paid to read more. Once I started reading it I could not stop. Please write more can't wait for more chapters. The world is engaging and the system and classes are fun. The MC is kinda OP but not to the point were the story becomes silly.                                Thank you