Within the deep darkness, there was a light, a small spot of light lies to the very end. With the inability to see my arms and legs, I began to move or rather try to move my muscles towards the light. After a few seconds, the spot of light grew slightly bigger, proving that I am moving. ‘This isn’t what I think it is......right?’ As I continued to “walk” towards the spot of light, the darkness suddenly disappeared; a light had flashed and covered the darkness leaving nothing but an unusually bright light. The light had me blinded, but it slowly dimmed, revealing a clear night blue sky. On the ground, I picked myself up; I must’ve fallen when the lighting changed so suddenly. ‘Hm?’ As my eyes rise back to the default position, I saw several blurry black figures in a distance, but one; I recognized her. ‘E-Elsa?!’ Confused, I began to walk in the direction towards her and the figures.
                ‘Those figures, they’re......’ As I walked, my mind continues to speak and the figures continue to disappear one by one. When finally I reached her, the last black figure vanished. At about a distance of two meter away from her, her image becomes crystal clear. With her back facing me, I approached her in a slow but rapid pace.

“Elsa? . . . Is that you? . . . Elsa? . . . “ I asked with concern.

She didn’t reply. However, when I was about to place my hand on her right shoulder, she turns her head and looks at me......right at my eyes.

Gasps. “. . . R-Robert?” (Elsa)

“Is, is that really you?” I asked with doubt.

With less than thirty centimeters of distance between us, our eyes froze on each other. Her right hand slowly rises from her side and it soon reaches my left cheek. I held on to her wrist with my right hand and I placed my left hand onto hers. This moment of reunion, it felt priceless; the two of us standing there, giving each other silent thoughts...but the moment had short lived...
                As we embraced this moment, her eyes began to change in color...from a bright grayish blue to a shining red. Rushing out of her eyes were red shining tears as if there was blood within it. Seeing the red tears, my eyes were struck and my hands reached for her cheeks to wipe them off. With curiosity, I quickly took a look at my hand, but the tears I had just wiped left no stain. When I turned my eyes back to Elsa, I saw a horrified expression with her mouth covered by both of her hands. She was looking at my chest. Confused, I placed my hand on my chest; it was moist along with a rusty odor. Without any doubt, it was blood. It must’ve been the wound I had earlier... But something wasn’t right, when I looked at my hand again for the blood on my chest, the stain had disappeared. ‘What is going on?’ Moving away from my hand, I looked up. Elsa, she was gone. And in this dark place, it was quieter than just a moment earlier. Where am I?

“Elsa! Elsa!” I yelled towards the empty snow plain as it echoed throughout.

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