Chapter V

                Under the great yolk, we arrived at the outpost. It was quiet and empty just like Leanner said. There doesn’t seem to be any signs of life left in this outpost.

“This is it.” (Leanner)

“You think that radio equipment still in there?” (Tinroy)

“I hope so.” (Leanner)

“This place looks emptier than my backyard...... Leanner, how’re we going to get in?” (Tinroy)

“I took look in. There are three possible entrances: the two in the east and the one in the southwest. It’s still early in the morning, I doubt all of them are awake; plus with only eight of them, there’s no way they can cover the entire outpost.” (Leanner)

“Alright then. Robert and Leanner, the two of you will enter from the east. Danyl, standby at the southeast entrance and regroup with Leanner and Robert. I’ll move in from the west and set up a diversion once the eastern section is clear. Here...” Takes out a gun and a rather big bullet. “Once the eastern sector is clear, give me a signal with this flare. It’ll probably catch their eye too, but it’ll play out just fine.” (Tinroy)

Takes the flare gun. “Alright. Leave it us.” (Leanner)

“Set your watches...... 0915 hours.” (Tinroy)

“Set.” (Together)

“Listen up. At 0940, I’ll set up a blast. Once you hear the blast, move in from the east, we should be able to completely surround them.” (Tinroy)

“Got it. Robert, Danyl, let’s move.” (Leanner)

Tinroy first left the group and moved towards the left side of the outpost. I followed Leanner and headed towards the right side. As we passed the southeast entrance, Danyl left behind. There were no signs of any Russians so far near the outpost. As we neared the eastern entrance, we slowed down. I peeked over a corner of the outpost wall and saw two Russians standing near the entrance.

“How is it?” (Leanner)

“Two on the watch near the entrance.” I replied.

Looking down at his watch. “We got fifteen minutes. We’re going to need to take ‘em out.” (Leanner)

“How are we gonna do it?” I asked.

“They’re not going to move anytime soon......” Disrupted, he looks up. “Something’s wrong.” (Leanner)

I peeked over the corner again and the two Russians were gone.

“Come on.” (Leanner)

I followed him to the entrance. We took a look inside the outpost. Near one of the tents, there were several Russians who gathered together. I took a closer look.

“Leanner, that’s the radio equipment.” I said.

“Who the hell are they contacting? We don’t have time to wait and see; Tin’s setting up the diversion on the west gate. Take cover near that tent on the right.” (Leanner)

“Should we let Tin know that we’re in?” I asked.

“No, it’ll drag the attention here completely; the entrance isn’t exactly clear and there’s just too many of them.” (Leanner)

“Roger.” I replied as we continued into the outpost.

As he walked into the outpost, I did as he said; I made my way to the tent near the entrance. I took a look at my watch; it was nine thirty-five. I looked back at Leanner who was giving me a hand signal. He held up a fist and pointed at his watch; it appears that he’s telling me to wait. I waited as my watch ticked every second I stood there. One second, two seconds, three minute, two minutes, three the second hand on my watch reaches for the sixtieth second of nine thirty-nine, I looked up at Leanner. He nodded at me and we waited for the diversion. A quick moment passed as we heard the explosion. It startled the Russians who were dealing with the radio and half of the group headed towards Tinroy’s position. Leanner suddenly approached me.

“Let’s move. You take the one on the right. I’ll take care of the one on the left.” (Leanner)

“Copy that.” I confirmed.

                I took out my knife and approached the three Russians with Leanner. We moved slowly; bending ourselves and approached them. As we are almost three meters away, one of the Russians suddenly turned around towards us; he was surprised to see us. Almost at the same instant, Leanner threw his knife towards the Russian which struck his head. To chain the attack, as the other two Russians soon noticed his fallen comrade, I lunged towards the Russian on the right and stabbed him on the chest; Leanner took out the sharpened sticks and stabbed the other Russian. He looked into my eyes......through my pupils. I saw horror in his eyes as it was on my face. The blood coming out from the wound I gave him......was — was still warm. He slowly descended to the ground as I pulled the knife out; without a spoken word......I stood frozen looking at him; it was the first person that I ever killed. I heard a voice yelling at me, but it wasn’t clear. My concentration was fully restricted to the now dead Russian soldier. Soon, I was brought to the ground by Leanner. He was speaking to me, but I couldn’t hear him or understand him. I believed he was frustrated to continue to speak with as he threw a rifle at me and he turned around firing. The Russians had turned back and discovered that we are here. I grabbed the rifle, but my hands — they were shaking very intensely; I couldn’t aim at all. Under fire from the Russians, Leanner ducked down for cover behind the crate to reload his rifle. Danyl soon arrived, flanking the Russians. With only a knife, he never stood a chance. He ran towards us, regrouping, and I gave him the rifle I couldn’t handle. Together they traded fire with the Russians.

“Robert! What the hell are you doing?! Robert! Robert!” (Leanner)

Without hesitation, Leanner grabbed me by the arm and pulled me towards him away from the Russians’ line of fire. The Russians, one equipped with a submachine gun, were still shooting at us; a few bullets actually pierced through the crate; Danyl, he took a few hits.

“Shit! Danyl!” (Leanner)

I couldn’t help but continue to sit there frozen while Leanner continues to fire back. As he scores a kill, Tinroy returns from behind and together, they took down the remaining Russians. As the last Russian of falls, the wind freezing hands began to warm up; Danyl on the other hand......we lost him.

“Danyl, hang in there.” Places his hands on the wound. “Come on, come on!” (Leanner)

“What happened?” Noticing Danyl on the ground.  “Len, we lost him...” (Tinroy)

“Shit...” (Leanner)

Hey, Robert...” He pats me on the shoulder. “Look, it’s going to be alright; everything’s going to be fine. Get a hold of yourself.” (Tinroy)

I slowly turned my gaze towards him, but it reversed half way there. It soon returned to the Russian corpse.

“Come on, we gotta go get the radio. Look, forget about —“ Interrupted. (Tinroy)

“Tin! Russian convoy, it’s coming here! Quickly, hide!” (Leanner)

“Come on Robert, we have to go! Robert!” (Tinroy)

I wanted to move, but my body held me back. I couldn’t get up. Leanner, however, gave me all his support......

Holding both shoulders, he shakes me. “Get a hold of yourself soldier! We’re in a warzone; people live and people die, but we’re not ready to die here you hear me?! Forgot about the Russian, you’ll be killing more of them. I lost Danyl already; I don’t want to lose you too! Move it! ” With great strength, He grabs my arm and pulls me up. “Come on!” (Leanner)

I followed him closely as he dragged me into a crater somewhere not far away outside the outpost.

                As we hid in the crater, the Russian convoy, as Leanner mentioned, arrived at the outpost. The convoy contained three tanks and four transports. As the tanks moved into the outpost, we made our escape as they blocked the view to the crater we were in. We headed back to the forest to regroup with Anna and Isabel. As we approached the camp, Anna and Isabel were waiting with their rifles pointed at us.

“Don’t shoot, it’s us.” (Tinroy)

“Are you guys alright? We heard a lot of gunfire...” Looks around. “Where’s Danyl?” (Isabel)

“He didn’t make it...” (Leanner)

“I — I’m sorry...” (Isabel)

“Don’t sweat it, I’ll be fine.” (Leanner)

“Robert, are you alright?” (Anna)

“He’s....I don’t know. Maybe you can help him Anna. I’ll go ahead and pack everything.” (Tinroy)

As I sat down staring at a pile of rocks, Anna approached me. She stopped and took a look at what I was staring at, but with confusion she continued towards me.

“Robert, what happened?” (Anna)

“He......” I mumbled, “I......killed him......”

She sits down next to me and puts her hand on my shoulder.

“It’s going to be alright. You didn’t have a choice; it was either you or him. Don’t worry too much about it.” (Anna)

He approaches us. “We’re gonna move into Sachson and try to establish radio contact with the divisions. Everything’s packed; we’ll move out in fifteen minutes.” (Tinroy)

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