Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

This fiction is based on a short story I wrote inspired by a prompt on r/WritingPrompts.

Contrary to my plans, I haven't sketched out the story in detail or written anything ahead of time. I've discovered I don't do well at that. I'm just writing this thing and we'll see where it takes us, OK?

Nothing every came easy to Ryan Shakespeare, but as an elite British Army sniper he had found a niche that suited him, right up to the point at which he found himself summoned to a world far from his own to fulfil the job of a champion. Luckily, Ryan arrived with his experimental sniper rifle, so surely killing the dragon and getting his chance to go home would be a simple job, right?

But Ryan should have known better, because nothing ever comes easy.

Caught up in the politics of the Draconic League, Ryan will need to keep all his wits about him and use every resource at his disposal if he's going to persuade these people to let him do his job and go home.

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"realistic" military high fantasy

Reviewed at: ~ 7 ~

Summary: Good fantasy that shines in how well it captures a "realistic" military perspective.

There are two things necessary for a fiction to be worth more than 4 stars (and I rarely rate storys that highly): logical coherence and good language. The author is a native british speaker and veteran, and it shows:

Many interactions - and even small things as what the description focusses on - capture the feeling of a real military MC, not some fantasy super-soldier, and the interactions are realistic to a degree that the author even writes author's notes on shortening some dialogues he considers unrealistically brief (but that are absolutely fine for a story).

I am no native speaker, so you should take my impression on matters of language with a grain of salt. As far as I can tell, the author's use of language is flawless in grammar and orthography and evokes a military impression.

The latter is well fitting but comes with drawbacks: I personally like my descriptions a bit more elaborate and varied - and as far as I can tell, this is a notion many others share on RR. The descriptions feel like ones I would try to use while DMing a pen and paper RPG: fitting and to the point, but not destracting from the character interaction, but well, as we do not have that much character interaction yet, it can feel a tad dry.

For those reading the author's story summary and being unsure whether to start reading: do. The summary is worse than the story so far and - while technically on point - contains some elements that might cause unwarranted hesitation: The "experimental" sniper rifle is a real world anti-materiel sniper rifle from Russia, not some sci-fi bullshit. And well, if half the pre-planned storys would feel as well planned as this "just writing this thing and we'll see where it takes us" does so far, I would be very happy indeed.

The updates are very regular but fairly short, so you might want to wait 2-4 days for some chapters to accumulate. The author is also very active in the comments, which I consider a plus, but does not factor in the rating.

In conclusion: Clear recommendation for everyone who does not harbour antipathy towards the genre (especially the strongly present military aspects).