Chapter 1

Life has always been Normal, school, family, work and friends.

It has always been the same as everyone else in my life, normal.

But I like it, maybe even love it, even though it will never be anything special, it’s mine and it will always be mine.

And the one thing I love most about my normal life is my girlfriend, it’s weird isn’t it? A normal person would probably say that they would love their family most but I see It totally different, My girlfriend is the one I love purely for the person she is and nothing else, I love my family but do I love them for the person they are or because they are my family?

My girlfriend Anna,

she is beautiful, as beautiful as a goddess of love.

She is outspoken, she will always tell me exactly what she hates and what she loves but that is just another thing I love about her.

She is righteous, if she sees something that unjustly inconveniences a person she does everything in her power to help that person, maybe it’s hypocritical but yet it is still something I love about her.

She is loud, she will always be the loudest person in the room, Something that perfectly supports my silent nature.

Every aspect of her is an aspect I love, she is the one who completes my normal life.

She is also the one for who I will give up this normal life..


As I’m walking towards school with two hours of sleep under my belt my eyes start to waver a bit.

I feel my eyelids slowly closing until I feel a familiar arm wrap around my neck

‘’good morning Shirou!’’

Shouts my girlfriend Anna with a voice loud enough to wake up the whole neighbourhood

I look her in the eyes and give her a tired smile ‘’good morning’’

She starts to carefully look me in the eyes and says ‘’I’ve been telling you to that it’s a bad idea to start learning for your tests at midnight’’

‘’it isn’t as bad as you think’’

Anna laughs and says ‘’if falling asleep while making your test isn’t bad then yes, ‘it isn’t as bad as I think’ ’’

She always has to remind me of my worst blunder of the year, Me falling asleep while making my history test.

‘’you don’t have to remind me every time we talk about this’’

She gives me a smile, ruffles my hair and says ‘’Yes I do!’’ ‘’but don’t worry, the next time you fall asleep I will wake you up with the loudest scream!’’

I chuckle a bit and say ‘’I think that will give both of us a rough talk with the principle’’

We both start laughing ‘’hahahahahaha’’

As me and Anna keep joking around like we always do in the morning a harsh sound starts to ring through my head

‘’K**l her’’

As I hear the sound ringing through my head I turn around surprising Anna with my sudden movement

“what are doing?’’

“did you just hear something?’’


Anna starts giggling and looks as if she is about to say something stupid ‘’should I exorcist the ghosts for you?’’

She’s making fun of me..

Was there really nothing?

Am I just hearing things?

It was probably my imagination

I turn around and start walking again

I give a smile and turn to Anna ‘’yes it would be very nice of you if you’d exercise the ghosts for me’’

‘’you know, I was actually a very proficient ghost hunter back in the days’’

‘’just like you were the best vampire hunter huh?’’

She nods twice, puts her hand on her hips and says ‘’I’m a very versatile human’’

We both start laughing again ‘’hahahhahahaha’’

And just like that we keep joking around like that all morning, until we reach the school.


But that joking around doesn’t go on for much longer as the moment I leave the classroom I hear the encouraging words

‘’Don’t be so defeated, there is always a next time’’

As Anna reconciles me after I just ruined my math test we start walking towards the cafeteria.

Anna stops walking for a second thinking about what to say next putting a finger on her lower lip and looking up for a bit, eventually saying ‘’you know what, for our next test I’ll give you a personal teaching session!’’

A personal teaching session from Anna? I think the only thing we would do is just joke around

‘’a personal teaching session?’’ ‘’you were probably a professional tutor a few years ago weren’t you?’’

She smiles and says ‘’you’re taking the words out of my mouth’’

And suddenly just like this morning I hear a weird voice ringing through my head

‘’Ch**e her’’

‘’St*b her’’

“R*pe her’’

‘’B*rn her’’

‘’D*own her’’

‘’t*rt*re her’’

‘’D*sm*e**r her’’

‘’K*ll her’’

It’s a disgusting yet familiar voice, as it keeps ringing through my head I get a splitting headache

I put my hand against my head and give a small cry ‘’agh!’’

Anna looks a bit surprised and says ‘’you okay?’’

‘’yeah, just a little headache’’ ‘’just give me a second’’

As I’m standing in the hallway recovering from my headache Anna looks a bit concerned, I should probably do something to cheer her up a bit

I ruffle through Anna’s hair attempting to make her smile

‘’it’s payback from this morning.” and give her a smile ‘’Don’t give me that concerning frown, I’m fine.’’

‘’are you sure you’re okay?’’

I stand up straight again and give her the best smile I can ‘’don’t worry, I’ve never felt better!’’

Anna energetically smiles back at me and says ‘’well if you say so let’s head to the cafeteria!’’

She puts a arm around my neck and we start walking to the cafeteria again laughing as we always do


‘’So what do you say?’’ ‘’want to go over to my house today?’’

I ask Anna as we’re walking home together

‘’hmm, I don’t know, it’s getting kinda late…’’

I chuckle a bit ‘’that’s what happens when you spend two hours after school helping a girl searching for her necklace.’’

‘’I just gave the both of us good karma and you start complaining.’’ ‘’maybe I should start searching for a boyfriend who is grateful towards me.’’

I laugh ‘’haha’’

I bow to her and say ‘’I apologize ooh great queen Anna, please forgive me for the great ridicule I gave thou.’’

She nods her head and says ‘’thou have given me irreversible ridicule I will sentence thou to thouhst death.’’

We start laughing just like this morning and just like every day, I truly wish this will go on forever and ever, that we will forever be happy like this.

We joke around for a little bit and I ask her again

‘’so want to come to my house or not, it’s Friday you know?’’ ‘’you can stay over’’

Anna puts her hand in front of her mouth and starts grinning ‘’having dirty thoughts huh?’’ ‘’well I will allow it just for today, cheering you up after that huge math test failure wouldn’t be a bad idea…’’

‘’you’re going to be talking about that math test all day aren’t you?’’

‘’yep, I will remind you until you start learning for your tests at a reasonable time!’’

‘’I guess, I’ll be hearing it until we’re done with school’’

‘’nope, until YOU are done with school, the way you’re going now you’re going to repeat the year’’

‘’Very funny’’ ‘’you’re going to give me bad luck you know?’’

‘’it’s not bad luck, if you yourself are the one directly responsible for it’’

She got me, I can’t retort that, should I change the subject by making a joke or should I make a stupid retort and just make her look smarter?..

Anna smiles at me and says ‘’you can’t retort that huh?’’


come on brain! Give me something to say back!

Anything that makes me sound at least a little smart!


She gives at the same time a cocky and a satisfied smile ‘’you are thinking a bit long huh?’’ ‘’you’re probably wracking your brain for a retort with which you can at least sound a little smart’’

She won, I can’t think of anything

‘’wouldn’t expect any less from the person who failed his math test’’



‘’you win’’ ‘’you think I can still make a joke to change the subject?’’

‘’nope you lost that change the moment you tried to retort it’’

‘’what’s the difference between a lawyer and a jellyfish?’’

‘’I told you it is to late’’


‘’K*ll her’’


My eyes open slowly as I hear a loud voice


It’s Anna sitting in front of me at the table in my room

‘’can’t you let me sleep for a little bit longer..’’

Suddenly I feel two hands roughing up my hair

‘’Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up!!!!’’

I take her two hands of my head and say ‘’okay, okay’’ ‘’I get it, I’ll wake up’’

‘’you better!’’

‘’you know I wouldn’t have invited you if I knew that you would force me to make math homework’’

She puffs her cheeks and says ‘’I want you to get a good grade for the next test!’’ ‘’even if I have to force you to study!’’

I walk up to her ‘’can’t we do it tomorrow?’’ ‘’it’s been a long day’’

She sighs ‘’you promise we’re going to do it tomorrow?’’

I put my hand in front of my forehead giving her a smile ‘’yes sir lieutenant Anna!’’

She laughs ‘’haha’’ ‘’well then, we have the evening all for ourselves, what do you want to do?’’

I sit next to her, look her in the eyes,

Her beautiful green eyes and say ‘’my parents aren’t home you know?’’ ‘’if you want to we can…’’

As we’re still looking in each other’s eyes she gives me a smile and says ‘’I see where you’re going, sounds like a good plan’’

As I reach in to give her a kiss my consciousness starts to waver and right before I touch her lips my vision goes black, my consciousness goes out.

The moment I open my eyes again I have my hands around her throat, Anna’s throat, chocking her with all my power.

The only thought that ran through my mind at that moment was


‘‘I see so it was my voice all along’’


A note from NovelFr3ak

Hey hope you enjoyed the first chapter! :)


for people who are already up-to-date, i slightly changed this chapter to make it a bit easier to read but nothing important was changed, only a QOL update.

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