The books that Amy found in the backpack were fascinating, she was fortunate that they seemed to be waterproof or water resistance of some kind. She could feel a very slight pulse of mana on the books, something different from what she uses. It wasn't like the circulating mana that she uses. Still, mana was embedded into the books someway to make them waterproof. There was also a different type of mana embedded within one of the books about maps, along with the waterproofing magic.


Other than that, the titles of the books shed a lot about the new world that she was now residing in. The book titles were: A World of Plants, A Zoologist and Beastologist Guide to the World Around Them, The Study of the Relationship of a Dungeon Core and It's Dungeon, The Inner Workings of a Dungeon, Atlas of Terra, and Cartography and Maps of the Known World.


Amy opened Cartography and Maps of the Known World and started reading and tried to use the book to figure out where she was in Terra. This was the book that had another type of magic in it, so Amy took a string of her mana and essentially poked the book with it. Immediately after she poked the book, the book seemed to absorb a bit of her mana, and the book went wild. The slammed completely open, and the pages started turning very fast before it stopped on a page detailing a Northern ocean, called the Ponosonee ocean. Near a chain of islands called the Ridgeleche Archipelago and a large coral reef called the Leche Reef, a red dot appeared on the map. Above the red dot, the words "Your Location" was spelled out above the dot.


It took a second for Amy to realize that the red dot symbolized her location on the map. Thus, the mana the book absorbed from her was used to find her location within the chartered areas of the world. This was indispensable to her, as Amy could tell where she was using the map and see if there was anything close by to where the iceberg was floating.


If any of the other books were anything like the Cartography and Maps of the Known World, then she must find a way or a place to keep these things that nobody would find. Of course, the best place would be underground, away from anything else, like a secret hideout or something. And Amy had the best place for it. There was an area with a particularly rocky underground area in the North East area that would make an excellent area to build a room.


So she picked the spot and compacted the stone to the edges to make the walls harder with the stone she pushed aside while building the room. The room ended up being five metres by five metres, 20 metres below the surface. While the room was somewhat small, Amy knew that she did not have a lot of stuff that she wanted to keep hidden so far. But the room was filled with water, something that she did not want due to protecting the books and other objects. So, she created a small tunnel from the room, up above ground, and using her mana, started pulling the water out of the room. Once the water was pulled out of the room, Amy sealed up the tunnel, leaving the room completely devoid of water. Then, she used some of the leftover stone she built a row of shelves on one of the walls.


With the room built, Amy used her mana to pull what she found in the backpack and the bell with her mana within it to pull the objects down into the room, bypassing the stone, sand, and water. She carefully placed the objects onto the shelves before picking up one of the books and started to read it.


The book that she pulled was The Inner Workings of a Dungeon. That book was amazing. It confirmed that some of her assumptions were correct and wrong. But it also gave her some insight into some of the things that she has not noticed. For example, the book referenced a large dungeon in the Eshon continent, in which its dungeon core wrote many different texts in different languages on the walls written in over 100 languages. Some of those languages were determined to be extinct. Though Amy doesn't know where the Eshon continent is, it did hint that dungeon cores can read or understand any language. Which confirmed what she thought when Amy could read the books in different languages and what those adventurers were saying. The book also said that dungeon's and dungeon cores are like bodies and souls. The dungeon itself is the body, while the dungeon core is the mind and soul, the being that controls everything else.


As Amy was really getting into the book, she felt something large, something she was somewhat familiar with, cross into her territory. It was the same feeling that she got when the ship carrying the group of adventurers that found her.


Then it hit her. She only had two summons of each of the penumbra, augment, and archer penguin monsters. And who knows what this new group will want, and it would probably not end up like the first group, so she had to prepare. She quickly summoned as many of the penguin monsters as she could before she hit a block in how much she could summon. Amy ended up being able to summon an additional 58 monsters of each type of penguin. She watched as the monsters dispersed throughout the dimension before exiting the dimension onto the iceberg, waiting for the ship and whatever the ship contained to reach her.


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