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Hi guys! Sorry for not posting in a while, I've just moved into my university dorm, and school has been taking up my attention for the past couple of weeks. 

Also, I changed the scene so that Pyter does not die, he was rescued in time by the adventurers.

POV Pyter


A couple of days after that ... unfortunate incident, did Pyter finally wake up. Apparently, one of the sailers crewing the ship knew a bit of healing magic. When he woke up, he was promptly informed that that was the only reason that he survived.


But! No matter, Pyter had proved that there was something on that iceberg. Something powerful enough to have a portal within it. At least his hyena-like colleagues will be eating their words when he reports to the Adventurers Guild about what he found.


Unlike before, when it took more than a couple of days to reach the iceberg, as the location was not fixed or a known location, the sailer crew made the most direct and fastest passage to the largest town on the Ridgeleche Archipelago that had a regional Adventurers Guild.


In a couple of hours, the ship docked within the port of the town of Whitwallow. While the sailors fully docked the ship, Pyter grabbed the adventuring group and, with great haste, got them moving towards the Adventurers Guild.


With an excited Pyter leading them, the group trudged along the rough stone pathway, trying to spot the Guild's sign. The Guild's sign was a sword, a bow, and a magic staff crossed over each other. After a bit of walking and looking, Pyter had finally spotted the tell-tale sign of the Guild.


Pushing through the thick-wood door, the group entered a lot-less fancy guild than those within significant cities or essential locations. Quickly spotting the receptionist, Pyter made a be-line to the young man operating the receptionist's desk.


"Hello, how may I help you today?" Asked the receptionist very politely.


"Yes, I would like to report a situation to the regional guild master."


"And what is the nature of this situation that you would like to report?"


"It's of a nature that must be reported to the guild master immediately."


The young man scanned Pyter as if he was looking to see if the report was actually important or not before calling over an elderly-looking women.


"Dorothy, please take ... "




"Please take Mr. Pyter and his group up to the guild master."


With that, Dorothy smiled at them and slowly started making her way up the stairs, onto the second level, before she gestured to the group to follow her.


After walking up the stairs and through a hallway, Dorothy knocked on what Pyter assumed to be the guild master's office and waited for the okay to let them enter.


"You may enter now." Was called out through the door. Dorothy opened up the door and gestured for the group to move inside the office.


Inside the office were piles of paperwork, much more than would be expected for a small Adventurers Guild outpost. With a tired-looking guild master sitting behind a large desk.


"Now, what can I do for you?" Asked the guild master.


With that, Pyter laid out his whole story, from start to finish, about the adventure that he has been on.


The guild master, at the end of Pyter's story, gave him a hard look. "Can you corroborate your story, Mr. Norris?" So asked the guild master, who did not look like he believed Pyter about his story.


"Yes, the adventuring group that I hired accompanied me to the portal site, and one of them went through the portal to rescue me after I was overcome with excitement and forgot the standard rules to being safe."


With a sigh, the guild master stared at a random point within the room and was lost in thought about what he had just heard.




Amy went through all of the trinkets and belongings that were dropped by the guy who did not seem to be all that smart. But what she found proved the thought about how the guy who almost drowned was not all that smart, was actually smart. Or at least what Amy understood from what she found within the backpack.


The backpack seemed to be something like a bag of holding or something of a similar concept that she did not know the name of. Within the backpack, there were six books written in what appeared to be three different languages. There were also two journals, three crystals, a couple of vials that contained what looked like slime, and other random bits and pieces.


What fell out of his pocket was a bell-like trinket the held the most peculiar thing that Amy recognized instantly. A piece of her mana. She had no clue how the man had found and contained a bit of her mana, and it made her realize that other sentient beings may have a piece of her mana. And that scared her, for who knew what could be done with her mana. But, Amy knew that there was no way to actually figure out at this point if the possibility was true. Hence, she put it out of her mind and went to look again at what was found within the backpack more closely.


The first group of objects that Amy really studied was the books. The books appeared to be written in three separate languages, but she could read them. It was like her mind instantly translated the languages in the books. While very strange, Amy just chucked that new fact about her in the ever-growing pile of irregularities that she just assumed was due to her dungeon core nature or species.


The books themselves were astonishing in their usefulness, and Amy, using mana strings to move and flip pages, dove straight into them. The six books seemed to be covering three different topics: oceanography and cartography, biology, and dungeonology.


POV ?????


Soooo hungry ...... need food ...... need to hunt ...... need to kill ...... something smells soooo good ...... need to find it ...... need to possess it ...... need to eat it


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