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Before Amy did anything, she went to check on her territory and the iceberg to see if anything changed with the gaining of the sub-dimension. The only physical change to everything that she noticed was that within the room that her core had resided in now held a portal instead of a dungeon core.

The taste, as well as the feeling of her mana, changed. It was quite weird to Amy to think about mana having a taste or scent, but she associated that with being a dungeon core. But her mana now had a more deep and hidden taste to it, like an extremely old book or ancient antiquity. It felt old, and it also felt hidden. The only thing that she could think of that would have changed her mana in some way would be her new sub-dimension. If Amy could recall correctly, sub-dimensions are found in very old or very powerful dungeons.

As she looked for any peculiarities or changes to her territory by the addition of her new dimension, Amy noticed something off about the dimension. When she is outside the sub-dimension, the dimension appears in her head as something playing in the background, like reading a book and watching TV simultaneously. She could pay attention to both, but her main focus would be on one. In this instance, the book is the real world, and the sub-dimension is the TV. But she noticed that the sub-dimension was moving faster than the world. Then it hit Amy. It wasn’t that the sub-dimension was moving faster, it was that time within the dimension was 0.02 times faster than the outside. It was a small enough difference that most would probably miss it, but she did, and Amy knew that the time difference becomes bigger and bigger, then many possibilities could become true.

With the examination of her territory completed, Amy started working on her dungeon (the sub-dimension). She knew that she wanted to have two main sections, with mini-sections within them. The main sections that she wanted to create would be a kelp forest and a reef. Within these sections, different features, plants, etc., would be added. The best part so far is that the water inside the dimension was around the same temperature as outside. Though she didn’t know if that would change when the iceberg moved into warmer water, but for now, she could work with it.

As of right now, Amy would not create a mini-section within the kelp forest, but she already had a couple of ideas for mini-sections within the reef section. As such, she would start working on the reef section.

After some contemplation, Amy decided that the placement of the reefs would be surrounding the island, 30 metres around her core, as well as the Southern and some SouthEast and SouthWest areas. She chose the Southern, Southeast, and Southwest as they were in less visible water quality than the Northern area. That murkiness will allow for more ambushes, as well as surprises if invaders go through that area.

With building these environments, Amy knew that the two main plants, and in the case of the reef, animals, would be the icey kelp and the cold water builder coral, or just builder coral to shorten it.

The builder coral that she had picked up from the ocean floor was a light grey and light blue coral with many branches. As she had only one small piece of the coral, Amy knew that she had to grow the coral in one before splitting it and moving it to another area.

She placed it into the sand, near where her core is situated, and pushed the thought of growing into the coral. Unlike when Amy had done this repeatedly outside her territory, it was so much quicker in the sub-dimension. Before she knew it, 30 seconds had passed, and the coral grew to be about a metre in size.

Amy split the coral in half and split one half again. She then transported the pieces of coral to the new areas that she had in mind, in the middle of the southern section and in a deeper area off of the island on the slight decline side of the island.

She settled the coral into the sand and injected mana and the growth push, and she watched them grow. Since the builder coral could grow and expand a lot more easily, without limiting, restricting, or changing how the coral grows in the Southern area. As such, Amy watched the coral growth by the island much more closely. She manipulated the coral so that it grew in the shape of a waning crescent moon. The widest portion of the crescent moon reef was 23 metres, and it goes as far as two metres of water before Amy stopped the growth.

Unlike in past cases, where Amy stopped pushing ‘growth’ onto a plant or creature, and they still obtained some of the accelerated growth, she completely stopped this. Instead, she carefully went through the coral and pulled the leftover mana that had the ‘growth’ in them. When she pulled the mana out, she carefully entwined it with another mana thread that had the message ‘only when damaged’ in it so that the waning crescent moon reef would only grow in a natural slow way and will only rapidly grow when fixing the damage.

With the attention needed to create the crescent moon reef not required anymore, Amy turned her attention to the southern reef that she let grow uncontrollably. The end result was a reef spanning about 50 to 69 metres, with a dense structure of coral right where she placed the first piece. As she looked further and further from the original cluster, smaller and smaller clusters popped up. There were even some at the very edge of the West and East border area.

Amy looked at her dimension/dungeon and watched the water currents move through the reefs for a couple of moments. She was quite pleased with what she has achieved with her dimension, but she had one more reef to create. The coral reef that would surround and protect her dungeon core.

The way that Amy was thinking of creating this reef would be like having a clear area around her core that would arch up like a bubble with an extremely thick reef surrounding her core. The first step that she took to build her core reef was to create that arch, thin covering that would surround and hide her core somewhat. Amy re-started the ‘growth’ and directed it to 10 metres away from her core. Once it reached that 10 metres, she started circling her core with coral, then building it up. She stopped building up about 10 metres below the water’s surface and started to arch the coral so that there would be a covering of coral of about 50 centimetres.

With one of the main features of what she was calling the core reef finished, Amy started to push the coral growth out around 20 metres. Just like what she did with the crescent moon reef, she completely took out the accelerated growth factor and tagged it so that it would only activate when the reef was damaged. The one thing that Amy did make sure to do was that she made sure that the southern reef would not come close or connect with her core reef.

Once the basic structure of the reefs was completed, Amy took a big step back and looked at what she had created. To the north by the island, there was a small crescent moon-shaped reef; to the South, a reef took up the majority of that area, and surrounding her core, there was a boundary and defensive reef built around her core. All in all, the three reefs covered 40% of the underwater area.


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